Man Stabbed in Columbus Avenue Apartment

By Joy Bergmann

On Saturday evening around 8:55 pm, a 38-year-old man was stabbed in the upper chest while inside an apartment at 840 Columbus Avenue (101st Street), NYPD officials said.

The victim was transported to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital and is “not expected to die,” according to NYPD.

Police said the victim was “combative, uncooperative and unable to provide a description of his assailant,” but characterized the perpetrator as a stranger.  There have been no arrests; the investigation is ongoing.

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    1. Concerned Neighbor says:

      What is going on in that neighborhood? Does anyone have any information on the violent crime that is regularly occurring? It is in the same general area.

      • Mark says:

        Defund the police all the woke Libs say. Now everyone is up in arms and worried about the increase in violent crime throughout the city.

        Well, what did you think was going to happen? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what the outcome was going to be.

        Thank the anti-police communist in City Hall, after all, he got rid of the anti-crime unit. Happy now Libs?

        • Sarah says:

          That budget hasn’t even gone into effect yet. The criminals must be time-travellers!

        • Suzie E says:

          Oh, for God’s sake — the police have not yet been “defunded” in any way I’ve heard of. It’s a stupid word and I’m sorry it’s caught on. Police budgets need to be looked at and some of their war-surplus armaments seriously cutting back, but no sane adult thinks that crippling the police is a good idea.

          • Mark says:

            Nice try. Approximately 600 plainclothes police officers from the NYPD anti crime unit were reassigned in mid June.

            One of the areas they focused on were housing units where a higher degree of crime occurred. What’s on that stretch of the UWS between Amsterdam and Columbus? Bingo – housing units.

            And what’s worse is that the elderly, women, and small children who live in those housing units are a lot less safe because of taking the anti crime unit out of service.

            But sure, go ahead and stick your head in the sand and keep wondering why crime is on the rise.

            • ConcernedUWSider says:

              Mark, you are absolutely right. The dismantling of the ANTI-CRIME unit happened immediately.


              Anyone seriously wondering why there are increases in stabbings and shootings in public housing the last month otherwise knows as crime?

              No one believed it would make a difference? Only took one month.

            • Elaine Toth says:

              You are totally correct!
              Thanks to DeBlasio, Commrade Commie,
              Cuomo is also responsible for our safety!
              Both of them got to go!

            • UWS parent says:

              Woke liberals don’t care about defunding police because they don’t live in those areas.

          • Anthony says:

            Yes, they haven’t defunded. But it doesn’t matter.

            The crime spike is what happens when police do the minimums of the job. A cop won’t get in trouble for not being as proactive as they can be. They no longer do nuisance calls and don’t care about anything other than the worst crimes.

            There is now an atmosphere of hatred against cops, and the perception that they are not being as aggressive, which emboldens criminals. It promotes a sense of lawlessness and impunity, and you actually see it in the streets.

            Cops are engaging as minimally as possible. If you were a cop now, wouldn’t you be doing the same?

      • WeaGuy says:

        I don’t know if this incident is related, but there is gang conflict between the FD houses (104th area) and the Wise/DeHostos buildings (90th/93rd). Google it, the WSR has written about it in the past.

    2. Joshua says:

      This doesn’t mean it was a crime,it could’ve been an accident.

    3. HelenD says:

      I’m not sure about this area specifically, but I’m posting to ask if anyone knows what was happening in the high 70’s and/or low 80’s today around 1:30 pm. It sounds like it was near B’way. there have been fire engines, police cars and ambulances passing 72nd street for almost 20 minutes.

      • Joy Bergmann says:

        There was a fire at WEA and 74th Street. WSR will have the story up shortly.

    4. Jeff Baynon says:

      It’s going to get worse, no new police, everyone on the PD That can retire is and the city council won’t back the cops.
      If a criminal uses force they can’t anymore.

    5. 90sguy says:

      Combative and uncooperative. Sounds like the no snitching rules are in effect. It seems like every criminal has a green light from the cops to settle scores without fear of law right now.

    6. Mark Moore] says:

      Let’s see — those two guys stabbed to death in the NYCHA building on Amsterdam and 102; the kid killed at Columbus and 109; the other kid killed at Columbus and 104; the middle-aged guy two nights ago shot to death in the playground at Amsterdam and 101 I think; a couple of shootings where nobody was hurt around Columbus and 92 or 93rd. There was the fire on 7/4 at Columbus and 95th caused by fireworks where the police ignored the complaints for hours. Now this. It’s a banner year here on the UWS.

    7. Wendy says:

      Concerned Neighbor: That area has a large housing project, the Frederick Douglass Houses. Lots of gang activity there.

    8. UWSHebrew says:

      DeBlasio proudly quoted Karl Marx in a radio interview a few days ago. Keep that in mind the next time some regular posters on here defend DeBlasio.

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        Oh good lord. DeBlasio was disputing the substance of the quote from Marx. You’re against even reading Marx?

        And what if he did quote something approvingly? Horrors!!

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Yes, “horrors”. Communism is evil. Anyone who supports it approves of tens of millions of deaths.

        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          Ok, let me say this again in a different way: De Blasio was DISAGREEING with a point made by Marx.

          You’re free to have whatever political ideas you want, but you’re not allowed to just make stuff up.

          • Tyler says:

            As the immortal Karl Marx said,”The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs.”