Upper West Side Street Fairs Start This Weekend; See the Full List

Like them or not, street fairs are back and will be rocking week after week for months. This Sunday, the first one will be on the East side of Broadway between 96th and 106th street.

Check out the full list of local fairs below, via Community Board 7.

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    1. dannyboy says:


      that’s my personal opinion

    2. Scott says:

      Nothing on Amsterdam or Columbus north of 86th St? What are they afraid of?

      • Hi! On June 9 there will be a street fair running from 96th to 106th on Columbus. Also- on Sept 16 & 23, Amsterdam Ave will be closed from 106th to 110th for Bloomingdale Family Days (free activities with music).

      • Rob G. says:

        Some of those blocks north of 86th can still be a little rough. I’m guessing that the organizers are figuring that the vendors would balk.

        • dannyboy says:

          The avenues above 86 St are not “rough”.

          I moved to the UWS from the South Bronx, so I know what “rough” looks like.

    3. Mark Moore says:

      Who cares if it’s all socks and corn, street fairs are great. Anytime you want to close the street and let thousands of people meander about, I say go for it.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        This is the correct answer. Thank You.

        Would those of you complaining rather everyone just sit in their apartments watching Netflix and ordering stuff on Amazon? Anything that gets neighbors and the community face to face is a positive in my book. (except when they are complaining about the Museum expansion.:)

        • dannyboy says:

          “Would those of you complaining rather everyone just sit in their apartments watching Netflix and ordering stuff on Amazon?” – UWS_lifer

          You gotta’ be kidding, that’s your alternatives!

          Get a UWS_life. Get out. Enjoy yourself.

          I’m going with other people to the Milling Room. I got plenty of suggestions for you.

      • js says:

        Closing the avenues means no access to buses/bus re-routing.
        That is a significant problem.
        Even more of a problem when subway is shut down for repairs

    4. Kenneth says:

      They were more fun when you could walk with a beer. I’m fully stocked up on bonsi trees, tube socks and 5 lb containers of garlic powder.

      • AC says:

        At Kenneth, you’re allowed to walk with a beer in a concealed plastic container, so as long you’re not being disruptive. Bottled beer will get you a warning! The 20 is pretty cool when it comes to these festivals. Key is being respectful and not drawing attention to yourself , , , they’ll turn a blind eye! 🙂

      • T says:

        Pour your beer in a cup. That should vring back some of your fun

      • dannyboy says:

        Considered a stand?

    5. Paul says:

      How much irregular underwear can a neighborhood use?

    6. Robin Rice says:

      They used to have interesting, independent vendors. Now there’s nothing new or surprising. Same as what’s happening to stores. What a shame!

    7. Arlene says:

      The number of these are ridiculous !!
      Nothing more then another,in a long list of inconvenient street closings, creating more hazards on already congested sidewalks. Now throw in what it does to traffic as well as public transportation jams. And let’s not forget how it impacts the obvious already struggling retail businesses that are committed to our neighborhoods and facing enormous rent hikes. This has to be rethought.

      We tolerate street closings & traffic nightmares for major events more then any other neighborhoods in the city. Every walk for charity ( a good thing) marathon, parades, seems to involve the UWS .

      • dannyboy says:

        Follow the money!

        to & from Mort

      • Sherman says:

        You are making a very silly argument re “struggling retail businesses”.

        If anything, these retailers should welcome the additional foot traffic from street fairs.

        • DrMMM says:

          Amen! And I’m an atheist! 😀

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          Sherman said:

          “If anything, these retailers should welcome the additional foot traffic from street fairs.”

          Apparently you’ve never been to an UWS street fair. there is no foot traffic to store-based retailers. they are blocked by the line of booths.

      • Jeff says:

        Hi Arlene:
        Many of these booths are run by the local stores, such as the bars and restaurants that set up outside. Retail stores like The Super Runners Shop also put tent outside to sell discounted merchandise. Check them out!

    8. Woody says:

      Street fairs are a great occasion for people to redundantly remark about the useless things they buy at such events. Same reaction year in, year out.

      But if Danny hates these community events, then I fully support them.

      • dannyboy says:

        Woody, I LOVE Community Events!

        sorry to hear you say this is a community event for you

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          dannyboy said:

          “sorry to hear you say this is a community event for you”

          good point… and it’s sad. he doesn’t know what a “community event” is.

    9. Paul RL says:

      I loved them 30 years ago and still love them today. Great for the neighborhood and a great way for the whole community to mingle. Bring on the spices, socks, and squeegees!

    10. Red Raleigh says:

      I like all the street fairs but the most enjoyable one for me is the one that has the Japanese street food stalls. Those are great!

    11. BillyNYC says:

      The only good fair is the Columbus Avenue Fall Fair on Sunday, September 16th and that’s been getting so so in the past five years. The only reason that the Columbus Avenue Fall Fair is somewhat pretty good it’s because of the beginning of fall season and that brings out a lot of people also everyone is back from their summer vacation homes…but no one buys any more from these vendors, “same O same O” The trouble is with all these street fairs it’s no longer local vendors taking part and it’s the “same vendors” from all the street fairs year after year selling their hotdogs/corn on the cob/ funnel cake/ and the same vendors selling their blankets/plants and junk. Local restaurants and creative street vendors are no longer take part….what a shame.

      • Woody Johnson says:

        “same O same O”

        Isn’t it when it’s “NO O!, NO O!” that you really have to start worrying…

    12. arlene says:

      everywhere, every weekend and ending right before the yearly rituals of street closings and congestion connected with halloween, marathon and thanksgiving- all great traditions but they do impose an enormous amount of inconvenience for weeks in advance of events due to security concerns.

      Too many of these fairs that duplicate each other. Not interesting anymore, just more headaches for residents of UWS.

      What about the retail businesses who are committed to UWS and are struggling to pay their rents

      • dannyboy says:

        see my “follow the money” comment above

        • UWS_lifer says:

          Dannyboy, you do realize that this is a comment thread, right? You are not having a personal discussion with every single person here.

          What a character you are.

          • dannyboy says:

            Well we all can’t be like you:

            Why anyone would devote this level of energy or emotion to trying to recruit a store is beyond me. Geez.

            UWS_lifer says:
            April 6, 2018 at 9:50 am
            People who think the world revolves around them.
            UWS_lifer says:
            March 26, 2018 at 3:11 pm
            I agree with Dannyboy. Leave the burned out car there as long as possible. Maybe we can regain that 1970’s South Bronx vibe here on the UWS. I hear they don’t even let people sell drugs (or worse!) in Needle Park anymore.

            These darn rich people really are ruining the city, right?
            UWS_lifer says:
            March 15, 2018 at 10:08 am
            Well, I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vick’s…and his hair was perfect!

            YOU KNOW, NASTY & SNARKY.

            Hope your day improves.
            And your attitude.
            I guess your life too.

    13. HEY! You forgot Valley Restoration’s spring street fair on Saturday, June 9th from 96th to 106th on Columbus Avenue!

    14. bibiana M Ammatuna says:

      How do you become a vendor?

    15. Sam Tresler says:

      Do you know who to contact to get a table at one?

    16. Juan says:

      My platform when I run for mayor is to eliminate street fairs and parades (with a carve out for the Thanksgiving parade). And I will institute a tax on any building owner who has retail space stay empty for more than a year. Who’s with me?

      • dannyboy says:


        but i think that we’re gonna’ find out that politics is brutal.

      • Independent says:

        @ Juan:

        Would you really eliminate all parades other than the Thanksgiving one? No exceptions for any sacralized entity that enjoys designated, privileged victim status?

        Now that would be beautiful. Just beautiful.

    17. manhattan mark says:

      There’s only one street fair, all 12 are exactly the same, enjoy!

    18. Marcia Epstein says:

      I happen to like them.

    19. Jean Luke says:

      Street Fairs originally seemed like a good idea when they had local stores, local vendors and crafts people. For years now it seems the vendors are mostly Tube Socks, Cheap Sunglasses, Sausage and Pepper stands, Fruit Stands and other professional street fair vendors that have no relation to the local community.

      They really need to shut these downs as they aren’t worth the traffic, noise and garbage they bring to neighborhoods.

    20. Chase says:

      crap city but nice to walk in the street

      • Woody Johnson says:

        “crap city but nice to walk in the street”

        I’m having trouble reconciling the second part of your sentence with the first. Or do you ENJOY having to watch your every step lest you walk into…

    21. Francesca says:

      Less is more.
      Fewer would be better.
      Redundant is boring.
      Innovation would be welcome.

    22. Richard says:

      I hate them. They hold up traffic, make buses even slower (not easy to do) and there are way too many. Plus there’s something phony about them; I don’t feel we’re seeing local businesses and food places, but rather professional street fair trash shipped in from Queens. Can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like someone must have some sort of sweetheart deal with someone that allows so many of these trashy events to happen. Someone’s makin’ a nice buck on this, and it ain’t the merchants. Or maybe I’m wrong.

    23. ron shapley says:

      tube sox for miles……..Please God, NO

    24. Cali says:

      Thank you for this. I am in the city part time so good to know what’sup