Unauthorized Toe Sculpture Remains, And Has Now Received a Pedicure

The Parks Department had vowed on Monday to dispose of the rogue toe-like sculpture that someone recently placed in Riverside Park.

But as of Tuesday at 6 p.m., it was still there — and what’s more, someone painted the nail red.

The sculpture is actually made of marble, our tipster told us. It has been there for at least 10 days, said one commenter whose dog barked at it because it seemed strange.

Perhaps the Parks Department had a change of heart, or forgot to take it away? We’re not going to ask them (last time we asked about it, they said they were going to remove it).

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    1. DrM says:

      Why remove it? It’s awesome!

      • Frank says:

        Although I agree it is neat, we have a system of rules and regulations for a reason. If everyone could just deploy their idea of art in our parks, we’d have a real problem.

        If an exception is made here then what about next time? Who gets to decide what is kept and what is not?

        In the end it should be removed as per policy and examined for safety and then auctioned. If the winner of the auction wants to donate it to the city for deployment in a park that is their prerogative and NYC can either accept or decline the gift. I would hope people from our local board would ask to accept the gift and deploy it safely in the park, possibly in the exact location it is now.

    2. Billy Amato says:

      Only in New York!

    3. Joel Fram says:

      Where in Riverside Park is it?

    4. Maggie McComas says:

      Not a full pedicure, just nail polish.

    5. JeWhoSoFat says:

      It looks like a dog buried up to his hind legs with his tail sticking up.

      but only because I’ve smoked copious amounts of marijuana.

    6. s, beckerman says:

      to me it looks more like a thumb than a toe!

    7. Yael says:

      I love the toe/ thumb!

    8. toes aren't dangerous says:

      BEST. CITY. EVER. No one tell me otherwise; I won’t be listening. THANK YOU to whichever NYer did this. Shame on the city for claiming they’ll remove something that is bringing joy to the public, and which harms absolutely no one.

    9. chrigid says:

      keep it!

    10. Christina says:

      Thumbs up!

    11. Erin Moriarty says:

      If it’s made of marble, it must be so heavy…didn’t anyone see a person lugging it out there? Yes, I say keep it…

    12. Evan Bando says:

      Frankly, if you didn’t call it a toe sculpture, I wouldn’t necessarily have seen it as that. Even with the red paint someone put on it. It’s an ugly piece. The Parks Department is correct in removing it.

    13. MikeDNYC says:

      Somebody call a toe truck!

    14. Josh says:

      50 years from now people will still see The Toe coming out of the ground, and wonder how it got there. Stories will be told, but the truth will always be concealed; no one really knows.