More Than 100 UWS Restaurants That Are Open For Takeout and Delivery: A List

By Michael McDowell

The Upper West Side would hardly be a neighborhood without its restaurants. Aside from employing hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, diners, delis, hot dog stands, bodegas, juice bars, pubs, bistros, bakeries, and more, are not only cultural institutions, but gathering places that feed hungry New Yorkers, serve as second living rooms, keep us warm with soup—matzo ball, wonton, and beyond—and cheer us up when we’re down.

Without exception, the coronavirus pandemic has brought about a precipitous decline in business. Many have temporarily closed; others have dramatically shifted their business models.

The days of a leisurely meal out may be over—for now—but restaurants and those they employ need us more than ever before. These businesses, the heart and soul of the neighborhood, will be impossible to replace should they close. We hope that they—and their employees—weather this storm, so unlike any other the city has faced in recent memory.

Although many restaurants have temporarily closed, others are open, for takeout or delivery only.

The Rag has begun to assemble a list of kitchens which remain open. The list is far from comprehensive, and subject to change, but aims to provide Upper West Siders with a resource for ordering in when we’re all unable to go out.

The list below features restaurants which were open for takeout and/or delivery as of Sunday, March 22nd. It is the result of information from the Lincoln Square and Columbus Avenue Business Improvement Districts, as well as lengthy walks around the neighborhood. Please add any establishments we missed that you know to be open in the comments.

Hours vary and are subject to change; some restaurants have expanded their delivery area, while others are mostly serving customers within walking distance.

Gray’s Papaya.

Restaurants Open for Takeout and Delivery, in alphabetical order:

108 Food Dried Hot Pot: 2794 Broadway, (917) 675-6878

About Coffee: 445 Columbus Ave, (646) 882-0197

Absolute Bagel: 2788 Broadway, (212) 932-2052

Acosta Restaurant: 934 Amsterdam Ave (105-106) (212) 280-2130

Alan’s Marketplace: 27 Columbus Ave, (212) 265-5886

Amber: 103 W 70th Street, (212) 799-8122

Amity Hall: 982 Amsterdam Ave (108-109) (646) 930-2501

Andy’s Deli: 418 Columbus Ave, (973) 755-9338

Aangan: 2701 Broadway, (212) 280-4100

Angaar: 283 Columbus Ave, (212) 393-4040

Arco Cafe: 886 Amsterdam Ave (103-104) (212) 665-0033

Ashoka: 489 Columbus Ave, (212) 875-1400

Atlantic Grill: 49 W 64th Street, (212) 787-4663

Au Jus: 2621 Broadway (99), (917) 675-7612

Bagels & Co: 391 Amsterdam, (212) 496-9400

Barney Greengrass: 541 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 724-4707

Bella Luna: 574 Columbus Ave, (212) 877-2267

Benny’s Chao King: 906 Columbus Ave (104-105), (212) 864-3790

Bettola: 412 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 787-1660

Big Nick’s Pizza: 70 W 71st Street, (212) 799-4444

Beard Papa’s: 2167 Broadway, (212) 799-3770

Bluestone Lane: 417 Amsterdam Ave, (718) 374-6858

BonMi: 150 W 62nd Street, (646) 346-5142

Bodrum: 584 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 799-2806

Breads Bakery: 1890 Broadway, (212) 633-2253

Brodo: 2144 Broadway, (646) 858-1494

Buceo 95: 201 West 95th St, (212) 662-7010

Bustan: 487 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 595-5050

Cafe Eighty Two: 2282 Broadway, (212) 875-8373

Café Fiorello: 1900 Broadway, (212) 595-5330

Caleveras Cafe: 947 Columbus Ave (106-107), (646) 484-6533

The Calaveras NYC: 949 Columbus Ave (106-107), (646) 484-6533

Casa Mexicana: 894 Amsterdam Ave (103-104) (212) 222-3151

Carmine’s: 2450 Broadway, (212) 362-2200

Cesca: 164 W 75th Street, (212) 787-6300

Chirpin’ Chicken: 355 Amsterdam Avenue, (212) 787-6631

Cilantro: 485 Columbus Ave, (212) 712-9090

The Cottage Restaurant: 360 Amsterdam Ave., (212) 595-7450

Columbus Gourmet Food: 261 Columbus Ave, (212) 721-7800

Crepes on Columbus: 990 Columbus Ave (108-109) (212) 222-0259

Da Capo: 322 Columbus Ave, (646) 882-0197

Demitasse: 973 Columbus Ave (107th-108th), (646-861-2667)

Dig Inn: 100 W 67th Street, (212) 335-2107

Dive 106: 938 Amsterdam Ave (106-107) (917) 965-2840

Don Ramon: 949 Columbus Ave (106-107), (646) 484-6533

Edgar’s: 650 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 595-6261

El Malecon: 764 Amsterdam Ave (97-98), (212) 864-5648

El Mitote: 208 Columbus Ave, (212) 874-2929

Elea: 217 W 85th Street, (212) 369-9800

Ella Social: 249 Columbus Ave, (212) 579-9929

Emack & Bolio’s: 389 Amsterdam, (212) 362-2747

Francesco’s Pizzeria: 186 Columbus Ave, (212) 721-0066

Friedmans: 130 W 72nd Street, (646) 864-2289

Fred’s: 476 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 579-3076

Gennaro Restaurant: 665 Amsterdam ave, (212) 665-5348.

Giovanni’s Pizza: 1011 Columbus Ave (110), 212) 663-7000

Good Enough To Eat: 520 Columbus Ave, (212) 496-0163

Grain House: 929 Amsterdam Ave (105-106) (212) 665-0033

Gray’s Papaya: 2090 Broadway, (212) 799-0243

Guacamole: 768 Amsterdam Ave, (917) 265-8173

Han Dynasty: 215 W 85th Street, (212) 858-9060

Harvest Kitchen: 269 Columbus Ave, (646) 870-0810

Hi-Life Bar & Grill: 477 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 787-7199

Hudson & Charles: 555 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 799-1269

Jacob’s Pickles: 509 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 470-5566

Jerusalem Restaurant: 2715 Broadway, (212) 865-2295

Jin Ramen: 462 Amsterdam Ave, (646) 657-0755

Joe & the Juice: 247 Columbus Ave

Juice Generation: 117 W 72nd Street, (212) 531-1110

Juice Press: 239 Columbus Ave

Kee’s Chocolates: 228 Columbus Ave, (917) 965-2216

Kirsh Bakery: 551 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 951-1123

La Vera: 2547 Broadway (95-96 street), (212 866-6500)

Land Thai Kitchen: 450 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 501-8121

Lincoln Ristorante: 142 W 65th Street, (212) 359-6500

Lion’s Head Tavern: 995 Amsterdam Ave (109), (212)866-1030

Legend 72: 127 W 72nd Street, (917) 441-4793

Lenwich by Lenny’s: 302 Columbus Ave, (212) 580-8300

Made in New York Pizza: 421 Amsterdam Ave, (646) 484-6200

Magnolia Bakery: 200 Columbus Ave, (212) 724-8101

Makana: 161 W 106 Street, (212) 665-0033

Mama’s Pizzeria: 941 Amsterdam Ave (106), (212) 531-3797

Mama’s TOO!: 2750 Broadway, (212) 510-7256

Mekong: 917 Columbus Ave(105), (646) 678-3136

Melissa’s Gourmet Deli: 62 W 62nd Street, (212) 265-9393

Mighty Bowl: 321 Amsterdam Ave (646) 649-3196

Mille Feuille: 2175 Broadway, (212) 362-6261

Mokja: 852 Amsterdam Ave (101-102), (212) 665-0033

Momoya: 427 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 580-0007

Motorino: 510 Columbus (84th/85th), (917) 675-7581

The Muffins Shop Cafe: 222 Columbus Ave, (212) 875-1173

Murray’s Sturgeon: 2429 Broadway, (212) 724-2650

Nobody Told Me: 951 Amsterdam Ave (106-107), (917) 409-2050

Noche Mexican II: 842 Amsterdam Ave (101) (212) 662-6900

North Miznon: 161 W 72nd Street, (929) 388-4999

Oath Pizza: 2169 Broadway, (917) 388-2829

Ollie’s Noodle Shop: 2705 Broadway, (212) 932-3300

Ortomare: 994 Columbus Ave, (212)665-2970

Orwashers: 308 E 78th Street, (212) 288-6569

Pappardella: 316 Columbus Ave, (212) 595-7996

Park Deli: 102 W 79th Street, (212) 724-5425

Pasha: 70 W 71st Street, (212) 579-8751

Peacefood Cafe: 460 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 362-2266

Perfect Picnic, 405 Central Park West, (212) 228-2884

Pho Shop: 141 W 72nd Street, (646) 891-0086

Pie Pie Pizza: 924 Columbus Avenue (105-106), (212) 222-4022

Polpette: 71 W 71st Street, (212) 875-1512

Pomodoro: 229 Columbus Ave, (212) 721-3009

Panchos: 964 Amsterdam Ave, (107-108), (212) 316-5400

Raenu Thai: 844 Amsterdam Ave, (101-102), (212) 665-0033

Ranchito: 924 Amsterdam Ave (106-105th), (917) 675-7262

Red Farm: 2170 Broadway, (212) 724-9700

Roasted Masala: 914 Columbus Ave (104-105), (917) 388-3282

Rosa Mexicano: 61 Columbus Ave, (212) 977-7700

Santa Fe: 73 W 71st Street, (212) 724-0822

Sapphire Indian Cuisine: 2014 Broadway, (212) 245-4444

Saravanaa Bhavan: 413 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 721-7755

Senn Thai Comfort Food: 452 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 501-7755

Serafina: 2737 Broadway, (212) 301-0664

Seven Hills: 158 W 72nd Street, (212) 724-4700

Shake Shack: 366 Columbus Ave, (646) 747-8770

SheShe Pizza: 961 Columbus Ave, (107) (212) 222-7201

Shun Lee West: 43 W 65th Street, (212) 595-8895

Sido Falafel & More: 267 Columbus Ave, (212) 496-2803

Silver Moon Bakery: 2740 Broadway, (212) 866-4717

Thai Market, 960 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 280-4575

The Smith: 1900 Broadway, (212) 496-5700

Spice: 975 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 864-4168 OR (212) 864-4169

Suma Sushi: 964 Amsterdam Ave (107-108), (212) 222-0229

Swagat: 411 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 362-1400

TapNYC: 267 Columbus Ave, (917) 261-2094

Taqueria Y Fonda La Mexicana, 968 Amsterdam Ave (107-108), (212) 531-0383

Tarallucci e Vino: 475 Columbus Ave, (212) 362-5454

Tenzan: 285 Columbus Ave, (212) 580-7300

Thai 72: 128 W 72nd Street, (212) 496-6153

Tropical Sensation: 953 Amsterdam Ave (106-105th), (212) 222-0098

Uno Pizzeria & Grill: 432 Columbus Ave, (212) 595-4700

Van Leeuwen: 253 Columbus Ave, (646) 368-9195

Viand: 517 Columbus Ave, (212) 362-3333, and 2130 Broadway, (212) 877-2888

Vive la Crêpe: 189 Columbus Ave, (855) 273-7369

Westside Restaurant: 2020 Broadway, (212) 724-4000

Wok City: 153 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 496-9714

Zabar’s: 2245 Broadway, (212) 787-2000

Zanny’s Cafe: 975 Columbus Ave(108), (212) 316-6849

Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish: 273 Columbus Ave, (212) 874-2800

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you for sharing this info!

    2. Jeff says:

      I’m pretty sure Maison Pickle and Lucky Pickle Dumpling Company are also still open, but Tiki Chick is closed for the time being.

    3. Jem says:

      Arte on 73rd St ?

    4. dc says:

      Ordered from the Ribbon a couple days ago

    5. MJ says:

      You list VIAND on Columbus Ave., but not the original VIAND, 2130 Broadway, across the street from Fairway. 212 877-2888.

    6. lynn says:

      Thank you, this is very much appreciated!

    7. elle says:

      Don’t forget Gennaro,truly a neighbourhood gem!

    8. ben says:

      Great list! THANK YOU for your work!

    9. ben says:

      Actually would be great if someone (I don’t mind doing it) created a custom Google maps to go with the list. Makes it easier to see what’s where and who’s close by.

    10. Jeff says:

      Please add Talia’s Kosher Steakhouse to your list, Amsterdam Ave @ W. 93rd Street. Especially as Passover nears, this is a great option for catering and delivery.

    11. D-Rex says:

      Also remaining open for pickup and delivery, both are great people and great food!

      Lucciola – 621 Amsterdam (Btwn. 90th and 91st)
      25% discount on takeout

      Casa Mexicana – 894 Amsterdam (Btwn. 103rd and 104th)

    12. Toni Nash says:

      also Buceo 95, 201 West 95 St 212 662 7010

    13. Sean says:

      Chirping chicken and Viand on Broadway are also open

    14. elle says:

      Don’t forget Gennaro truly a neighbourhood gem! Also Mani Market,fantastic prepared foods.

    15. Joan McCoy says:

      Wok City is not answering its phone. There is a closed sign on the door.j

    16. Karen says:

      Jerusalem Restaurant: 2715 Broadway, (212)865-2295

      Manhattan Valley: 2636 Broadway, (212)222-9227

    17. tailfins says:

      Noche Mexicana: 842 Amsterdam Ave (at 101st St), (212) 662-6900

    18. dk says:

      Also Fumo on Broadway and 108th is open for good pasta and pizza

    19. Updated Restaurant info says:

      Andy’s deli on Columbus Avenue at 80th St. is closed.

      Coppola’s West Italian restaurant on W. 79th St. at Amsterdam Avenue is open +1 (212) 877-3840.

      Emack & Bolio ice cream on Amsterdam Avenue between 78th St. and 79th St. is open +1 (212) 362-2747.

    20. Update: UWS IS OPEN says:

      Deli W. 79Th St. At Columbus Avenue is open and delivering. (212) 724-5425

    21. yoyomama says:

      For people who don’t have a coffee maker and who stink at making instant…Any Starbucks open on the UWS?

      CLOSED B’way/75
      CLOSED Columbus/73rd.

    22. Brad’s Burgers is still open.

    23. Angela says:

      Maison pickle, five napkin burger, Levain cookies!

    24. Stacey says:

      La Mirabelle Restaurant (102 West 86th street) is offering takeout & delivery as well

    25. Karina says:

      Famous Original Rays Pizza on 83rd and Columbus is still open.

    26. Laura says:

      Tartina on Amsterdam and 111tj St! Great Italian!!

    27. Quincey says:

      Lion’s Head Tavern on 109th and Amsterdam is delivering from noon to midnight every day!

    28. Jay says:

      Motorino and H&H bagels are open.

    29. Kiki says:

      Han Dynasty is doing both delivery and takeaway.

    30. Cato says:

      We had dinner from Kefi last night (Sunday). I hope they can continue to be open.

    31. NY Post article updates this. Some couldn’t cut it financially. And probably others won’t either. Not easy.

    32. AS says:

      Thank you! Also, Amorino,the gelato shop on Amsterdam between 79th and 80th is open.

    33. Molly says:

      I want to know how these restaurants are verifying the health of their workers. Gloves? Masks? Temperature taking? I feel more secure cooking my own food at this point.

      • Kevin says:

        Agreed 100%. Plus, unless you are receiving the delivery with gloves on, tossing the outer bag immediately outside your door, then wiping every carton and container with a bleach sponge…why take the risk?

        Just got word someone in my building is positive. They won’t tell us where (couldn’t care less about “who”) – would be nice to know if it’s someone on my floor so I would be super super vigilant. This is so scary…

    34. Kyryk says:

      Don’t forget Gennaro!

    35. The list is missing:

      Piccolo Cafe 313 Amsterdam Ave (212) 873-0962

      Lucciola 621 Amsterdam Ave 347-536-1335

    36. dpUWS says:

      Sido was still open as of a couple days ago..

    37. Abby says:

      Please don’t forget tiny renaeu thai in Amsterdam and 100th. Best Thai gem in the area that no one knows about! Doing takeout.

    38. Rodger Lodger says:

      Little Italy Pizza
      212) 362-8822

    39. MS says:

      You’re missing ORTOMARE on 109th/Columbus.

    40. janis says:

      Last I checked with the manager, Copollas’s West, a big favorite for great food at excellent prices, on W. 79th is still open.

    41. Alice says:

      Milk Bar is open on 87 and Columbus.

    42. Laura says:

      You should have: Modern Bread and Bagel, Arba, and Tonic and Thyme/Spring. All on Columbus Avenue between W 83 and W 82nd.

    43. Mimi Lox says:

      Arte Cafe delivers. Just ordered and had the food delivered.

    44. Bobbi says:

      Cibo e Vino, 2418 Broadway is also doing takeout and delivery.

    45. Jcleary says:

      What about Asset/Tessa?

    46. Nelson says:

      Thank you! Providing this updated info is immensely helpful and appreciated.

    47. Nim says:

      Cafe 82 on Broadway (at 82nd str)

    48. Nelson says:

      Texas Rotisserie!

    49. Alison says:

      Effy’s Cafe on 104 west 96 st is also open

    50. John says:

      II, trattoria gusto inspires 90th and Columbus is also open for delivery. Great food.

    51. V Sobol says:

      Don’t forgot Salumeria Rosi!

    52. SueL says:

      Trattoria iL Gusto on Columbus and 90th is doing delivery in walking distance or pick up.

    53. Lenore says:

      Cafe 82 was open yesterday.

    54. Cris says:

      About coffee closed and did not reopen on Sunday which was a bummer 🙁

    55. Cristie says:

      Kefi on 79 between Amsterdam and broadway is open and missing from this list

    56. Noel Holland says:

      Not by any means a complete list, which should have included (among probably many others) the Cottage (Amst. Av./77th St.), Chipotle (83rd/Bway.), and Hunan Park (95th St./Columbus Av.).

    57. Krystie says:

      Blondie’s is still open and doing takeout! And they’re open LATE (11pm I think)! They were already hurting as of a few weeks ago with March madness and other sports being cancelled.

      Let’s get our WING on now so this neighborhood stalwart can reopen! Plus, the staff are total sweethearts who are pretty much all young without health insurance or other income :(.

      212 W. 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam: 212-362-3311

    58. Gretchen says:

      Paris Baguette at 2039 Broadway, btw 70-71st St. is also open for great pastries, sandwiches, and coffee/espresso! Yay!

    59. DJ Cunningham says:

      Salumeria de Rosi? I believe is also open.

    60. Grace Goodman says:

      The Cottage on 77th & Amsterdam was delivering as of Sunday; I hope that will continue!

      Also, what about Chirping Chicken?

    61. Paulette says:

      Luscious on 90 and Amsterdam.Please include it. It is wonderful.

    62. Alice Z says:

      Great list. Cross streets would be a terrific addition.
      Is it possible to email?
      Thank you!

    63. Estelle Kraushar says:

      Wok CIty had a sign that it was closed when we went there on Friday (after no one answered the phone)

    64. Christine E says:

      Bodgea 88: open for takeout and delivery (including drinks), 573 Columbus Ave near 88th St., 212-799-1602.

    65. Jo Ann says:

      West Side Rag – this list is a great service to the community. Would you send out regualar updates to the list as more open restaurants are brought to your attention?

    66. Kate says:

      The Milling Room is now delivering on Seamless and they have cool meal kits (with optional wine) for two to assemble at home! We love this restaurant, and we tried this last night. Very yummy!

    67. Susan Kagan says:

      Why isn’t Flor de Mayo on your list?

    68. Ashlee says:

      Mido 612 Amsterdam

    69. BillyNYC says:

      Shake Shack is open from 11 AM – 10pm at 366 Columbus Ave./77 Street
      No indoor dining… delivery or pick up only.
      You must order online, download their app.
      They will tell you the time your order will be ready for picked up, no waiting.

    70. John says:

      Hungarian Pastry shop is open Tuesday thru Sunday.

      V&T Restaurant is open everyday from 11:30am to 11pm.

    71. Susan says:

      The kitchen at Greek Kitchen (889 Tenth Avenue, btwn 57th & 58th) is also open for takeout/delivery (at least as of Friday, 3/20).

    72. Martha says:

      Arco Cafe on Amsterdam between 103rd and 104th.
      Broadway Pizza and Restaurant on Broadway between 103rd and 104th.

    73. Amy D says:

      Box Kite Coffee at 128 W. 72 is open 8am-3pm every day. Truly fantastic coffee to go.

    74. Andrew says:

      Two Wheels on Amsterdam is open for takeout, not sure about delivery. Picked up there tonight – was terrific.

    75. Ben says:

      107 West is open, still serving delicious fried chicken, etc.

    76. Josh says:

      Someone mentioned already, but I’ll second: Manhattan Valley (formerly Indus Valley) on 100th and B’way.

      And no one has mentioned Lokal on 82nd and Columbus. Just picked up dinner there tonight.

      WSR: Thank you for this excellent resource/list, but please update it with these and the other ones mentioned in comments!

    77. chris woo says:

      FYI-got this fm a PR firm trying to kick off a social media campaign to help:
      join a social media campaign that encourages New Yorkers (and beyond) to order takeout/delivery from local restaurants by using a fun + interactive Instagram template.

      Inspired by the #TakeOutChicago Challenge started by h2pr, we are bringing this initiative to the East Coast and spearheading a #TakeOutNYC Challenge.

      Overview/How It Works:
      • Intended to help support our restaurants, bars, hospitality workers, etc., #TakeOutNYC will raise awareness about take-out + delivery options still available in the city, while encouraging new friends to join along.
      • You choose what restaurant you want to order from. If you want, share this post explaining the challenge on your Instagram story. Then, fill out this graphic as a follow up story. When you post, please make sure you tag all active Instagrammers. Example below:
      o I Supported: @katzsdeli
      o Neighborhood: LES [use location tag]
      o What I Got: Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich
      o I Challenge: @alyce_elle [using my handle as an example, but insert a friend’s Instagram handle, OR multiple friends here]
      • We encourage you use the hashtag #TakeOutNYC somewhere in your story. Completely optional, but if you tag @bullfrogandbaum in the story, we’ll share it on our Instagram stories, too.
      • Note: if you’re not in NYC—no problem. If you order from a local restaurant where you currently are, and share/modify the graphic for your city, that’s great. As long as it accomplishes the goal of ordering from a restaurant offering delivery/take-out + spreading awareness, it’s a win.

    78. EM says:

      Regional on Broadway between 98-98

    79. JoeShmo says:

      El Mitote/Ella Social is closed.


    80. Marti says:

      Great and helpful starter list, so thank you! Someone noted “wonderful” Luscious on Amst/90th but pretty sure she meant Lucciola. I agree that this and their sister restaurant Piccolo (Amst/74th-75th) serve great authentic Italian food. But pls consider calling restaurants directly and doing take-out vs always using a delivery app, since a restaurant owner told me that the delivery apps charge so many fees that the restaurant ends up with only $20 on a $100 delivery order. Therefore, our beloved local restaurants have to generate even more buainess to try to stay afloat during these challenging tines.

    81. Deb Brown says:

      Le Mirabelle on 86th and Broadway, open for takeout and delivery

    82. Alyssa says:

      Kirsh Bakery has closed according to a sign on the door this morning. They set up a GoFundMe under Kirsh Bakery and Kitchen

    83. Nancy says:

      The Calaveras, great Mexican, 949 Columbus @ 107th.
      Grain House (Szechuan), Amsterdam and 106.
      Living Thai, Amsterdam and 106.

      Let’s help them stay in business!

    84. Hugh Van Dusen says:

      You should list Cassis, 70th and Columsbu, which dious delicious takeout

    85. PaulCons says:

      Being open is a good first step, but the essential question (to me at least) which ones can take a phone order for delivery and pay via credit card AND include the delivery person’s much needed tip. THAT is what I think they refer to as “contactless delivery,” it makes zero sense to engage in a money changing 2-3 minutes with the deliverer. Also makes delivering much more efficient.

    86. UWSAssistant says:

      Indian Tanpura on Amsterdam/87th is open. They have the sweetest staff and are constantly cleaning their entry way for takeaway.

      Bardolino 2 should also be noted on Amsterdam/84th.

    87. Susan says:

      Great news! This is so needed.

    88. Doug Pirnie says:

      Please add:

      Chirpin’ Chicken: 355 Amsterdam Avenue

      The Cottage Restaurant: 360 Amsterdam Ave.

    89. Karindnyc says:

      Grill 212 and Saba’s Pizza are open as is 5 Napkin Burger ($5 frozen drinks to go!)

    90. Alyssa says:

      MOTORINO at 510 Columbus (between 84th/85th) is open for delivery and takeout.

    91. anne newman says:

      what about gazelle’s?

    92. Jennifer says:

      Raenu Continental Thai Restaurant on Amsterdam and 101st Street is doing delivery.

    93. DGLUWS says:

      107West is still open.

    94. Buceo 95
      201 West 95th St
      Is open for takeout and delivery
      5PM-9PM every evening

    95. Peter says:

      Thank you West Side Rag and all of you supporting local businesses! Many small restaurants are trying to stay open to serve neighbors and pay their workers. There is a list of restaurants north of 96 St. at
      It will be updated tomorrow

      • realist says:

        Let’s be realistic. These restaurants are not staying open for the primary purpose of serving their neighbors and paying their employees. They’re open to do business and pay their bills just as before the virus hit. The neighbors and employees are just cogs that make the process work.

        • John Di Bartolo says:

          I feel bad for someone who feels the need to post this. Do you think maybe it’s possible restaurants want to both pay the bills AND serve others?

    96. Olivier says:

      You forgot Amélie: 566 Amsterdam avenue

    97. Gregory Deligdisch says:

      The Halal Guys on Amsterdam and 95th is open everyday for takeout and delivery. Their food carts were the only food service establishment open during Samdy!

    98. Merrick Dean says:

      Also Au Jus ( Broadway @ w. 99th ) 917 675-7612 Oklahoma BBQ
      and La Vera – Pizza and loads of Italian done well – 212 866-6500 , 2547 Broadway ( between 95th and 96 street )

    99. David Persz says:

      Maison Pickle is also open 4-10pm on all delivery platforms.

    100. Good afternoon all,

      We are Uptown Poke on 506 Amsterdam Ave

      We serve healthy Hawaiian/Japanese style poke bowls and salads. We are still open for delivery and take out as well!

    101. pierluigi says:

      we are open for delivery and pick up from 5.00 pm to 9.30 pm
      pick up 15% discount
      every day
      if you can include us on the list it will be great
      thank you very much
      best regards
      Fumo restaurant
      italian restaurant
      2791 Broadway
      btw 107 and 108

    102. UWS40 says:

      Will this list be updated?

    103. UWS40 says:

      Utopia Diner opens at 11am.

    104. Laurie says:

      Thank you!
      Does anyone know if they are using masks and gloves when prepping the food?

    105. Steven says:

      Matsu Sushi on Columbus ave is also open with takeout & delivery

    106. Larry Good says:

      Please add Toast at 3157 Broadway 212-662-1144
      And the heights at 2867 Broadway 212-866-7035
      Thank you

    107. Andrew says:

      West side wok

    108. John Di Bartolo says:

      We ordered from Vinateria last night. Still open and yummy as ever.