Openings & Closings: Krispy Kreme, Joe’s Steam Rice Roll, Stuart Weitzman, Gyu-Kaku

Remember these? Via Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme, the doughnut chain that was briefly addictive and then mostly forgotten in New York, is making a comeback in the city. It’s opening six locations before the end of the year, including one on the Upper West Side. The new Krispy Kreme will be located at at 2563 Broadway, between 96th and 97th streets, the company tells us. There’s no opening date yet.


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Joe’s Steam Rice Roll is opening a new location at 422 Amsterdam Avenue (80th-81st Streets), the company said on its Instagram page. Joe’s serves a kind of rice roll that is common in China. It’s described as “a Cantonese dish, also known as Cheung Fun, made of thin rice noodles rolled, and filled with meat and/or vegetables, topped with seasoned sauces such as soy and hoisin sauce.” See the menu here. Thanks to Nadira for the tip.

The Wing has released more information on its new coworking space at 380 Columbus Avenue (78th Street), which is set to open in the spring. It will have a cafe, workout room and pump room for mothers. In general, they charge about $200 a month, a rep said at a prior meeting. People can apply for membership now. We last reported on it here.

Stuart Weitzman has closed its location at 2151 Broadway (76th Street). Thanks to Melissa for the tip.

Japanese BBQ spot Gyu-Kaku that just opened on Amsterdam and 90th Street has closed temporarily “due to building maintenance issues,” but expects to reopen next week, a company rep tells us.

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    1. Welcome to the neighborhood says:

      Don’t think that Chinese place is going to happen and so happy Krispy Kreme has re-organized and opening on the UWS. But, living in the upper 70s will be too far up to go for those fattening sugar donuts, all the better for me and my waist.

    2. UWCider says:

      I cant believe I`m writing this but Krispy Kreme are welcomed here. Long story but let`s just say I had some good times with them in Florida. The rest I don’t care much, I wish Big Nicks was coming back.

    3. Lori says:

      No surprise via Stuart Weitzman, the staff was unbelievably rude. Last time i was there i swore I would only buy SW from Dept store – where is you bought the wrong size you can actually return. Sorry to see so many store closings in the hood but will not miss SW

      • CCL says:

        Probably not many people ever crossed the threshold to experience the rude staff with that ugly dirty scaffolding.

      • Tracey says:

        Regarding the Stuart Weitzman employees, all my shopping experiences there were always pleasant and positive. The salespeople couldn’t have been friendlier or more helpful. Anytime I needed to have a pair of boots and/or shoes stretched they did it.

    4. SBG says:

      Is the new Krispy Kreme going to replace the Dunkin Donuts where I get my $2 latte many afternoons?

    5. Janet Wasserman says:

      “Albert Reimann Jr., was an early disciple of Adolf Hitler and described himself as an ‘unconditional follower’ of Nazi race theory.” “[His]fervent Nazism and abuse of forced laborers did not stop his family from attaining colossal wealth after the war, is a tale of death and devotion and human contradictions.”

      “… JAB Holding Company and still controlled by the Reimann family … is worth more than $20 billion and owns Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Peet’s Coffee, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Pret A Manger, Keurig and other breakfast brands.”

      Really, on the UWS, the long-time home of so many Holocaust survivors and their descendants? Krisky Kreme can make money elsewhere. What an insult to millions – and coming right after the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Incredible!

    6. lynn says:

      Hard to believe (maybe) that I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme donut but I vaguely remember my coworker raving about them. I wonder how/why they are making a comeback. Can’t wait to try one, AND Joe’s Steam Rice Roll. : )

    7. Too late says:

      Re: Krispy Kreme, that’s it—I’m moving back to the UWS from Queens!

    8. Liifeoong UWS says:

      Yessss. Krispy Kreme is back on the UWS. I preferred the 23rd st location to the 72bd.

      Anyway. I know they are opening on like 36th and 6th. 37th?

      Now. I hope krispy kreme does not overexpand like they did awhile back.

    9. Liifeoong UWS says:

      When on earth is the Ollie’s reopening? It has been nearly a year now! Gyu Kaku is pretty good but that location hasnt retained a store since Saigon Grill. I hope Gyu Kaku does open next week.

    10. Nuts 4 Donuts says:

      Krispy Kreme Donuts, Yaaassss!!!!🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

    11. Stay Krispy says:

      It’s time boyz! Krispy Kreme donuts are the best, worlds above Dunkins. I can’t wait to go here daily

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Try Tim Hortons donuts at the airtrain entrance to JFK in Jamaica, leaves Krispy Kreme and Dunkin in the dust.

    12. UWS neighbor says:

      The Reimanns have made what might be called an attempt at restorative justice, announcing an $11M commitment to reparations to survivors, according to CNN

      and the Times

    13. SMS says:

      Here’s pure decadence…bread pudding made with Krispy Kreme jelly donuts!

    14. dc says:

      What’s going on with that gluten free bakery on 70th, le gourmand? Still says “technical difficulties” on the door.

    15. Calvin B says:

      Joe’s Steam Rice Roll is one of my absolute favorite spots to hit up when in Chinatown. They have a stall inside Canal Street Market. I find it’s always the busiest food vendor (besides Boba Guys serving up boba tea). I’m excited for it to come to UWS. I expect the prices to obviously be higher up here, but hopefully it is not too absurd.

    16. chuck d says:

      Another reason I’m glad I no longer take the subway to/from work. I won’t have to walk past a Krispy Kreme twice a day–at peak hunger times!

      Thank you Citibike!

    17. geoff says:

      Mmmm… what’s in a Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed donut? All the following, AND they claim to be kosher.

      Product Name: Chocolate Iced Glazed Doughnut
      Ingredients: Doughnut (Enriched Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Sugar.
      Contains 2% or Less of Each of the Following: Yeast, Soy Lecithin, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Mono and Diglycerides, Salt, Wheat Gluten, Monocalcium Phosphate, BHT, Dried Milk Powder, Egg Yolks, Cellulose Gum, Calcium Propionate (To Maintain Freshness), Lecithin, Oat Fiber, Ascorbic Acid, Sorbitan Monostearate, Tocopherols); Icing (Sugar, Water, Corn Starch, Cocoa Powder (Processed with Alkali), Corn Syrup Solids, Soybean Oil and/or Palm Oil, Chocolate Liquor, Enzyme Modified Soy Protein, Polysorbate 60, Salt, Sodium Caseinate (Milk), Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Mono and Diglycerides, Soy Lecithin); Glaze (Sugar, Water, Corn Starch, Palm Oil, Calcium Sulfate and/or Calcium Carbonate, Agar, Dextrose, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Salt, Disodium Phosphate, Locust Bean Gum And/Or Mono and Diglycerides).

    18. UWSDrew says:

      I have been in UWS for 3 years now and I’m pretty disappointed with the food options. This neighborhood desperately need more down to earth food options. Krispy Kreme is a good start. Also want a Burger King, and a Taco Bell! Please give us a Taco Bell!! There are SO many empty store fronts to choose from.

      I’m tired of faux fine dining in UWS. $20 burgers, $20 tacos. Even rich people like to get normal food you know!

      • Judge Judy says:

        You want junk food move to Queens or Midtown. You’re not getting it here!!!!!

        • UWSDrew says:

          Judge Judy, jacking up prices does not make junk food not junk food! That’s the whole point. Five Napkin is over priced junk. Jacobs Pickles is maybe the most unhealthy place in the entire neighborhood! Barney’s? Junk.

          This neighborhood is filled with fatty, meat loaded food that is far worse for you then half the menu at Taco Bell. Slapping a big price tag on very unhealthy food just seems to make people somehow feel better about it.

        • Rodger Lodger says:

          you think over-priced restaurants aren’t serving you junk?
          that’s a hoot

      • UWSHebrew says:

        If you want delicious, healthy food at great prices, these are my top two in the city: 1)Balade Your Way. Their tabouli is incredible. 2)Teranga. You can eat in or take an order to go. Fish is cooked and seasoned at the level of a Michelin star restaurant.

        • NYCgirl says:

          Do you mean the salmon at Teranga? (since you seem to have become the unofficial crowned food person on this site…)

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Both the salmon and grouper (grouper only Fri-Sun).

            • Jared65 says:

              There’s a Taco Bell on the UES. 97th & Lexington ( i guess technically E Harlem ), but it’s pretty affordable . That’s why I’ll take the UES over UWS any day of the week.

              Great high end, reasonably priced and cheap hung over greasy food. I think it’s much more of a variety and East Harlem has the best Spanish food not to mention the Hungarian bakery on 86th & 2nd

              Uws is just filled with overpriced markets like Gracefully where you spend $6 for a bag of 1% healthier potato chips. I just head down to western beef to gain a few calories and pay a lot less

      • lynn says:

        I just ate at Pier 72 (corner of WEA) for the first time yesterday and I was happily surprised at the quality of the food and the low prices. They use real beef in their hamburgers and turkey burgers (not frozen pre-cooked or processed), unlike another nearby diner on Amsterdam that gone progressively downhill over the last few years. :/

      • james says:

        You want junk food in the neighborhood? Is everyone not heavy enough that you walk by everyday? Salty, disgusting, processed food is absolutely not what we need.

      • Tracey says:

        Taco Bell and Burger King are Not down to earth food!! They are nothing more than fast ‘junk food’. Just what the Upper West Side Doesn’t Need!

    19. Baarbara Michalak says:

      I hope it’s one where you can watch the donuts being made on site. And please include maple icing.

      • Rodger Lodger says:

        The freshly baked donuts are to their donuts sold off the shelf as the latter are to no donuts. A friend took me to their bakery in Buffalo twenty or so years ago and I’ve never forgotten what those donuts conveyed-belted out of the oven taste like. Part of me almost wishes this new store won’t be that good if you get my drift.

      • Cato says:

        I don’t know about the West Side store, but you’ll be able to see the whole process at the new Krispy Kreme flagship store opening in Times Square in May. (I believe it is where the Hershey’s store used to be.)

        “Krispy Kreme Is Opening A Ginormous Donut Shop In Times Square This May”.

        Here’s a quote:

        “Inside the 4,500-square-foot store, visitors will be able to watch the donut-making process from start to finish. “Stadium style seating” overlooks bakers mixing ingredients and placing donuts on the delivery line to pass under the glaze waterfall, which sounds heavenly to say the least.”

        For maple glaze you need Tim Horton’s.

    20. Zanarkand says:

      Hopefully Gyu Kaku can overcome these early obstacles. The food is amazing and fun for the whole family and it’s packed when it’s open. Wishing them the best. Been a fan since trying them in Japan over a decade ago.

    21. Mark Moore says:

      We had reservations for Gyu Kaku for next week and when they called to cancel they said they won’t be open until March.

    22. Nicole says:

      Anybody know what the issues are at Gyu-kaku?
      I missed the brief window they were open and have been waiting for them….

      • FYI says:

        They canceled their opening in March and now they have not responded back when they’re opening. A person at that location said they’re not opening at all.

    23. Aisire says:

      Does anyone know what happened to Cascabel? It was a staple in our house – really going to miss Iit!

    24. WildWildWestSider says:

      So jazzed about the Krispy Kreme. Lot of memories with that establishment. When I lived on Long Island we’d take the LIRR to Penn, get donuts, get right back on the train.