Photos: Upper West Siders Commune with Turtles, Cats and Each Other

Edith Tyson has been out and about in the neighborhood lately, snapping pictures of Upper West Siders enjoying Central Park and other areas. Here are some she sent us.

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    1. Louise says:

      Wonderful! Thank you.

    2. Burtnor says:

      Thank you. Love the turtle guy!

    3. Kathleen says:

      The Turtle Whisperer! and I Love the cat carrier!! Great photos, thank you, Edith!

    4. moose says:

      too many turtles

    5. Great images, interesting and varied views of the UWS.

    6. joseph hanania says:

      I am amazed at the cat carrier photo. With my cat? Not a chance he would allow himself to be put in a carrier, let alone remain in it. And I also loved the turtles being fed photos.

    7. Fred Kepler says:

      Beautiful photos. Even behind the masks, I could sense the smiles!