Revel Returns, With Safety-Selfies and More Requirements

The electric moped company Revel has worked out a deal with the City of New York to operate again after suspending operations last month following the deaths of two riders.

But the service has added several new requirements. Riders will have to take a safety test that includes 21 questions, and they’ll have to send the company a selfie with a helmet before they can get moving.

“Only after you’ve submitted a selfie showing the you (and a passenger, if you have one) are wearing helmets will the app then enable to moped to power on,” The Verge reports.

Revel also says it’s committing to help people learn the rules of the road.

“The company is also expanding its free in-person lessons across New York City — Revel will now offer over 1,000 lessons per week across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, available to anyone with a Revel account to help new riders adjust to the platform,” says The Verge.

People who see Revel riders acting recklessly can report it to the company at this site.

Thanks to Mark for the tip. Photo by Joe Flood.

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    1. JB2103 says:

      Driving up 3rd Avenue today, 3 pm, I was stopped at the light at around 115th Street I saw two teens driving on a revel with no helmets. I was surprised to see a revel and had a good stare as they crossed westward – unhappy to see the passengers arms waving around and the girls giggling.

    2. UWS_1978 says:

      Who is really behind this venture is my question? It has to be one of the worst ideas to ever hit NYC, has proved to be not only dangerous but deadly and is back and at ‘em after a few weeks with a promise to take a selfie & a safety class. Absolutely mind-boggling…but obviously there’s money at stake if it shuts down regardless of its safety so someone influential has to be getting their cut….

    3. CrankyPants says:

      Last time they were whizzing along the pedestrian paths in Riverside Park…terrifying and dangerous. This will not end well.

    4. Jan says:

      When will someone realize that there is just NOT
      enough space on Manhattan streets for bikes and motor bikes and scooters and etc
      It’s creating a nightmare of safety issues
      This is just logical
      Ban all of this immediately!!

      • Revelrider says:

        How about banning cars then, Jan? I have used Revel, (safely) and it is a great alternative to driving and public transportation. Sure, it can lead to injuries, but riders need to have a sense of personal responsibility. We can’t be the nanny state forever.

        • Nevets K says:

          There’s one bad thing in the world already: reckless car drivers; therefore, it’s okay if we add a second bad thing, reckless Revel riders, because otherwise we aren’t being fair!
          Good thinking here!
          And personal responsibility cannot be taken by the irresponsible. That’s why there are regulations, laws, police, monetary fines, judges, and prisons!
          I imagine it will take a few more deaths before the city bans Revels for good. The only question that remains: Who will it be?

          • Revelrider says:

            Hey Nevets K – scooters are not a new invention, they are very common to plenty of cities across the globe. It seems, the problem is New Yorkers who don’t use common sense and the lack of enforcement of ANY road rules for all vehicles by law enforcement. Have these scooters affected you in any way? Have you tried them? Scooters are not comparabe to cars – good thinking…

    5. UWSider says:

      I already witnessed the same kind of insane driving on by crazy teens performing stunts on west 109th street in both directions of the street.

    6. ben says:

      I understand that there’s only so much Revel can do in enforcing helmet use by riders short of mounting a gopro on the dash pointing at the rider. That said, ‘mandatory helmet selfie’ is both the most laughable and bandaid solution to get these dangerous things back on the road. So typical PE ownership bs.

    7. Dan says:

      People drive super dangerous in cars as well but we don’t ban them because they are established norm. This idea is a really good concept and they are ironing out the kinks.

      • Paul says:

        The car comparison is false.
        Nobody’s banning scooters. Vespas, etc are ubiquitous around here and there’s no issue.

        This is about the practicality of scooter sharing where the scooter is so cheap that otherwise irresponsible users feel no deterrence to bad behavior.

    8. Tim Green says:

      Now the city led by CB7 needs to establish protcted Revel Lanes for safe scootering.

    9. morris shamah says:

      But there will still not be any registration, testing of drivers etc.
      Does that mean that all motor cycles will no longer need registration insurance,license plates and road testing?

      If one gets hit by one of these potential killers and the driver refuses to give ID how is one able to identify the offender without a license plate.
      And what about liability,medical costs, etc?

    10. Mike says:

      This is a joke. The assumption that these riders are going to be more responsible because they take an app safety test and they take a photo wearing a helmet. What about the people they speed by in the crosswalks are they safer because the driver has a helmet on. I’ve personally heard a so called driver of one of these vehicles admit that the other person on the back rented the scooter and then let them drive. Absolute joke.

    11. RL says:

      Also no one, including the police, are talking about these electric miniature motorbikes that have now popped up all over the place – are on sidewalks and crossing the GWB in the bike/pedestrian lanes — what the heck are they and are they even legal ?

    12. Adam says:

      They should also change the maximum speed on the mopeds to no more then the city speed limit of 25. This seems like a easy task. Also, I hope the company is discouraging people from driving the mopeds in the bike lane. Bike lane are for bicycles and NOT motorized vehicles.