Openings & Closings: A New Coffee Shop is About to Open, and ‘Soap One’ Fills the Laundromat Void

Photo by Erin Turingan.

Black Press Coffee is opening its new location at 274 Columbus Avenue between 72nd and 73rd Street on Friday morning at 7 a.m., the company tells us. That[s the former home of Birdbath Bakery. They plan to give out a free Wellybottle, which is a bamboo water bottle, to the first 10 customers. Black Press has a very snazzy coffee maker called a Kyoto drip. See it below. And check out the menu, which includes pastries, here.

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We got a Kyoto drip for the Upper West Side!😍 #newthings #kyotodrip #coffee #upperwestside #blackpresscoffee

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Laundromats have been disappearing from the Upper West Side at an alarming rate, so it was exciting to hear about a laundromat that was actually opening. Soap One has opened on Columbus between 74th and 75th. “There used to be a laundromat in that space that closed down a few months ago,” writes Anna. “This one looks to have all new machines. Exciting!”

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    1. Ethan says:

      We used to have bars, now we have coffee. Sad.

      • Rafe says:

        Don’t be sad ! Check out Amsterdam between 79th and 86th weekends. You might fins a bar or 2 there. or perhaps Dublin House at 79th & Broadway !

    2. geoff says:

      until soap ‘n suds closed, and i had to find a replacement, i had no idea what a luxury their space was—long folding table, elbow room, plenty of seating and magazines. and friendly staff, all the way back to connie and angel, back in the 1970s. here’s hoping!

    3. Wijmlet says:


    4. RK says:

      I’d make a snarky comment about yet another highbrow coffee place in the West 70’s (Blue Bottle, Joe, Box Kite, and ummm Starbucks) but I love highbrow coffee. So bring it on!
      It just makes me sad that not all of them will survive.

      • Jessica says:

        Agreed! And great places to hang with friends and family on the weekends during the day. Would love some hipster coffee down here in the upper 60s.

    5. Morgan says:

      Great news! I was so bummed when they closed a few months ago as I live across the street. I’ve been schlepping it down to 71st (with 4 kids we have a LOT of laundry). Thrilled this is opened.

    6. Jan says:

      And Hot Water! It’s difficult as our rental leases
      State “no wash machines”. So we are at the
      Mercy of public facilities
      The leases should be changed; we need to have
      A wash machine! An essential tool of modern life
      Bring It on!!!

    7. K says:

      Does anyone have a good laundry service they use? Or a wash and fold(with delivery) that is good and reliable? I am currently using Cleanly which is a fortune and more and more less reliable. Recos appreciated.

    8. UWSmom says:

      The “kyoto drip” coffee maker looks very difficult to clean. Yuck and pass.