Polpette and Fine & Schapiro Reopen After Follow-Up Health Inspections

File photo of Polpette.

Two local restaurants closed by health inspectors recently got the all-clear.

Both Fine & Schapiro at 138 West 72nd Street and Polpette at 483 Amsterdam (83rd-84th) have reopened.

Fine & Schapiro had two reinspections. After the first one it was closed again. But the restaurant passed the second reinspection despite another finding of “evidence of mice or live mice.”

Polpette was likewise authorized to reopen after a reinspection on June 1 that found fewer violations, but did find roaches, according the Health Department.

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    1. NYYgirl says:


    2. YoungSally says:

      I walked past famiglia pizza (where I’ve never eaten despite being on the UWS for 20 years) – for some reason I noticed the health department notice and was struck by the language that listed the establishment as perilous….somehow that seemed like a particularly stern warning.

      • UWSSurfer says:

        If it’s the Famiglia Pizzeria on Columbus and W. 96th, what is in peril (besides the stability of the building), is the amount of money you’ll end up with in your wallet.

        I remember paying $5.25 for a vegetable slice that wasn’t very good.

        Nothing can compare with Gigi’s Cafe vegetable slice…

    3. Rat A. Tooey says:

      Deer Edita:

      I ain’t bin writting much late-ly, but I has to ree-ply to “another finding of evidence of mice or live mice.”

      Good! Who wants dead mouses?

      Dem’s me cuzzins

      yer Rodent Corryspondent

    4. SteveUWS3416 says:

      So, let me understand this….Fine & Shapiro and Polpette were closed down and 1 was reclosed upon reinspection and then allowed to open after another teindoection even though mice still present. The other one was allowed to reopen even though they still had live roaches. How the hell does this happen?

      They should both be ashamed of their management for not taking Food Safety and sanitation seriously. Health Department????

      All of you who continue to patronize these disgusting food places are the reason they don’t care. You are as bad as them.

    5. lin says:

      I do not understand how a restaurant passes reinspection with evidence of mice living or not.

    6. Susan Epler RN BSN MPH says:

      Sorry,but I’m not eating at these restaurants. They are reopened and still have public health issues? This public health nurse does not wish to encounter vermin or any other sanitary condition. One of my favored restaurants now has “ pending” status. No thanks. I only eat at “ A”
      Establishments and then I am still looking out for unacceptable conditions