2019 Street Fair Dates Released, and Approved by Community Board

By A. Campbell

Community Board 7 approved 12 street fairs on the Upper West Side this week, the same number as last year. They are pending final approval from the NYC Street Activity Permit Office. Check out the list below.

4/28/19 Broadway, West 96th – 106th E (East side of Street)
4/28/19 Columbus, West 66th – 72nd
5/05/19 Broadway, West 86th – 93rd E
5/12/19 Broadway, West 60th – 65th E
5/26/19 Broadway, West 72nd – 82nd W
6/02/19 Broadway, West 75th – 72nd W
6/09/19 Broadway, West 73rd – 82nd E
6/21/19 Broadway, West 65th – 72nd W
8/11/19 Columbus, West 96th – 106th
8/18/19 Amsterdam, West 79th – 86th
10/13/19 Broadway, West 96th – 106th W
10/20/19 Broadway, West 86th – 96th W

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    1. Sally Anderson says:

      How do I become a vendor?

    2. Julie says:

      Why so many street fairs on Broadway? Isn’t one street fair for 72nd St to 96th St enough!!

      • NYC10023 says:

        People will complain about anything, right Julie?

        Will having a street fair 4 blocks away from you on a Sunday really make your life that much worse?

        How about let’s enjoy something that brings tourists and neighbors some interaction and even maybe some (gasp) joy.

        • Stuart says:

          NYC10023 – Living on West 74 Street between West and Broadway, having 2 street fairs 2 weekends in a row (5/25 and 6/2) at the end of my block is an inconvenience.We have enough traffic with out-of-neighborhood people double-parking and illegally parking while visiting Fairway. Why does this happen every year? Isn’t there anyone who can stand up to Rick & Morty (yes – I said Rick & Morty, who I would bet never have street fairs at the end of their blocks)?

      • Wendy says:

        I think it’s because when the street fairs on on Broadway, they can use just one side and keep the other open, so it’s less disputing to the traffic flow.

        • Woody says:

          How does that make it less disrupting if either side runs in only one direction? You’re cutting off traffic and forcing drivers to find alternate routes that are not efficient.

          If one drives a non-passenger vehicle and has to travel south, the only legal streets are Broadway and Columbus.

    3. Dinah D. says:

      what are the hours of these Fairs?? and why so many ??

    4. Kath says:

      Why? How does the neigHborhood gain from TWELVE STREET FAIRS???

    5. Kath says:

      Why so many? How does the community benefit?

    6. Dave says:

      Two street fairs on the same day? Or is that a typo?

    7. Dave says:

      Is it June or July 21?

    8. Cyrus says:

      Fantastic. I like to walk these street fairs! It’s a fun way to support the local merchants.

    9. Dan says:

      At some point whomever is being paid off to let these lame street fairs continue, should be revealed.
      There is absolutely no reason to have it on one side of Broadway one week, and then have the same exact fair on the other side of Broadway 2 weeks later.
      Community board members please stop this madness.
      One fair, one side of Broadway once a year, should be the limit…who will sign this petition?

    10. W. 80th St. Block Association/Billy Amato says:

      Let’s not forget our best Street fair on the Upper West Side!!!!!

      43nd Annual Columbus Avenue Festival
      Sunday, September 15, 2019
      West 68th – West 86th Streets

    11. Christine E says:

      What about the marvelous (more “local”) street fair that is traditionally on Columbus Ave in September, that runs from the 60s to 86th? Is the above fair list only for one organizer applicant, and there are others yet to come before the board? I would think the reporter would include the applicant and other pertinent info, not just a list of dates. To have CB approval, there had to be an application. By whom?

    12. MG says:

      Is there no Columbus Avenue Festival this year? It’s usually in September and from 67 to 85th or so…

    13. Molly says:

      They tend to be “junk fairs” with overpriced and mediocre food. Enough already.

    14. Matt G says:

      Thanks for the list! The one for Broadway, West 65th – 72nd W is listed as 6/21/19, but that’s a Friday. Was it a typo and supposed to be 7/21 or 6/23?

    15. Mack says:

      Tube socks for all my friends!