Coyote Spotted in Central Park; What to Do if You See One

A coyote was climbing around in Central Park over the weekend, according to a woman who snapped a shot of the animal while she was on a nature walk near Belvedere Castle. Deborah Allen posted the photo on Twitter.

Allen told Gothamist she was on a guided walk around 11 a.m. on Sunday when she saw it.

“When I realized it was a coyote,” she said, “I immediately took some photos. The coyote climbed up the rock below Belvedere Castle (Vista Rock) and disappeared from view. We weren’t able to see the coyote from Shakespeare Garden… [it] was inside the fenced construction area surrounding the castle. I think the reason the coyote appeared on the rock was that a couple of boys with fishing rods were inside the fenced area.”

There have been no reported sightings since then.

The parks department reminded people to stay away from any coyotes they see and call 311 (unless it’s an emergency when they should call 911.

We also received a report of a coyote sighting earlier this month in Riverside Park.

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    1. Seen it - done it says:

      Nothing new and very common this time of year. Coyotes have been seen in Central Park for years. Just keep your dogs away from them. They’re hungry and it’s meeting time…We had a coyote with her pups living underneath the Delacorte theater back about 10 years ago around the same time of year. No worries, Animal control it’s on the case.

      • Ye Olde Englishe Teachere says:

        Re: “They’re hungry and it’s meeting time….”

        Ummm…MATING time?

        Of course, many people at out-of-town meetings DO spend their evenings (after the bar-scene) “mating”.

        • Siri says:

          Yes, “MATING” It wasn’t really my spelling…it was Siri and me submitting it too fast not checking ”spell check“ Gee… I have to do everything…still!!!

      • UWS_lifer says:

        This is absolutely correct.

        It is tax season and many of these coyotes have to come into Manhattan to meet with their accountants and/or business managers. This happens every year.:)

    2. uwsider says:

      At least he does not have an appetite for Madarin Duck!

    3. Gerald cantor says:

      Thank you

    4. ST says:

      I’s be concerned that it contracts the distemper that killed all the raccoons. Distemper in raccoons is in Chicago now. Seems to be spreading. Watch your dogs.

    5. Cool. Good advice, too. Protect kids and pets, be big and noisy, insist, be the alpha. They know there’s plenty of small game in the Parks, it’s why they’re here. They’re loners and don’t travel in packs.

    6. Charlie says:

      I saw that coyote in a coffee shop. He was staring a hole in his scrambled eggs.

    7. Kat French says:

      A coyote might help reduce the rat population in Central Park. Not a surprise he lives where he does; the Ramble has a ton of places for a coyote to hide, and there is a lot of eating and picnicing around the Delacorte and Turtle Pond.

    8. Evan Bando says:

      If you see the coyote, drop an anvil on its head, go BLEEP BLEEP, and run away.

    9. Patricia says:

      Last spotted carrying a box marked ACME

    10. Mike says:

      I saw a coyote in Central Park once. Maybe 8 years ago or so. Didn’t think to report it. Don’t think they’re really much of a threat. They’re not wolves or anything.