Restaurant Updates: Cipriani Food Market, City Slickers Diner, Boucherie

Renderings of the upcoming Cipriani Market.

The new Cipriani Food Market inside the development on Riverside Boulevard between 59th and 61st Street will have “a retail selection of food products, an area with produce stands, multiple specialty counters including a coffee bar, a gelato and pastry shop, and a pizza bar,” a publicity rep told us today. There will also be a restaurant open seven days a week. Residents of the buildings in the development, known as Waterline Square, will have special entrances to the food market and options for catering packages.

The Bareburger that closed at 795 Columbus Avenue is apparently part of a dispute between the restaurant chain and a franchisee, according to the Observer. “The owner of five Bareburger locations around Manhattan, currently in a bitter dispute with Bareburger over claims the company tanked his business on purpose to take it over, filed for bankruptcy on his fourth location—months after filing for three others, court documents indicate.” There’s still limited info about its replacement, City Slickers Diner, though the restaurant did hold job interviews for positions a few days ago. Thanks to Jayson for the photo.

The Boucherie restaurant replacing Ed’s Chowder House at 44 West 63rd Street is hoping to open in June, representatives said at a recent liquor license meeting. It will be open from 7am – 2am, serving breakfast too. And the basic setup will be very similar to Ed’s. We first covered it here.

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    1. Billy Amato says:

      Cipriani is a very classy event operation. I have dealt with them in the past at many of their locations in Manhattan. A great vendor for large events without the hassle.

    2. Rob Rosen says:

      Bareburger was a disaster from day one and I for one am glad a real restsurant is going there. Bb touted itself as organic but from the recent vlass action lawsuit I saw filed it would appear it was a scam from day one.

    3. Bareburger was strange. I ordered a hamburger and the waitress went to the kitchen and came back and said…we do not have any ham…would I like a beefburger. No joke.

    4. Carnival Canticle says:

      So the residents of Waterline Square (which is only by a stretch of the imagination part of the Upper West Side)will have a special entrance to the new Cipriani food hall. Does that mean the rest of us have to enter through the poor door?

    5. wombatNYC says:

      Waterline Square . It’s like living in mall.
      No Thanks !

    6. ian says:

      The Cipriani looks nice, but I wonder how many people will even find themselves in that neighborhood. It is very much out of the way and isn’t really part of the UWS. It would have to be a real ‘destination’ type restaurant for anyone to go there aside from residents of those buildings.

      • Billy Amato says:

        You would be surprise of restaurant goers that shows up from other neighborhoods of Manhattan and out-of-towners with such a name as Cipriani.
        No worries about their neighborhood that will keep them in business on the off days that’s for sure because there’s nothing going on in that area “just yet”. Cipriani has an attraction of people and corporate following. And may I might add…a great salesforce.

    7. Chuck D says:

      Has anyone ever eaten one of the rubber chicken dinners at Cipriani and thought “Man, that was the best meal I’ve ever had!” How about eating at the GC Cipriani, which you usually do only because it’s a job interview and you want to catch the train home. Anyone ever thought “Whoa, I would’ve paid double for that dry, tasteless pasta!”

      No. No they haven’t. No one. Not ever.

      You eat at Cipriani because your boss ordered you to go there.