Bull Moose Dog Run is Open: ‘It’s Lovely’

Open at last! Photographs by Elaine Boxer.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Without the fanfare it is due, Bull Moose Dog Run, next to the Museum of Natural History at West 81st Street and Central Park West, opened its brand-new gates to the neighborhood’s dogs and their thrilled owners on Friday, meeting the Park Department’s promise that it would be completed by July. The renovation of the dog run has been a very long time coming — eight years by one measure.

Go ahead, Penny. It’s real!

“It’s lovely,” said Elaine Boxer, who was instrumental in getting the dog run renovated. “All that torrential rain drained right through it. It’s flat and well-pebbled. Dogs are drinking from the ground-level fountain (so cute!) And they’re racing easily behind the benches, which are far from the fences and on concrete platforms they can’t dig under.”

See that? It’s a water fountain!

Boxer sent the following email to existing and new users of the run.

Surprise! Our dog run has quietly reopened, following our long-awaited renovations.

You and your pup are welcome back, any time starting right now, for exercise and air.

The contractor has a few remaining tasks to complete, including the installation of trash cans. So, remember to bring poop bags and be prepared to dispose of them in the Park trash cans outside the run, for now.

Remember, we are still in a pandemic:
– Follow social-distancing guidelines: 6 FEET APART
– Be courteous and give other people space, especially when entering and leaving
– Bring hand sanitizer. Do not touch your face, especially after touching the gate latches or water fountain
– Dogs are highly unlikely to carry or transmit COVID-19, but ask permission before petting others’ dogs
– Our grand reopening party will have to wait (stay tuned)

And a reminder of the usual rules:
– SCOOP your dog’s POOP
– Discourage excessive barking; it antagonizes nearby residents on 81st St.
– Temporarily remove your dog if it is involved in a fight, or if you cannot stop it from barking.
– The small dog run is for small dogs only. You’ll find it relocated to the northeastern corner. Please do not bring larger dogs into the small dog run. Small dogs are welcome in the main dog run if they are not intimidated by larger dogs.

See you (well, at least the upper portion of your face) at Bull Moose Dog Run…!

Don’t forget your mask and poop bags!

    1. Sarah says:

      Nice to see a little piece of good news.

    2. EB says:

      We’re all happy to be home! To keep the new renovation lovely for years to come, the BMDRCA would like to replenish the pebbles every two years, starting in 2022. Any generous dog lovers out there who could donate to help buy pebbles, contact BullMooseDogRun at gmail dot com. (Hey! All the new benches’, trees’, and fences’ naming rights are unclaimed!)

    3. Parker says:

      I’ve been reading about this renovation since moving to the UWS (about ten years ago). Really happy to see that it was completed! I always brought my students to see the pups, from a distance, on our field trips to AMNH. Lots of fond memories.

    4. Elizabeth says:

      It’s wonderful!

    5. Roberta says:


    6. Rhonda White says:

      The Dog Run is spacioud and beautiful with lots of benches and a dog water fountain. One dog owner commented that the pebbles get caught in the dog’s pads which actually was helpful to have been told. The next day our dog kept licking it’s paw and we had to remove a pebble. I guess you’ll have to check for that after each visit. They’re probably good for drainage.

    7. Dissident says:

      Just in time for the Dog Days of Summer!