$2,500 Reward and New Video of Scaffolding Assault; Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal Pushes For More Security

By Carol Tannenhauser

The NYPD released a new video and offered a $2,500 reward for information about the men who viciously punched a 57-year-old woman in the face underneath the scaffolding surrounding the construction at 200 Amsterdam Avenue (68th-69th), last Thursday at around 10:35 p.m., shattering bones and attempting, without success, to steal her bag.

Police are looking for four men in connection with the crime.

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal tells us she has pushed police and SJP Properties, the developer of 200 Amsterdam, to make the area safer. Parts of the walkway where the woman was attacked are out of view of the street.

When the walkway was built last year, I requested that SJP provide high quality lighting, cameras ,and mirrors, which they did. In light of last week’s incident, additional security measures are needed. During the site visit, the 20th Precinct made recommendations that SJP will implement shortly. Additionally, SJP said that the walkway will be moved closer to the street once the crane and machinery are removed from the site in a couple of months. In the meantime, the 20th Precinct must dedicate additional resources to this location and the surrounding area to ensure my constituents’ safety, and I will continue monitoring the situation.

200 Amsterdam’s construction manager said this:

The assault that took place was abhorrent. This brazen attack occurred in a section of the construction bridge that is extremely well lit and under surveillance by multiple cameras. As a result, we have clear footage of the attack that we were able to provide to law enforcement to aid in their investigation. As an additional deterrent, we are installing mirrors and signs in that section of the bridge that make it clear the area is under surveillance. We have worked, and will continue to work, with local officials and the community board to ensure the safety of the community.

Call 1-800-577-TIPS with any information on this crime.

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    1. MQue says:

      Why would that guy with the drink pretty much step over them and walk away, WTF!!!

      • Sid says:

        Right, because he should have gotten involved and also beaten down. He should however have called 911 — that is inexcusable.

        • stu says:

          What a cowardly comment. That guy was a young, healthy man who could have made a difference by intervening. The police should be looking for that guy as well as his inactions were deplorable. He saw the entire episode from start to finish and didn’t even hesitate to do anything.

          • EricaC says:

            I don’t agree that young healthy men (wow, you have great eyes, BTW) should physical intervene – but it does seem odd that he would just walk by – not even yelling at them?

      • iz says:

        They were all working together.

      • lynn says:

        I assumed he was one of the ‘four.’ But then again, when I was mugged years ago it was also in full view of everyone on the street, and as I screamed for help I watched crowds of adult males on their way to work hurry by me without a word. Most of them made eye contact. I’ll never forget that. I was in utter shock and I expected more from people. I was robbed by two teenage girls with box cutters and an older man was overseeing them. I was told by the police that even if I could ID them they would ‘probably be right back out on the street,’ so nothing was done. I don’t think any of the steps being taken are deterrents and I don’t believe for a minute that these criminals aren’t aware that they’re being video taped. I’m so disturbed by this recent outbreak of women being attacked that I don’t even know what to say or do anymore.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Women of any age and seniors will always be a target because of their lack of physical strength to fight back usefully. You are looked at as prey. Try to avoid going out at night alone in sketchy areas. Please, no jogging or walking the dog in any park alone after 10pm or before 6am.

          • UWS Larry says:

            UWSHebrew is really on a roll today – making sure to tell women to be prisoners in their own home so men are free to pillage others as they please between 10 and 6, oh and to “guarantee” Trump’s 2020 victory if the democratic party nominates a woman candidate. So happy for all of us that we have you in our neighborhood, you’re a real value.

        • Charles says:

          I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I’d like to think I’d have helped you, but I’m sure many men feel the risks of helping are too great. Aside from the threat If being knifed or shot there’s always the possibility of being sued for assault. These situations rarely turn out well for those who would be heroes.

        • MQue says:

          That is so horrible to hear Lynn. Like Charles if I were to hear someone scream for help I’d without hesitation come and help. Sid helping out and risking the possibility of getting hurt is worth it in my opinion. Happy to know you are one of those people that wouldn’t help someone that is in need of help. Not to mention I’m bigger than that guy and would have loved to sucker punch him as he did to her

          • lynn says:

            Thank you as well, MQue, I really appreciate the fact that there are still men who react/reply to other’s comments in a kind and compassionate manner.

        • UWS_lifer says:

          And what exactly did you expect those adult males to do?? Swoop in and save the day like some action hero in the movies? Maybe do some fancy karate moves or pull a Charles Bronson?

          This is NYC, nobody is going to risk their lives (you said they were armed with box cutters) to save your cell phone, make up and a couple of bucks. Just hand it over and chalk it up to life in the big city. We have all been there. Screaming and fighting back is the LAST thing you should do!! I repeat do not scream and fight back!!! I can’t stress this enough.

          All those men did the right thing.

          • Isaac says:

            UWS_lifer snd Scott- I’m so disgusted by your comments I really hope I don’t personally know you.
            Shame on you.

          • lynn says:

            @ UWS_lifer You’ve posted one sanctimonious comment after another in a number of subjects in this forum, but your response to me was was completely uncalled for. I was under 21, which is why I specified ‘adult males.’ I wasn’t carrying a purse, I didn’t have a cellphone, or money, and I wasn’t trying to defend my MAKEUP. What a ludicrous comment!

            Thanks for the undying negative attitude and sharing your words to live by: “All those men did the right thing.”

        • Scott says:

          Sorry, no offense, but I’m not going to intervene on your behalf when the attackers have knives (as they always do). I’m not getting stabbed in the throat because you lost your purse. You certainly wouldn’t pay my medical bills.

        • EricaC says:

          Less violent, but similar – I tripped in a pothole on Park Ave at rush hour and broke my ankle. While I was lying on the ground stunned, two business men (the guys in expensive suits) stepped over me and finished crossing the street. That stunned me in a different way. Three scruffy teenagers actually helped me up, got me to the sidewalk and helped me get a cab. Not one wel-dressed person, among the many who observed (and a couple of who commented) offered any help. When I was hobbling around on crutches in the subsequent months, women and young people gave me seats. Men in suits? Not once. I always remind myself of this when I see people generalizing about one group or another. I like a lot of men who wear suits, and try not to generalize about all of them based on this experience.

          • lynn says:

            I totally understand what you’re referring to. My infamous ‘adult males’ were also dressed nicely and carrying briefcases, clearly going to work and couldn’t be bothered watching me getting punched and slammed up against the wall. Shame on the people who ignored you in this situation, but kudos to the decent people who were willing to help you out. I hope you are doing much better now!

    2. John says:

      This is going to be common occurrence once these crimes have no bail everyone released and initial court hearing. Get ready for criminal justice reform, no bail and only 3300 beds verses 7000 with new jail plan.

    3. Evan Bando says:

      The construction manager said, “we are installing mirrors and signs in that section of the bridge that make it clear the area is under surveillance.” Does he seriously think that will be a deterrent for the degenerates who sucker punch a woman from behind? All of these construction sites with scaffold-tunnels (they’re not bridges) must have a security guard all night. Do your job Rosenthal. Push legislation that requires all construction companies to provide security guards at night. Not the NYPD. They have enough to do. The construction companies. Get it done. Your district is in trouble.

    4. Lucien Desar says:

      UPDATE: 18-year-old Trinity Velez has been arrested and charged with this robbery on the Upper West Side. We still need your help locating the other 3 suspects, so please call 800-577-TIPS

    5. jimbo says:

      I am a retired NYC Police Officer and a life long UWSer.Thanks to Mayor DEBOZIO the cops in this city feel they have no support.The very least we can do right now is vote NO ON QUESTION 2 on November 5th.
      If you need a little push watch the video several more times.PLEASE have you neighbors and friends do the same.

      • Evan Bando says:

        I don’t see a connection between an upgraded Civilian Review Board and policing the streets against degenerates like the woman who was caught sucker-punching a citizen in an unsecured scaffold-tunnel. The Review Board is being upgraded for good reason: there is a blue wall that too often prevents transparency within the Department. Calling out police officers when justified will make the job of the rank and file easier, not harder.

    6. jimbo says:

      To all the guys who would not help this poor woman you should all be ashamed of yourselves.What a bunch of punks you are.

    7. jimbo says:

      Just heard on the news that there has been an arrest in this case.I’d love to be the sentencing judge.

    8. D Knapp says:

      I’m confused. . What time did this crime occur?
      5:30 or 10:35?
      One of the perps looked to be a female…is that a possibility?

    9. Jane says:

      It’s NOT about losing one’s purse or make-up bag! It’s about letting the evil forces win. This month it will be lone women with bags to steal. Next month it will be men. Then it will be couples getting robbed. First, people have to take evasive measures: DON’T walk under scaffolding (well, try in Manhattan).DONT’T carry a purse, just keep your ID and credit cards in an inner pocket. DO travel in packs!
      Train yourselves to walk confidently. I have never been assaulted in NYC and I am 60+. I know I am very lucky. But I also have a quick, aggressive walk that must convey a message of “if you touch me, I’ll break your arm.”
      Do NOTHING? No way – that’s how the Nazi thugs got away with deportations and death camps. They counted on silent acquiescence!

    10. haloslipping says:

      Due respect to the retired NYC police officer who shared his view on ballot question 2 in these comments. This proposal about the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) whose mission is to investigate citizen complaints about police, asks that there be a formula added to the Charter that would provide funding for investigators proportional to the number of uniformed officers, that the Commissioner explain when Board recommendations for discipline are not followed and
      a board chair be chosen by the Mayor and the City Council speaker. In addition the CCRB’s process for issuing subpoenas would be streamlined, a new member would be appointed by the Public Advocate and the CCRB would be allowed to investigate untruthful statements made during their investigations. Vote yes or no but be sure to VOTE on this and the other 4 proposals on the back of your ballot.

    11. E.F. Augustin says:

      We elect a new mayor who will back up the police department in a city we’re officers in the course of an arrest can have water dumped on them and buckets thrown at them with no consequence because they know that to report or resist will cause them administrative problems, endless paperwork

    12. June UWSer says:

      Warning: please be careful around the newly closed boat basin cafe. It is much more desolate now that it’s closed.
      There’s a man who started following me around there, in the evening (while it was still light), so I decided it would be safer to exit via 72nd st out of the park. Definitely needs more police presence!