At Least Krispy Kreme Is On Its Way

It’s been a tough few weeks on the food front for the Upper West Side, what with the loss of La Caridad and several other local restaurants.

But one expected opening appears to be moving along just fine. Krispy Kreme is under construction at new at 2563 Broadway, between 96th and 97th streets, according to a sign on the door. We first reported on it in January. It’s in the former Cohen’s Fashion Optical.

One day this light will shine on the Upper West Side:

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When it's on…it's on 🙌 Home of the hot & fresh #OriginalGlazed #doughnut 😍🍩 #KrispyKreme #HotLight

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Thanks to Josh, Richard and Jordan for the tips.

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    1. buddy says:

      there are two dunking donuts on UWS – 89th and broadway & 93rd and amsterdam. not sure why the neighborhood would need another donut place. oh, well..better than a vacant retail space

      • Chase says:

        Dunkin’ Donuts makes lousy donuts. Like, WOOF.

        Krispy Kreme, I hope, are made on premises and fresh. Those hot off the lines are great.

        Still, I’d take a quality bakery that made donuts independent over a chain store any day. Upper west side really lacks in the donut category.

        • Rob Wolkoe says:

          Amen to that. KK is no better than DD.Anyone who has had a real good donut would avoid both chains entirely.

          • Josh says:

            KK is a million times better than DD, at least the modern DDs. Miss the originals, before the big expansion, when DD used to make the donuts in house and were fresh. Now, the DD around the corner from me gets their daily donut delivery at midnight every night.

      • Calamari Kandinsky says:

        Not to mention 86th & Amsterdam.

    2. Juan says:

      If they will actually be making the donuts on site, this is a game changer. A fresh Krispy Kreme right out of the oven is a very different (and better) donut than the usual store bought ones.

    3. Wijmlet says:

      And Dunkin is at 77 and Amst and 86 and Amst–enuf!

    4. UWSHebrew says:

      Dunkin is garbage, and most of the time, the staff are rude (regardless of location). Welcome Krispy Kreme, they’ll be plenty of people who want a tasty sugar rush to make them forget the misery many are experiencing during this time, at least for a minute or two.

    5. LindaGail says:

      Fast food franchises of any kind are actually a blight on UWS neighborhoods. Ever since the Five Guys opened on Broadway, between 110 and 111th Streets the sidewalk litter has gotten bad and trash cans fill up fast, overflowing and further littering the sidewalk. It’s kind of depressing to see trash everywhere. Small businesses don’t seem interested in keeping sidewalks in front of their establishments clean, as the law mandates that they do. I doubt if Krispy Kreme employees are going to go outside and pick up discarded coffee cups, donuts bags, dirty napkins, etc.

      • openyoureyes says:

        Seriously? Be glad something halfway decent actually opened around here. Take a look around

    6. sad times says:

      Wonderful. This makes all the loss worthwhile. Im being sarcastic. Great for the health of UWS.

    7. Sandy says:

      Can’t wait. The best donuts ever! DD doesn’t hold a candle to these. Try the vanilla creme. Delicious!

    8. ZoomZ says:

      You are pushing an outfit that will help bring down the health of any one that will eat its offering.
      Basically, stuff your face with these and you shorten your life span while growing your waist line.

    9. Marcia says:

      Love having Krispy Kreme join the UWS. Hope kids can see the way they’re made. It’s fascinating to watch the conveyor belt Move the donuts through the different stages and see the final product in your hand hot and delicious. Their donuts are a bit smaller than most which is great for portion control!!!

    10. Mark says:

      The clutched pearl and grumpy curmudgeon contingent strikes again – listen to most of you.

      For God’s sake, it’s a doughnut shop and it’s better than another empty storefront. If you don’t like it, don’t patronize it.

      • Lady Di says:

        Amen! seriously people – no one is twisting your arm to patronize KK. Are you now going to monitor what kind of food should be allowed in a take out place or restaurant? Only Vegan places ? Only gluten free ? only places with food under 300 calories ? adults are fully capable of making their own choice and accept the consequence, good or bad. Go or don’t go. Talk about a nanny state mentality…

        • Kayson212 says:

          Ditto Mark and Lady Di. Scary to think what kind of food landscape we’d see if gastro-fascists decreed only “what’s good for you.”

          Now a word about KK and DD, because they actually are different. KK specializes in raised (aka yeast) donuts, which are light, airy and have a chewy pull like bagels. DD also sells yeast but its origin and strength is cake donuts (what that sounds like). So despite sweeping comments here that treat all donuts like, these chains offer choice.

    11. Christina Ocasio says:

      Yes finally near to me i don’t have go to 34street anymore and i hope they delivered to

    12. Mike. B says:

      Not another fast food franchise, soon there will be no independent retailers on the upper West side.

      • Peter N says:

        I think a national/worldwide trend is emerging where the independent businesses are closing for good and the chains are surviving and in some cases flourishing.

    13. Lydia Guise says:

      Minnesota misses Krispy Kreme,too.

    14. Jan says:

      Just what we need. More Fake Food!
      No vitamins loaded with fats and God knows
      what else
      Not good news

    15. Sherela says:

      I hate to break it to those who were hoping that this would be a Krispy Kreme bakery but alas it’s only going to be a retail store. No baking on site.

    16. NT says:

      Better than an empty storefront I agree, but another fast food place selling sugary processed junk? McDonalds, Popeyes, Dunkin Donuts. Another shooting, at 101. This supposedly nice neighborhood is really feeling more like the area around Penn Station these days.

      • Mark says:

        You can thank our incompetent, police-hating, communist Mayor for the uptick in crime. There’s absolutely no disputing it.

        • Chris Everett says:

          Yes there is. You can thank our incompetent, hateful, rabble-rousing, fascist President for it.

    17. Doughboy says:

      America runs on Krispy Kreme Glazed Dougnuts! Best creation since electricity. Welcome back!

    18. Ruth Bonnet says:

      Get a dozen and make your own face shield!