Openings & Closings: Angaar, Acqua, Kitakata Ramen, Miznon, Roasted Masala

A new Indian restaurant named Angaar has opened in the former Indigo space at 283 Columbus Avenue (73rd-74th). Here’s an image of the menu. Thanks to Geoffrey and Robin for the tips.

Acqua, the Italian spot at 718 Amsterdam Avenue near 95th, closed several days ago. It appears to be closed for good: The phone number is disconnected and Seamless isn’t working. Thanks to @emilyinnyc for the tip.

Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai is opening on Amsterdam between 72nd and 73rd Streets, the former home of Farinella pizza. Kitakata is a chain that started in Japan and that now has locations in New Jersey, Illinois and California. It’s known for flat-wide, curly noodles. Here’s the menu. Thanks to Alyson, Diana and Marie for the tips.

Miznon, a Mediterranean restaurant helmed by Israeli chef Eyal Shani, was supposed to open at 320 Columbus Avenue (West 75th Street), the former home of Saffron. But a sign for Miznon is now on the door at 161 West 72nd Street, the former home of Aroma. We last wrote about Miznon here. The company hasn’t responded to our questions about what’s up. Thanks to Isaac, Maya, Harriet, Ruth and Rachel for the tips.

Roasted Masala has now opened at 914 Columbus Avenue at 104th Street. Thanks to Tsadik for the photo.

Correction: we initially had the wrong street for Roasted Masala.

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    1. Rob G. says:

      I’ll miss Acqua a lot. It was a decent local joint, where you could hang out at the bar or have an easy family meal. That said, their menu had become stale years ago, and I think they suffered for it.

      • UWSer says:

        I thought it was pretty ordinary and the service was awful. That being said, it is always sad to see a local business close/

    2. Debbi Sharp says:

      A menu or even phone number for Roasted Masala?

    3. UWS Dad says:

      Big shame about Acqua. It was some of the best wood-fired pizza around, especially now that Bettola seems to have changed chef or owner or something.

    4. UpperBestSide says:

      I think you meant 104th/105th Street for Roasted Masala – not 94th Street.

    5. UWS Zaddy says:

      R.I.P. Acqua … Knew the day would come eventually as it was NEVER packed in there … I guess I will have to find my Carbonara fix elsewhere

    6. T says:

      The Angarr menu items look very similar to those of Indigo. I wonder if this is just basically a name change

      • Gena says:

        Angaar – We had take-out from Angaar and it was terrific. I chose the classics – chicken tikka masala and palak paneer – along with their raita and well-spiced pappadam. I loved Indian Bistro – this is not the same chef, but is also really good.

    7. T says:

      The Angarr menu items look very similar to Indigos. I wonder if this is just basically a name change

    8. Beth Everett says:

      The owner has several other restaurants and we were told he closed this one because the landlord hiked the rent. The one on 125th street has almost the same menu. It is called Bettolona. I suspect they are getting ready to put another hi-rise on that corner 🙁

    9. Mark Moore says:

      Roasted Masala is at 104th, not 94th.

      Shame about Acqua, they were good.

    10. Robert Newman says:

      Hi: Love love West Side Rag! You should check the location of Roasted Masala, which you list at 914 Columbus Ave at 94th St. I believe the place is actually closer to 104 (I wish it was at 94th!). Thanks.

    11. Tom says:

      The Angarr menu items look very similar to those of Indigo. I wonder if this is just basically a name change

    12. wombatNYC says:

      I think the W70’s corridor is chock full of ramen places at this point . The others are barely crowded . How can another survive

    13. Iesid says:

      The pattern continues of 10 closings in the 90s for every opening. 90s UWS is a wasteland.

      • jason says:

        I hear you. i live in the 90’s and at least joe and the juice opened and there is the new place going into the old amsterdam burger space. So theres something. aqua was kinda mediocre in my opinion. One place I am not quite sure does not get enough traffic is Numero 28. They have a free jazz night on Monday. Monday is also a night with half off bottles of wine. The jazz is good, you have discounted alcohol, and the pizza is wood fired. Yet the place is empty. I call that a missed opportunity.

    14. Bill Williams says:

      I’ll miss Acqua. It was a good neighborhood place. Sebastiano who used to work at that packed italian on lower Amsterdam (Bettolo?) struck out on his own and opened Isola on Columbus and then Acqua. Food was always good and at a good price.

    15. Beatrice says:

      Nothing ever happened to that space where Saffon was. No cleanup or construction ever started. Wondered when they would I know it will but on 72nd St.

    16. Liz D. says:

      Just FYI, Roasted Masala is a little south of the SW corner of 105 and Columbus.

    17. Eddie P says:

      I believe that Shishi – the boutique on Broadway between 92nd and 93rd has closed or is under renovation. There is construction paper covering the windows now, but I saw the place was completely cleared before the paper went up.

    18. VB_NY says:

      Roasted Masala is very good! Absolutely delicious butter chicken. Very quiet last Saturday night. Hope business picks up for them.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        it’s a terrible block for such a nice restaurant to open up on. I think they got a good deal with the rent because a chinese restaurant was going to open there and never did.

    19. Adam says:

      what happened to Donahue’s opening on the uws?

    20. Tim says:

      The closing of Aqua equals three vacancies in a row on Amsterdam between 94 & 95. That paired with the completely vacant east block of Amsterdam between 95 & 96 makes for a deserted block. What is happening?!

    21. Joe says:

      I live across the street from Acqua, and I only ever ate there once. For my money, Regional is the best Italian restaurant in the neighborhood.

      • Susan M says:

        Diasagree. Regional is mediocre, bad service and overpriced. Plus having lived in Italy I can’t see how you can be REALLY good at all those regional specialties…. something’s gotta give.