Popeye’s Is Opening Its First UWS Location in Decades

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen is opening at 2534 Broadway between 94th & 95th streets, formerly occupied by Longgrain and before that Lemongrass. This is the first local outpost for the chain of fried chicken restaurants in decades (there once was one on 72nd Street in the 80’s and 90’s, readers point out).

Check out the menu here.

Thanks To Celeste and Thomas for the tips.

We’ve updated the headline and article to note that Popeye’s once had a restaurant here.

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    1. patrick says:


    2. Gabin Rubin says:

      Technically, I do not believe this to be true. As a UWS lifer, I recall a Popeye’s on 72nd Street where Citibank is now. It had previously been a Long John Silver’s and across the street was a KFC.

      • geoff says:

        i defer to a lifer. but i remember when CitiBank used to be across the street on the northeast corner.

        so, are you referring to that location, or the present one which is the original home of a Horn & Hardart (stand across the street, see through the CitiBank paraphernalia, and enjoy that old building)?

        • Gabin B Rubin says:

          You are correct, the Citibank was on the NE corner years ago. I am referring to the current Citibank location. I believe it was next to the pub (now vacant). I also remember Twin Donut around the corners and Webers. I even remember when there was a T-shirt shop where you would pick out iron decals to be put on whatever color short you wanted. I went with The Wings, Queen and the Bionic Woman.

          • W Falk says:

            BTW, I saw on the Internet that Popeyes is the number 1 franchise Chicken Restaurant in the US and guess what KFC is on the bottom of the list as number 10. I love Popeyes!!

      • Bill Williams says:

        You are 100% correct! Popeyes was on 72nd. I’m a lifer as well and grew up on 67th. Used to hit the Popeyes frequently.

        • W Falk says:

          I have lived in the neighborhood more than 50 years and I remember a Chicken Store on West 72 Street where Citi Bank is now. But I do not think it was Popeyes. I think it was Bojangles or some other name, but not Popeyes. I could be wrong, but I think I am correct. Does anyone really really remember?

      • Steve says:

        Correct! I remember it too!!!

      • Vivian says:

        there was a kfc and an arthur treachers fish and chips across the street. Never a Popeye’s. At least not in the 50 years I’ve been around.

        • W Falk says:

          You are correct…..There was a Chicken Restaurant next to the now closed Pub on the south side of 72nd Street, a few steps from Gray’s Papaya hot dogs but it was NOT Popeyes.

      • Carol Barnett says:

        Yes I was just thinking that. It was run terribly slow but it sure was good

      • Nelson says:

        You’re correct! Popeyes was on 72/Amsterdram in the 80s…and that was probably the last time I ate fast food fried chicken (though I remember it fondly). What I really miss is “Al Buon Gusto!”

      • Bill Williams says:

        Anyone remember the crepe place with the Bretton French on 66th and Bway

    3. wombatNYC says:

      Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood ! – YES !

    4. DP says:

      Gross. (I still miss Lemongrass.)

    5. AC57 says:

      About damn time

    6. Mark Moore says:

      Not a fan of Popeye’s but less a fan of empty storefronts.

    7. ron shapley says:

      Surely you know of Popeyes at 125/St. Nick and 125/Madison…

    8. shemp says:

      will fit right in with the shelters that are in the hood

    9. Javier says:

      They make a mean bird. And their mash potatoes with gravy can’t be matched. Can’t wait.

    10. Clay says:

      All I want is a Taco Bell in UWS. Can we get a petition going?

    11. Andy says:

      It used to be at 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus. I vividly remember going to Dallas BBQ in the 80s and throwing a tantrum at my parents and insisting I would only eat chicken from Popeyes.

    12. Qban Celli says:

      Half cooked chicken.

      I’ll pass!

    13. Carlos says:

      Great news. An affordable, family friendly dining option. Obviously not the healthiest option out there but it works for me and my kids to go to occasionally.

      And much better than an empty storefront. I bet the construction workers building the new building across the street will be excited!

    14. Jessica says:

      This is not the first Popeyes in the UWS. there was one on the south side of W 72 Street Between Broadway and Columbus many years ago

    15. Scott says:

      I notice the retail virtue signalers don’t have much to say about this.

    16. Norman Sherman says:

      Not entirely true. There was a Popeye’s on 72nd between Broadway and Columbus in the 1980’s. I was saddened when it closed.

    17. DR says:

      Not the first. There was one on W 72 (in the ’70s or ’80s)

    18. RWC says:

      I’m sure it’ll be packed all the time .
      This is exciting unhealthy fattening news .

    19. Nina Duchaine says:

      The worst of all fast food restaurants…the menu is all fried food. I am sure it will be packed with those who cannot afford to eat at fast food restaurants.

    20. Amazing says:

      !! SO excited.

    21. nicole B says:

      We might as well just move to the suburbs – land of chain restaurants and mini malls with this,the Dunkin chain stores and big box stores. Fast food does not enhance the neighborhood.

    22. Designaddict10023 says:

      I didn’t need to know this AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can literally HEAR myself getting fatter here

    23. Sara says:


    24. Jason says:

      Love that Chicken at Popeye’s!! Yes!

    25. Gretchen says:

      Best news ever!!!

    26. pj says:

      There’s a Popeye’s in Harlem and one in Chelsea.

    27. RC says:

      Not the healthiest option but I’ll take it. Broadway between 72nd St and 96th St have become utterly devoid of quick casual eateries and it’s insane! Here’s hoping that this Popeye’s will break the drought.

    28. Diana M. says:

      To all who love Popeye’s Onion Rings, which are missing in the entire Northeast, please go to the menu and Contact window on it, and DEMAND that these be offered in NYC.

    29. Barbara Buoncristiano says:

      There is a Popeye on West 125 Street!

    30. Nadine says:

      There goes the neighborhood. I love their biscuits, but this is absurd. Might as well kill the whole UWS instead of watching it die at moderately paced death.

    31. Robbie says:

      Finally! An alternative to Jacob’s Pickles!!


    32. Jane says:

      Years ago, there was a Popeye’s on W. 72nd St! Sometime around the late 1980s/early 1990s.

    33. B flat says:

      Yay no schlepping to 23rd street! Glad it’ll be back on the uws.

    34. Tim says:

      Aaaand the 90s continue to hold their claim as armpit of the Upper West Side. So glad after living through years of construction Hell due to 212 West 95th, we are rewarded with a garbage eatery. Love the UWS!!

    35. Leon says:

      Next I want an Arby’s, which has gradually been returning to Manhattan. And a Dairy Queen. And a Chick-fil-a. I think I put on 5 pounds just typing this…

    36. adam says:

      what happened to Donahue’s on 72nd street?

    37. Richard says:

      Yay! Could never understand why there are so few Popeye’s on the UWS. We love fried chicken as much as anyone.

    38. jimbo says:

      Anyone remember Chicken Delight on 67 & Amst.?

    39. Bruce Rutherford says:

      Update: Hold your horses on the Popeye’s opening. “Olive Oil” has joined the #metoo and retained Gloria Allred, who’s seeking an injunction on the restaurant’s opening until the civil suit can be adjudicated; the suit alleges that among the years of serial grouping she was forced to endure from Popeye, he would subject her to daily lewd and lascivious comments that entailed atypical spinach placements.

    40. Joe says:

      I’m very sad to see a space that could be occupied by a real restaurant get filled with fast food instead.