Police Announce Up to $2,500 Reward After Top NYPD Official’s Son Reportedly Mugged on Central Park West

A teenage boy riding a Citi Bike robbed a 13-year-old of his wallet and cell phone, according to the NYPD. The New York Post says the victim is the son of John Miller, the NYPD’s head of counterterrorism. Police say there is a reward in the case of up to $2,500.

The incident occurred on Monday at 1:45 p.m. in front of 315 Central Park West at 91st Street. Police released the surveillance video below of the suspect.

“The teen victim had just got off the bus when he was approached and robbed by a suspect, believed to also be a teenage boy, who was riding a Citi Bike,” the Post reported. “The suspect sped off west on 92nd Street after the crime and was still on the lam early Tuesday, police said.”

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    1. Jack says:

      I see — if a crime is committed against someone related to NYPD brass, the NYPD cares. But everyone else on the UWS — best of luck!

    2. John says:

      If you didn’t know until now who the cops really care about now you know.
      They’re not coming to my rescue with reward money if I am robbed.
      Pathetic tone deaf idiots from the top down.

    3. ZoomZ says:

      Gee —-
      I hope he got away riding the bike lane.

    4. Eric says:

      So now I have to be related to a policeman to receive any protection on the UWS?

    5. Sid says:

      So only if you’re family of the NYPD do they post a reward and go above and beyond to solve crimes?

      • Joan Levine says:

        My guess is the family is paying the reward. Not the taxpayer. Though Maybe I am wrong.

      • Charly says:

        The lack of any comment concerning the award by those who support the police no matter how bad their behavior is blatantly obvious. While no one should have his wallet and phone stolen, no physical harm was done and there is no mention of a weapon involved. Clearly, this is pure nepotism. And, as “The Crime Stoppers Program offers rewards of up to $2,500 for anonymous information . . . that leads to the arrest and indictment of a violent felon,” the crime does even fit the requirements as the alleged teenage perpetrator wasn’t violent.

    6. JL says:

      It’s terrible that a 13 year old’s phone was robbed. I’m glad the NYPD’s right on it by releasing the video of the perp. I hope I get the same treatment if I get mugged.

      Oh, and the reward money too. Coming out of the precinct coffers during this budget year ! I’m glad we have enough money to pay 40,000 cops in NYC. All hands on deck.

      • Boris says:

        Where did you get your information about the money coming out of police funds? Nowhere, because you didn’t bother to do even minimal research. If you did, you would know that the foundation that pays such rewards is funded entirely by private donations. So it can disburse the funds as they see fit without your input and opinion.

    7. Jon says:

      Regardless, it would be great to see an arrest on the UWS. But then again, these days criminals walk free after getting arrested…that’s why crime is so rampant in our neighborhood these days. Back to the wild wild west of the 70’s & 80’s, such a disgraceful shame.

      • World Peacenik says:

        So many references to the “Wild, Wild West” here that you’d almost think this was somehow programmed talking points.

    8. Rob G. says:

      Oh do I love these comments about how NYPD is not doing enough to protect us. Do you hypocrites realize that the police can’t protect us because the politicians that you voted for will no longer let them? Keep that in mind the next time you are at the voting booth.

    9. Jay says:

      Don’t citibikes have a gps chip in them? Seems like it shouldn’t be too hard to find out who this is unless the citibike is stolen (another felony).

    10. FedUpUWS says:

      $2500 of taxpayers’ money? Why doesn’t the NYPD give a ____ when anyone who’s not related to a high-ranking policeman is robbed?

    11. ST says:

      Citibikes as vehicles for crime. No one saw that coming—NOT. And how often haven’t I seen Citibike riders on the sidewalk?

      • Ellen S says:

        I agree. Citibikes seem to have become a getaway vehicle on the upper west side and you often seem them by these homeless encampments. Are they stolen? The internet kiosks seem to be homeless charging stations? What is the mission here? Are we making it easy to live on the streets?

      • Danielle Remp says:

        It will get worse as Citi begins to add “several thousand” e-bikes his week.

    12. Chris says:

      There is no info on who is offering the reward so people who are all bent out of shape about this may want to get more details first. The reward could be coqming from a private source. Second the more of these morons get put away the better imo.

    13. Paul on W 67 says:

      Oh come on, people. $2500 is the exact same amount that was offered as a reward for information to the persons who mugged a woman under the scaffolding on Amsterdam @ 69th last fall.


    14. SBG says:

      I just read “The Blue Wall” by William Finnegan in the August 3rd & 10th issue of the New Yorker. I highly recommend it — you will learn a lot about the power of police unions & the background of police brutality.

    15. robert says:

      Ah yes more NYPD bashing
      If you actually bothered to follow or at least looked at the 24 twitter feed you would see that they send out info on other crimes in the area several times a day, many with rewards.
      And in case you didn’t notice we are in the middle a crime upsurge thanks to those of you that put this mayor in office and our local electeds that have bowed repeatedly to a small very vocal number of self appointed community leaders
      Below is the link to the most recent stats
      Murder is 8 vs 1 last year a 700% increase, Burglary is up 99 vs 50 an increase of 98% GLA is 29 vs 18 an 62% increase Shooting Incidents are 7 vs 0 and Shooting Victims are 8 vs 0
      These number reflect only our local precinct this year so far vs last year.
      Just think we still have 4 1/2 months

      • JAMES says:

        if you see something,SAY NOTHING

      • Sarah says:

        DeBlasio’s been mayor for six years. Every year the shrieking that the sky is falling even though crime was steady or often down. Anything different about this year? And don’t say it was defunding the police, because what little was done hasn’t taken effect yet, and don’t say it was criticizing the police, because DeBlasio let them run wild against the protestors.

        The number of you folks who think the NYPD exists to act out your sad racist urges against your fellow NYC residents is just sad as hell.

      • Evan Bando says:

        Robert, you fail to mention (or maybe you forgot) that your statistics of year-to-date 2020 (all other types of crimes on CompStat are down) have occurred during an unprecedented social and economic crisis. It is called COVID-19, a pandemic that devastated the city for months and will continue to do so for reasons beyond any politician’s or police department’s fault. Up until now, NYC has been the safest or one of the safest big cities in the nation. We will get back to normal but vociferous pessimists like you are a liability. Leave the kitchen, sir.

        • John says:

          Post Floyd, shootings in the city skyrocketed. June and July had shooting numbers that we haven’t seen since 1996. People should be concerned. It’s a spike that did not start during COVID.

          Moreover, the ‘defunding’ has already started. What effect do we think skipping two academy classes has on staffing? Investigative overtime? Concern is warranted.

          Or you can keep telling yourself it’s just a blip.

          • Evan Bando says:

            John, NYPD cuts: $900 million; 15% of total. Half is bookkeeping: July 2021 School Safety (part of NYPD) goes to the Department of Education. The cancellation of two classes have not taken cops off the street. Retiring cops did that, motivated by money: their pension payouts are commensurate with their recent bloated over-time. They are cashing in. “Defunding” (an unfortunate descriptor, it leads to misinformation), in part, is to shift money to community programming so that other “social” professionals, not the well-armed, under-trained police, can de-escalate situations. That helps the NYPD. Yet PBA Lynch cries.

    16. AC says:

      ?? NY Post article said NYPD had a suspect in custody.

    17. Rachel says:

      How much more will it take to get this new UWS bad element out of our residential neighborhood?!

      Will it take one of OUR kids being killed?! For the love of everything we hold dear, SHUT DOWN THESE INCENDIARY HOTEL SHELTERS!!! Give us back the city we spend a fortune supporting!

      Defund the police?! You’ve got to be kidding. They can’t even protect their own in DeBlasio’s new world.

      • Sarah says:

        You, uh, you think this teenage boy lives in one of the new adult shelters?

        As usual, the UWS racists disgracing themselves all over the place on this page.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          You know what’s racist? Ignoring or downplaying crimes committed by minorities.

        • Dissident says:

          Sarah: “As usual, the UWS racists disgracing themselves all over the place on this page.”

          No one [should be] allowed to accuse anyone else, […] of being racist, sexist, xenophobic, white supremist, or any other derisive, identity-based label. No slurs or name-calling. These don’t enlighten, educate or edify. They add nothing. Give us an argument. Tell us why the other person is wrong.

          (Prof. Amy Wax, via: an this Op-Ed at The Western Journal)

        • Marleen D Zamorano says:

          Sara I don’t think he is from any of these hotels, but the whole vibration of our neighborhood feels a bit strange to me as of recent.I love it here on the UWS and I also feel sad about the seniors not seen taking their walks with their carts , going to their favorite markets to have a small talk. Many of them live alone and getting out to do a little shopping and chatting with familiar faces means the world to them.

          • Jan Lindemann says:

            I am a senior. We are not going out because of a “crime wave””. We are staying in because we don’t want to catch coronavirus. Of course we miss chatting with friends, but we won’t be doing much chatting on a ventilator.

      • World Peacenik says:

        “bad element”

        Wow, an oldie but goodie!

        “Give us back the city we spend a fortune supporting!’

        You can’t buy a neighborhood. You can buy your apartment, but you don’t say who can come into a neighborhood.
        You can chose the people who domicile in your apartment, but not your neighborhood; those decisions rest with the Law.

    18. Simon says:

      If you really want to know how much crime is taking place on the UWS get the Citizen app. Your jaw will drop. The amount of crime is significantly more than we are being led to believe on the news. Hardly ANY of the assaults are being reported.

      • MQue says:

        It’s sad how often my phone alerts me of a crime in the neighborhood. After living here for 45 years I’m packing up and leaving.

        • Martha says:

          After reading about all these crimes in the hood lately, I too decided to download the citizen app. It is frankly horrifying. The UWS has become a haven for criminals, homeless and mentally ill living in the streets,garbage in the streets, dog poop on the sidewalks. Society has broken down. It’s the 70’s redux. And please don’t call me elitist. I am a law-abriding taxpayer who has worked hard to be able to afford to live here. But something is terribly wrong and getting worse. Disgraceful. VOTE!

        • jhminnyc says:

          Why in the world would anyone have an app that notifies their phone whenever a crime occurs in the area? That seems like an indication that you live in a heightened state of fear in general. I totally agree with you that you should probably leave the big bad city.

          • World Peacenik says:

            This “heightened state of fear in general” is being ginned up on discussion boards and social media as part of a disinformation campaign.

            The don will offer Law & Order to the counter the ‘chaos’.

            Most people are aware of this, but some still get ginned up.

    19. Larry K says:

      Wonder where the money came from?

      • Boris says:

        Why don’t you do a quick Google search of the telephone number and you’ll find out that the rewards are provided by a foundation that is funded by private donations. This is nothing new – the Crime Stoppers Program has been doing the same for years.

    20. Tab says:

      Hopefully, the invaluable benefits of stop & frisk is sinking in now. Where, this “teenage boy” would have been stopped and started the life of discovery of the American Penal system.

      Instead there are at least a dozen (future) traumatized victims *sign*

    21. Native NYer of the UWS says:

      I feel sorry for the young teen victim.
      Poor kid, robbed in broad daylight. I’m sympathetic to him, and know how scary it can be, after growing up here years ago when the streets and schools were very rough.
      It’s very alarming hearing more news of the ever increasing dangers on the UWS!

    22. Karen L. Bruno says:

      I wish we had a list of names of people who voted in DeBlasio..that’s who I blame for this crime wave..those idiot voters!

      • Vito says:

        Well said. Drinks are on me

      • GoBill says:

        Karen – I voted for Bill. I am to blame for a mugging? Your logic seems Trumpian at best.

        • Karen L. Bruno says:

          DeBlasio has defunded the police and has showed blatant disrespect for them as a group. I hate to have to spell this out to you but that means MORE CRIME! I guess the fact that I have to spell this out to you makes me think you need some more pain to come to this most basic realization..who knows maybe you still won’t get it.

      • World Peacenik says:

        Against the secret ballot?

    23. Vito says:

      The police have no duty to protect us. They don’t have to. If more citizens were legally armed we wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this.


      • Karen L. Bruno says:

        Get out while you can, a lot of these NY’ers won’t be happy until it looks like it did in the 1970’s!

        • World Peacenik says:

          Let’s get out.

          Pack up and head for the hills.

          Trouble’s coming.

          (And that’s Trouble with a capital T.)

          P.S. Stay calm and carry on.

    24. Madd Donna says:

      Beware of those who are riding bikes on the sidewalk!! Clear sign of trouble.

    25. Jo Baldwin says:

      Who is offering the reward? I am sure it’s not the city. C’mon — it was a brazen crime done in broad daylight. And the victim was a 13 year old. This could fall under the “broken windows” no-no; no?

    26. Alan Scott says:

      Why bother catching him?
      A. He won’t be arrested since they might have to touch him around the chest and back
      B. The DA will not charge him
      C. He will not be held because of no bail
      D, If held he will get free Mets tickets

      • Peter V says:


      • Dissident says:

        Great points, Mr. Scott. Revolving-door “justice”.

        Also thanks to “robert” and many others who have added voices of reason to WSR comments.

        @Evan Bando:
        All kinds of ways of playing with stats. Many offenses have been decriminalized. Many crimes are never reported. Many entered into the record as lesser than they were in reality. Murder stats are the most difficult to tamper with, so most instructive.

        2014 Ferguson Effect: no COVID. If such a crisis, why no SD and mask enforcement for “protestors”? Hypocrisy, opportunism, and double-standards of all those politicizing pandemic could hardly be clearer or more egregious.

        • Evan Bando says:

          Of course, Dissident, you ignore the main point that whatever crime statistics you conveniently choose to believe or discredit based on nothing but your own self-serving logic (larceny and rape have not been decriminalized; certain crimes are always under-reported), NYC is in the midst of a social/economic crisis. Sociology 101 tells you a spike in murders is likely. And as for “why no SD and mask enforcement for “protestors”?” Really, Dissident? You equate enforcing SD/masks in a grocery store with a spontaneous, mass protest? Your logic is only to serve your agenda and it is unconvincing.