Openings & Closings: Ikinari Steak, Happy Kids NY, Oath Pizza

Ikinari Steak, a Japanese steakhouse known for “super-thick meats”, is opening in the former home of brgr on Broadway between 79th and 80th. Here’s the menu, with prices on a per-ounce basis.

Happy Kids NY, a preschool for kids 2-5 years old is coming soon to 531 Amsterdam (85th-86th).

Oath Pizza is planning to open at 2169 Broadway near 77th street, according to a notice on the restaurant chain’s website. Oath grills and sears its crusts and uses ethically sourced ingredients, the company says. That location was listed for rent last year at $33,000 a month. Thanks to our anonymous tipster.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      What are ethically sourced ingredients for pizza? “No cows were pressured to produce the milk for the mozzarella, it was always with their consent.”?

      • Scout says:

        UWSHebrew, this is the first comment of yours that was not contentious, and it even made me smile. Keep it up!

      • Why's Guy? says:

        Re: ““No cows were pressured to produce the milk for the mozzarella….”

        NOT only that, but:
        1) The cows were always read to before their bed-time, with books carefully selected to avoid offense by gender, ethnicity, age, race, and, of course, breed;

        2) the fields where the cows roamed had only organic grass from Portland, had never been sprayed with chemicals, and were daily inspected for holes and other hazards;

        3) cows always had access to a counselor (a.k.a. COWnselor) to discuss their emotional problems.

      • EricUWS says:

        ‘Ethically sourced’ is a wonderful BS marketing term whose goal is to make consumers feel good about their purchase. In truth, any animal product is at best, procured by exploitative means.

      • Anon says:

        Shouldn’t mozzarella be made with buffalo milk?

    2. Sherman says:

      $33K per month?

      Good luck to Oath. They’ll have to sell a lot of pizzas just to pay their rent.

    3. Miranda Smith says:

      Finally some new restaurants in this food starved area. Whole Foods next please? Sick of Fairway

    4. Sean says:

      It won’t be there long. That building is set to be torn down and the site redeveloped.

      • B.B. says:

        What building are you referring to as going to be “torn down and redeveloped”?

        It certainly isn’t 2161-2169 Broadway where Oath pizza just rented space. That huge corner apartment building isn’t going anywhere.

        Right next door to the Oath location but a different building/lot is the now shuttered Westside Market space.

    5. Todd Wernstrom says:

      I sure hope they up their wine game. The “list” on the website is pathetic and shows no effort whatsoever to complement what are supposed to be excellent steaks.

      • rk says:

        How are they excellent? It says Angus beef (which is “high” Choice not Prime) that’s wet aged not dry aged. That’s pretty much the lowest standard of beef for a steak restaurant. Think Applebees or Longhorn, *not* Old Homestead or Smith&Wolly’s…

        So a mass produced wine seems about right.

        I’ll lay odds that their “secret sauce” is filled with glutamates, which helps lower quality beef taste beefier, helping to compensate for less marbled fat (beef fat is what makes beef taste beefy). Not that there’s anything wrong with glutamates, just understand which league they’re playing in.

    6. William10025 says:

      A quick napkin calculation shows that if they’re making $3 a slice in profit, they’re going to have to sell 11,000 slices a month which works out to 360 slices a day (30 slices an hour on a 12 hour day) just to cover the rent.

      • RK says:

        Redo your napkin with this:

        They sell 11″ (1-person) pies not slices.
        Only non-NY prices on their website (Boston, DC) but looks like pies are $8-12. Ramp up 50% at least for NYC and we’re talking $12-18 per pie, which puts it in the same league as eg. Sirenetta.

        Given that pizza is dirt cheap to make (even ethically sourced flour and tomatoes) there’s a nice juicy margin baked in there. $33k/month is still steep, but at least there are other pizza places in NY with a similar model.

    7. Kukla says:

      The old BRGR closed because the space was too small for good ventilation and even semi-comfortable seating. A steak restaurant will face the same problems but have to charge higher prices. I give it three months.

      • MQue says:

        I eat at Ikinari often for lunch by my office. there price point is perfect and I’m sure they will do just fine. The original location does not have seats. it’s ment to eat quick and leave.