Morning Bulletin: Creative Trader Joe’s Proposal, Philip Roth’s Bookseller Friend, Mayor of 83rd Remembered

Photo by Maria from 79th Street of a bird (a starling maybe?) that set up a nest on her fire escape.

June 11, 2018 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 72 degrees.

Concerts, readings and more local events this week are on our calendar.

Love knows no bounds, not even in the prepared foods aisle at Trader Joe’s. One man got the supermarket to be a part of his elaborate proposal at the 72nd Street store.  “Sidd Sinha, 31, proposed to his girlfriend, Melanie Diaz, 29, on May 26 at the grocery store’s Upper West Side location in New York. Sinha told “Good Morning America” that he brought Diaz on a made-up “millennial grocery tour” that Trader Joe’s agreed to set up. ‘One day Melanie had a dream where I proposed to her at a grocery store,’ Sinha said. ‘She’s made it perfectly clear that Trader Joe’s is her favorite grocery store so I knew if I went that route I had to do it there.'”

Philip Roth became close friends with a bookseller named Enrico Adelman, who sold in front of Zabar’s for years. He signed hundreds of books for Adelman to sell. “They became friends, often grabbing meals together. Adelman met Roth’s biographer, who explained why Roth was so generous with to the bookseller. “Philip was very brief. He told him, ‘I like him,'” Adelman recalled.”

Glenn Coleman was the unofficial mayor of West 83rd Street, and his recent death has left a hole in the neighborhood. “Mr. Coleman made it his business to introduce himself to every local resident, whether adult, child or canine. If you lost a relative or lost your job, Mr. Coleman whipped up a great Italian meal and brought it over…Mr. Coleman kept little about himself private, certainly not his unusual living arrangement. He cohabitated with two male companions — Michelangelo Diaz, 59, and Gene Josol, 61 — in a harmonious triangular relationship in one of the last rentals in a now expensive co-op building.”

Upper West Side building owners were hit with fines. “Cenpark Realty received $40,800 in penalties for false statements on 13 applications for construction work at 360 Central Park West. The rental building has been undergoing a conversion into condos. Brodsky Organization principal Thomas Brodsky got $48,000 in fines for false statements on 10 applications for four buildings including the South Pierre on West 71st Street, which has undergone extensive renovations, and the luxury rental West End towers at 75 West End Avenue.”

Avocado squirrel, first featured on West Side Rag, has gone viral.

And a follow-up… A police officer from the 24th precinct ended up painting over the graffiti at a West 89th Street playground that said “Kill Jews,” taking care of business as the bureaucratic process continued to drag on.

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      I’m pretty sure I’ve gained weight since TJs opened up. Too many carnitas burritos.

    2. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      i can’t help but think of all the rabid complaints in the WSR comments section about the street book dealers: how they are ruining Broadway, etc.

      Apparently Philip Roth felt differently. Good for him.

      • Christina says:

        Totally agree! Maybe people will think twice about talking negatively about these guys that are trying to make a buck and add flavor as well as some literacy to our neighborhoods. Some of these guys are very likable and knowledgeable! Keep elitism out of the Upper West Side!

        • NotImpressed says:

          I honestly doubt that those booksellers are adding literacy to the UWS.
          When their areas are filthy, when they store their wares overnight, and when they make disgusting comments to passersby, they are not welcome.
          Some may not behave that way, but many certainly do.
          I don’t think asking for a clean area without profanity-laced yelling is necessarily an example of elitism.

      • Woody says:

        He was friendly with one single-table bookseller. No one knows what he thought about the multiple-table chaos between 72nd & 73rd Streets. And how did Roth become a spokesperson for the neighborhood just because he was an author whose books were sold off a table rather than a store? You all talk about patronizing local businesses but romanticize sidewalk booksellers who probably aren’t from the neighborhood and operate out of their illegally parked cars/vans to the detriment of the rest of us. Can’t have it both ways.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        I thought the complaining was about one or two specific guys down near 72nd Street and Bway??

        They were apparently very problematic for the community. I won’t get into the details of their behavior…it’s too early.:)

        Anyway, the guys in front of Zabar’s or the guys between 85th and 86th, etc. were never an issue and they are still there and everyone loves them. What ever happened down on 72nd? I know that the police were involved. Totally different situation.

        I don’t think anyone disagrees that these booksellers add a lot of character and coolness to the neighborhood. As long as they are law abiding and well behaved.

    3. Beth says:

      The nesting bird is a robin.

    4. dannyboy says:

      Philip Roth’s appreciation of his neighborhood sidewalk bookseller might inspire more people to appreciate the role that NYC sidewalk booksellers play in our neighborhood.

    5. George of COW says:

      The reservoir is full again, and the stone dividing wall s again submerged, but there is as yet no sign of the fountain that was removed.

    6. N says:

      Thank you, police officers of the 24th precinct!

    7. Dan says:

      As long as the happy couple didn’t hold up the line at TJ’s, it’s all good!

    8. Cyrus says:

      I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that Brodsky was hit with a fine for false statements. I’m guessing that’s the least of their transgressions

    9. Louise says:

      How do we thank the police officer who took it upon himself to paint over the awful graffiti?

    10. Sheri Duxin says:

      I would love to know the name of the officer who painted over the graffiti in the playground! Bless him!

    11. Wendy says:

      THANKS FOR some kindnesses. I’ve liked when there’ve been articles @ unofficial Mayor of a Block>>>> THANKS, on behalf of my Jewish b- loodline, for that police officer who painted over the “Kill Jews” graffiti. WHICH PAINT co. ? I know of several authors who autographed some books….Please hire ; unionized construction workers who speak our ENGLISH language….STOP 3rd cut to FOOD Stamps>…