Tipster Spots Coyote in Riverside Park

This is not the coyote in question. It’s a photo of one found in Riverside Park a few years ago with a question mark.

It’s been a few years since a coyote was spotted in the neighborhood, but on Friday morning we got a tip from Jody Sherman saying that she had just seen one in Riverside Park.

“I spotted a coyote in Riverside Park at 84th Street on ‘Mount Tom’ this morning walking my dog.

It ran right in front of me, paused for a few seconds then bolted north. I tried to get a photo but missed it.

It looked very scared. Many other dog walkers saw it as well.”

Jody smartly focused on protecting herself and her dog, and didn’t take a picture. But that also means that we don’t have more definitive proof.

The parks department tells West Side Rag that it received a report of a coyote in the park. The 20th precinct had not heard of anything as of Friday morning.

If you did see the wily animal, let us know in the comments or email westsiderag at gmail!

And read about the saga of the last coyote seen in the neighborhood.

If you should encounter a coyote, the Parks Department offered the following advice:

Unless there is a clear threat to public safety, there is no need to report coyote sightings to 911.

Do not feed coyotes. Keeping coyotes wild is the key to coexistence. Feeding coyotes can cause them to lose their natural hunting instincts and cause coyotes to associate humans with food.

Observe and appreciate coyotes from a distance. Though they may look similar to dogs, coyotes are wild animals. The best way to ensure both your safety and the safety of the coyote is to keep your distance.

Store all food and garbage in animal-proof containers. Coyotes are very resourceful, and will find ways into unsecured trash bins and pet food containers.

Protect your pets. Walk dogs on a leash and keep cats inside for safety.

Keep coyotes wary. If you are approached, make yourself look bigger by putting your arms up, and make loud noises until the coyote retreats. Appreciate coyotes from a distance.

To learn more about coyotes and to report a sighting, visit the Wildlife NYC website.

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    1. Paul says:

      This is simple. They come down the Amtrak rights of way, where food for them is plentiful (rodents).

      They grow to adulthood in parks in Westchter and the north Bronx, and get kicked out by the parents when it’s time for a new litter of pups. They disperse, and the railroad tracks are good paths for them to follow.

      Play golf in the parks in the Bronx, you see them.

    2. Kurt says:

      Not a coyote! That’s my Australian Cattledog who I walk off leash at night. Google this breed as I get this all the time with my dog.

      • Che says:

        LOL! Then, what’re we gonna do with our hysteria?? Personally, I adore A Coyote Named Scooter” on YouTube. He’s good-looking, happy, affectionate and intriguing.

    3. Diane says:

      I was there. It was a coyote. It looked young and scared and ran along the east wall heading north.

    4. Emma says:

      I saw it!

    5. Scott says:

      I daresay if we had 15 of these guys in Riverside Park our rodent problem would be greatly mitigated, assuming the city stopped spreading poison around. Coyotes are great vermin killers. Bonus: some cool howling at night. But, the pug owners would complain, so i guess it’s a no go.

    6. Chrus Horn says:

      It was reported to 911 spotted by my wife Rusty in Central Park when she was playing tennis at the tennis courts at about 7 AM this morning with another one!!

    7. BronxBoy says:

      Has anybody checked to see if orders for Acme products are rising?

    8. Ira Finkelstein says:

      Saw one at 12 noon today in Riverside near 108. Trotted along the retaining wall, headed North. Went right by me.

    9. Xoxo, The Wisest Upper West Side Woman says:

      I was there. Definitely a coyote. This is New York, survival of the fittest. no Australian pooch would make it a day here.

    10. Ye Olde Englishe Teachere says:

      Re “spotted by my wife … when she was playing tennis …with another one!!”

      So the lady was playing tennis with another coyote ?!!😱

      Recalls the wonderful Groucho Marx (“Animal Crackers”) line: “I dreamed I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know”.