New Riverside Skate Park Opens ‘Street’ Section as Construction Continues on Pool-Style Bowl

The Riverside Park Conservancy said this week that the steps, rails and low ramps at its new skate park on 108th Street are open. The skate park has been under construction since last year after a multi-year planning process. The Parks Department is considering naming it after Andy Kessler, a local skating legend.

The city is also constructing a bowl in the park that’s 11 feet deep, in the style of the pools made famous by skaters in California.

The conservancy also complained about the graffiti that someone tagged in the park.

It being a skate park, some people responded that skating culture and graffiti culture tend to go together — the whole rebel thing. But the NYC skate coalition says that it’s not worth the cost. There was a spirited debate in the comments:

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    1. World Peacenik says:

      Been watching the progress daily. Andy did an awesome design.

      Even better than the Roller Derby!

    2. Wendy says:

      Since Covid 19 , I take 5 mile walks in Riverside Park and have watched the progress of construction and the opening of the skateboard park. I was so happy to see that this park was completed, even in this time when so much is at a standstill .On Sunday afternoon I saw a diverse group of boarders , young/ older, all different levels and ethnicities, finding their places to do their sport. This is the best of NYC, this is what bonds us and gives reason to hope.

    3. Will says:

      ZEPHYR had a piece on there for years, why the sudden anti graffiti stance now after all of this time? Zoo York was associated with the Soul Artists who roamed and painted Riverside Park right there for years in the 1970’s.

    4. Marilyn says:

      Nothing wrong with art in a playground of all places. Go back to the suburbs folks!

      • lynn says:

        Believe it or not, there is graffiti in the suburbs. I really wish people would stop resorting to ‘move to the suburbs,’ whenever there’s even the slightest disagreement on a subject.

      • Boris says:

        There’s nothing artistic about that tagging.

    5. Jenna D says:

      Amazing!! Can’t wait to rip it up!

      • World Peacenik says:

        Well, it’s Saturday night and I just got paid,
        Fool about my money, don’t try to save,
        My heart says go go, have a time,
        ‘Cause it’s Saturday night and I’m feelin’ fine,…

        Lyrics to the great Mr Little Richard song “Rip it Up!”

    6. WombatNYC says:

      Unoffically, the skate park has been opened for about 8 weeks . Skaters have been sliding thru the fence for some fun. Love it !

    7. jc says:

      1989 called and wants his skate park back.

    8. joe says:

      They probably wouldn’t have minded if the graffiti was good,but,random talentless taggers should be buffed.

      • Opie says:

        Agreed. Maybe they can get some of the remaining original Soul Artists to piece instead. Like Futura2000. Or Zephyr even as someone mentioned here.

    9. MWB says:

      Murals? Sure. Letting random individuals and gangs tag a public park to claim it for themselves? No.

      Looking forward to watching people using this for cool tricks.

    10. Noel DeKing says:

      So now, would the skateboarders be ejected by Parks Dept. from recklessly destroying the pavement and solitude around the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument at 89th Street. They have gone so far as to remove the “No Skateboarding” sign there, and numerous calls to the Riverside Park offices and local precinct have been ignored. It will end badly!

    11. Vic Losick says:

      The park looks great! However, I saw only one skater out of about 10 skaters who was wearing a helmet. This in a park that is all concrete.