More Restaurants Close: Recolte Bakery, Oath Pizza, New Wave Cafe

Recolte, a Taiwanese-French bakery and cafe on Amsterdam and 74th Street that replaced Josie’s in 2017 has closed with For Rent signs on the windows. Recolte had all sorts of specialty pastries and made Eater’s list of essential bakeries. Thanks to Joeanna for the photo.

Oath Pizza at 2169 Broadway between 76th and 77th Street has also closed. Oath opened in 2018. It has another location on the Upper East Side. Oath had stayed open early in the pandemic. Thanks to Joy, Keith and Gretchen for the tips.

New Wave Cafe at 2210 Broadway between 78th and 79th Street has also closed after decades in the neighborhood. It was a small spot with a big menu. Thanks to Joy for the photo.

See more recent closings here.

If you see openings and closings, let us know at westsiderag at gmail!

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    1. chris says:

      revolted never had a chance. maison kayser couple blocks away

      • boopsie says:

        I live a block away and never knew they were there. I remember Josie’s very well!

      • Kevin says:

        Recolte was doing very healthy business prior to covid, and as far as I’m concerned was substantially better than Maiser Kaiser.

    2. Stacy says:

      Sad, Recolte had the best baguettes and lemon tarts on the UWS!

    3. Josh G says:

      Loved Recolte. Disappointed!!

    4. Rodger Lodger says:

      I loved Oath pizza for its quality, ambience, unusual delicious offerings, and by far the best pull-self-serve delicious soda fountain I’ve ever used.

    5. Kathleen says:

      So sad to witness the closing of so many restaurants, and other small stores. I used to work on W 79th Street and the New Wave Cafe was my go to place for an easy, quick lunch. I got to know the people who worked there and they had the best tuna melt ever. I wish all those who are losing jobs and livelihoods…well I don’t know what to wish them. I feel for them and hope life turns around for them and all of us in the next year.

    6. FDD says:

      I liked Oath, it actually managed to be unique and different in the massive city of pizza. The chain started in Boston, wonder if they are closing everywhere?

    7. Mark Moore says:

      The block on Broadway where Victoria’s Secret is, I don’t think there’s one open business on the whole street.

      • Dr. CG says:

        Unfortunately Mark, you are right. There is nothing on Broadway between 84th & 85th, on the East or West side. It’s not much better past 86th either and it seems like every day there is another For Rent sign. It was bad before COVID and is only going to get worse now with all the homeless people in the hotels and drinking on the streets.

      • james says:

        it’s terrible. could be a bleak winter ahead.

    8. C says:

      Oh man, I loved Recolte’s pastries & nighttime desert bar!

    9. Sad. UWS says:

      Very sad. Its probably not the landlords this time.

    10. Sue says:

      Tonight I walked by The Cottage which seems gone. Did I miss that here? I’m sad about Oath and New Wave. but notHong is as heartbreaking to me as losing La Caridad. They took all the tables out today. As someone else commented, that spot will probably be vacant for a year. Too bad they couldn’t be saved.

      • Dee says:

        Yes, the Cottage closed early in the pandemic. But not because of the pandemic: The new landlord is not renewing leases in the building.

        • Charlie says:

          We lost Peter’s contact info. Thought we might be able to help him find a new location. Does anybody know how to get in touch with him?

      • lynn says:

        That’s sad to hear. I just checked online and their website is gone and they’re no longer listed on the ordering sites like grubhub. I do wonder where all of these people have gone and if they had opportunities to work elsewhere, outside of NYC.

    11. Catherine Holmes says:

      New Wave had the BEST chicken soup!
      Such a shame – hope the friendly staff/owners will be ok ❤️🙏

    12. Marcia says:

      Recolte ran a fabulous bakery and the dessert bar at night ( different staff, they used the space)was a gift from the Gods!! Unique idea to have a three course dessert made by a very accomplished pastry Chef who had a resume a mile long! He had worked at Michelin Star restaurants. I believe he works In administration at a cooking school so he kept actively making fabulous desserts by opening a high end dessert bar.Sorry I don’t have his name. Nicest man so generous!! Will miss the delicious breads and pastries and especially the dessert bar at night.

    13. uwsguy says:

      oh no i’m really going to miss their $7 iced coffee

    14. robert says:

      Absolutely horrible. Loved Oath & New Wave. Maybe hopefully possible after New Years normalcy will start to start?. We’ve never so many closures/terribleness.

    15. Will says:

      I wonder about Maison Kayser at 76th & Broadway. They look very closed. The tables and chairs are stacked the it looks very empty. They could be open right now as many other bakeries are. Plus the have a corner spot where they could do a large outdoor seating area if they wanted to. Kind of feels like it’s not going to re-open.

    16. Francesca says:

      Loved Recolte!….wonderful breads and pastries. So sad 😞

    17. Frankie says:

      Oh, man! The 3-5 year future of the UWS looks bleak.
      Please tell me why I might be wrong. Please!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        If Biden wins, he will tax individuals and companies heavily, the stock market will crash, and the dollar will plunge. It will make the 1929 Depression look like a cakewalk. We’re in for a big depression, but that’s only if Trump is re-elected. We’re in for unfathomable poverty if Biden wins.

        • lmn says:

          This depression happened on Trump’s watch, not Biden’s. Biden’s nomination actually had little effect on the market, which usually is a precursor reaction to how it would react if a candidate wins. Plus his continued lead in the polls would be baked into the market reaction by the time Nov hits. So let’s not be an alarmist. And Trump’s tax policy was not beneficial to everyone, contrary to your belief.

          • Not every county or state is having a depression, just Democratically run NYC and UWS (community board, city council, Mayor’s office with Governor included as well). No balance, no peace.

            • Scott B says:

              Yup everywhere doing just great 12% unemployment… five months into pandemic states going backwards…. no end in sight… almost every other country has moved on and are repairing their economies but your 🤡 president is golfing, tweeting, and chatting with Putin but yeah all the Dems fault…. Cult 45

          • UWSHebrew says:

            “Biden’s nomination actually had little effect on the market, which usually is a precursor reaction to how it would react if a candidate wins” — what nonsense! The markets react after a candidate is ELECTED.

        • Never Trumper says:

          It seems you always have to make a political statement when you post a comment! The subject was restaurants closing due in part to the Pandemic. Think of the pain of the owners and workers of these restaurants. The severity of the Pandemic and how it affects the entire country is the fault of YOUR “president” due to lack of leadership. If you are concerned of what Biden will do once he Is elected … then you might consider leaving this once great nation.

        • Scott M says:

          150,000 Dead. Golfing every day. So much winning.

        • Dissident says:

          [to replace previous]
          Biden is but a marionette. The man can’t even get through a sentence. If elected, he is unlikely to serve for long. His handlers are the ones to watch. The catastrophe they would unleash could make a wrecked economy seem the least of our worries…The inverse morality we have witnessed over the past two months, in which even the most mainstream and senior political, business, civic and religious leaders have openly championed mob rule, vigilante “justice” and rank savagery over rule-of-law, due process and civilization should serve as a preview.

    18. Natali says:

      Agree w/ Rodger and FDD about Oath. I’d be curious to know why it closed. WSR, it would be great if you could get the reasoning behind closings whether it be rent, Covid, health dept shutdown, etc. If you get the info on Oath, please post an update.

    19. Lee says:

      Why don’t upper west siders give more business to their local restaurants. I live in Queens and that’s how we’ve kept ours afloat and open. It is too hot out to cook anyway and pickup is safe!

      • Kevin says:

        Recolte has been closed since March. There’s been no opportunity to give them business.

    20. Kevin says:

      I am feeling so nostalgic for UWS life “back when.”

      Josie’s was a sign post, a fixture, life worth living. Something a little off the traditional. And well respected.

      Forgive me for thinking those proverbial “days of innocence” are long, long gone.

    21. Laura D says:

      Anyone know what is opening next to Bodrum on Amsterdam btw 88th and 89th street?

    22. Aaron Belson says:

      La Caridad on 77th and Broadway closed – neighborhood icon

    23. Another Bakery Gone says:

      Unfortunately Maison Kayser will also be closing and leaving NYC. Check out yesterday’s July 28th article in the Commercial Observer.

    24. B.B. says:

      According to Commercial Observer, Maison de Kayser is seeking to exit NYC market, closing all restaurants.

    25. MilleFeuille says:

      So sorry to read that Recolte has closed. Discovered the bakery early last Dec., while staying around the corner at the Beacon Hotel for some Bob Dylan concerts next door. Loved their breakfast pastries on my last morning there.
      Was planning to stay in the area on my next NYC visit (whenever that might happen), just to try more of their superb quality items. Great bakeries in Los Angeles are scarce.