Openings & Closings: City Slickers Diner, Miznon, Popeye’s, Amour de Hair, Class Salon

A sign for something called City Slickers Diner was raised in the window of Bareburger at 795 Columbus Avenue (98th), a tipster tells us. “Yesterday, March 19th, I noticed the Bareburger across from Whole Foods on Columbus Avenue, about West 98th, had a sign up saying closed this evening. There were people inside, looked as if they were having an internal meeting, but what really caught my eye was the signage change.” No one at the restaurant has been picking up the phone and we didn’t hear back yet from a press person (the old press contact now bounces back emails as undeliverable). The only listing for a City Slickers Diner we could find is a closed restaurant in Chester, VT. We’ll update this if we learn more.

Miznon, a new restaurant at 161 West 72nd Street serving Mediterranean street food, opens at 5 p.m. on Wednesday after an opening celebration on Tuesday night. It replaces Aroma Espresso Bar. It serves a wide variety of items both “in-a-pita’ (including a folded cheeseburger in a pita) and “out-of-the-pita”. There are even sweets like a “trail of hot banana.”  The menu is here. Going forward, the restaurant plans to open at 11 a.m.

Popeye’s has put up its storefront at 2534 Broadway between 94th & 95th streets, indicating that we’ll finally get our fried chicken after decades without a Popeye’s in the neighborhood.

Amour de Hair has closed its location at 2350 Broadway (85th-86th), and is directing people to its East Side location. Thanks to Lauren and Karin for the tips.

A new salon called Class is open at 282 Columbus between 73rd and 74th Streets, where Bestall shirts used to be. Thanks to David for the tip.

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    1. AC57 says:

      And just like that, the neighborhood just got a whole lot better, as Popeye’s has blessed us with their presence.

    2. uws says:

      City Slicker diner and the details surrounding it would seem to be a movie/tv set, not a new restaurant

    3. UWS Zaddy says:


    4. jerry says:

      The firm has been sold. This is not the pretty good Popeyes of the days of yore.

      • RK says:

        Popeye’s, a franchise business, was sold from one fast food conglomerate to another. The purchaser is a holding corp which also holds Burger King and Tim Hortons.

        Burger King has been sold several times as well, did you notice a change in its food?

        No reason why changing holding companies should impact the food, just who gets the dividends.

        But thanks for the Debbie Downer moment 🙂

        • EricaC says:

          The thing is, I just had some Popeyes, and I don’t know whether it was a bad franchise or my memories are off, but I really did not think it was nearly as good. I remember nice tasty biscuits with plenty of greasy faux butter, and chicken with a pretty flavorful crust. Neither was the case here. Which is probably a good thing for me . . . . .

    5. chuck D says:

      Bareburger had 2 problems:

      The “healthy” alternatives to soda are disgusting..
      They showed cartoons on the TVs all the time.

      I’m not sure what demographic they were targeting. Parents who give their kids “healthy” sodas don’t let their kids watch TV.

    6. Mark Moore says:

      We could use a diner there to replace the one that used to be on the corner where Whole Foods is now.

    7. Manhattacajun says:

      I’m very excited about Popeye’s. I love that chicken.


      As a dog owner in the neighborhood, the (surely) forthcoming piles of discarded bones are going to be a dangerous threat for our four-legged friends.

      I’ll guess I’ll take the East side for biscuits while pooch will have to stick to the West. And no, that’s not baseless: I work near the W14 shop and there’s more mounds of bird bones there than at the Perdue WonderFactory.

    8. Mark B says:

      Popeye’s has been a secret guilty pleasure… I’ve been known to train to Harlem or Queens for a periodic fix… so I’m very excited about their arrival! 🙂

    9. West Sider says:

      Thanks, fixed.

    10. Madea says:

      Popeye’s halleluyerr! It’s been a fried chicken desert ever since KFC closed.

    11. ML says:

      I like Popeye’s, I hope they have the same $5 box deals as their locations on West 125th street and East 116 street. I think their fried chicken is better than KFC.

    12. BillyNYC/W. 80th St. says:

      Popeyes ? There goes the neighborhood… soon it will be looking like mid-town with all that junk food stores and the kind of people it attracts ie: Trump style. This is why I like going to Block Island from April through November. Junk food stores are not permited on the island…you’ll never see a McDonald’s/Burger King/Popeyes or whatever jack fast foods stores. Only real Home Made gourmet food.

    13. I Said It says:

      People who eat at Popeyes are more likely to throw their trash and food on the streets. Wait for it….

    14. Dorian says:

      Popeye’s. In my neighborhood. I can go on. Life is good.

    15. chris woo says:

      yaay for popeye’s! i can jog there from my place and work off a fraction of what i’ll be consuming. and (v) their dirty rice.

    16. UWS says:

      Miznon didnt start off on a good note, throwing a loud party before opening day– loud music, noise and smoking on the outdoor patio, which disturbed neighbors well past 10pm. They also open and slam the door to the dumpster every five minutes as trash is brought out. Police and 311 have not been helpful and the restaurant is not open to feedback.

    17. Andrew says:

      Avast, gently priced mac&cheese soon in port. Blow me down, Popeye, and next to moor, please, a Taco Bell and Dairy Queen!

    18. Melissa says:

      What’s the phone number to this hair salon?

      Since this a new salon and it is hard to find on the internet?