Squirrel Answers Age-Old Question: How Does a Rodent Eat an Oreo Cookie?

A squirrel outside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine binged Thursday on one of the great human inventions: an Oreo cookie. Barbara Peck got the photo above and the video below of the animal.

And to answer the question: the squirrel appears to be nibbling the cookie without distinguishing between the cookie crunch or the cream inside, a strange strategy that makes no real strategic sense.

Oreo Squirrel may or may not be pals with Avocado Squirrel, who we profiled last year.

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    1. Iam Bob says:

      Please stop posting “_____ animal eats ____”, it lowers you beneath the RAG status. You guys typically create a good and informative product that allows us Westsiders to know what’s going on and while many articles need some fact-checking, these types are purely for click-bait and besmirch your name.

    2. Eva says:

      Iam Bob needs a sense-of-humor transplant.

    3. Diana says:

      Thanks. I appreciate the adorable as well as the substantive.

    4. Kenneth says:

      Hey IAmBob – chill.
      Everything can’t be so seriously all the time.
      I, for one, was also hoping for the video of the eggroll eating squirrel to also be posted!

    5. Elisabeth Anderson says:

      It was cute seeing the squirrel eat the cookie.