Avocado Squirrel is the Upper West Side’s New Rodent Spokesmodel

Pizza Rat was a hero to New Yorkers, but pizza rat now lives in Hoboken after writing one of those sad “Why I Left New York” columns. In his place is Avocado Squirrel, a more refined rodent that seeks out the “good fats” that can be found in ripe avocados, preferably spread over a protein filled poke bowl. The squirrel was seen in a planter on 73rd and Broadway.

Thanks to Henry Zhang for sending the video below, and for his dog Almond, who likes to chase squirrels and spotted Avocado Squirrel.

Also meet Pizza Raccoon, who likes to chow down in Central Park and Croissant Squirrel.

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    1. Weird That Way says:

      I love squirrels. I love avocados. Bliss!

    2. BILLYNYC says:

      I love our tree 🐿 rats…I have a black tree rat nesting in my oak tree in front of my house, I put one of my security cameras on the tree to watch him and his new family 24/7.I love 🖤 New York

    3. Ray says:

      It’s sad rodents eat human food and vegetables because HUMANS feed them. What happened to acorns? Stop feeding wildlife our food, they will continue to come back to where they got it and they will bring children cousins aunts uncles and neighbors!!

      • Erica says:

        My guess is that it fell out of someone’s bag and they didn’t notice. Avocados are too expensive to be disposable!

      • Mark Moore says:

        Avocados grow on trees too.

      • PM says:

        I have an avocado tree and the squirrels eat them. Technically in the wild they are eaten by humans and squirrels.

    4. Ingrid Moon says:

      Looks like Avocado Squirrel may be nursing or have just finished raising a family. After dealing with scurius children I usually need avocado too.

    5. Judy Harris says:

      What happened to “video below”? Nothing to click on.

    6. Charlie says:

      I am eagerly anticipating the first candid shot of sashimi raccoon. I know he’s out there, it’s just a matter of time until we get a photo and it becomes the next sensation.

    7. Sanday says:

      Well… avacdos do have a nutty flavour…

    8. Wendy says:

      Pronounce “croissant” in my French language, S.V.P.. What of the red Squirrels ? Who belongs to Freegan, [group], ? Do some Raccoons chase some folk along the West Side ? [a news story]. A big , lovely book @ pizza; &, some other baked munchies of [Napoli, ?], Italy. NO to some Republicans’ possible cut to Food Stamps. Clean up,aftr picnics, &, after BBQs, please. Bon appetit. “Feed me, I’m yours”. Save our family farms & ranches.

    9. Kim says:

      Avocados are toxic to cats and dogs. Probably squirrels, too.

    10. Sarah says:

      “Pizza Rat was a hero to New Yorkers, but pizza rat now lives in Hoboken after writing one of those sad “Why I Left New York” columns.”

      Good one, WSR.

    11. Christina Thatcher says:

      Cute. I love to watch squirrels. So darn adorable.

    12. Wolf says:

      Can’t our rodent neighboors eat in peace without all the paparazzi.

    13. Vic in Queens says:

      I put a pumpkin in my yard in Queens for Halloween…it makes a great snack for the squirrels!

    14. Spence says:

      This is only happening because the price of avocados have come down and now every rat can afford them. This particular rat makes an amazing guacamole, much better than Zabar’s, or so I’ve heard.

    15. Spence says:

      Oh, dear. I don’t know my rats from my squirrels anymore.

    16. Wendy says:

      GUACAMOLE ? AVOCADO from U.S.A. ? SAVE our family farms. WHERE are the red squirrels in N.Y.C. ? N.B. recipes for cooking SQUIRREL . WHAT are the flowers in the photo ? Bon appetit.