Photo & Video of the Weekend: Hundreds of Jet Skiers ‘Invade’ the Hudson

The Strong Island Jet Skis group held an “NYC Invasion” on Saturday on the waterways around New York. At one point they buzzed by the Upper West Side, even giving a little of their wake to the 98-meter yacht sitting in the Hudson.

Thanks to AJAH for the photo and video.

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    1. Jimbo says:

      Just like most visitors to NYC–nice and noisy. We’d prefer them to stay home.

    2. Mark Moore says:

      I was in Riverside Park when this went by. It was like Mad Max on water but the kids play ball were amused.

    3. LuluT says:

      Thanks Ajah! I liked seeing this!

    4. Margot jacqz says:

      Friends had a conversation about the appropriate collective noun. The winner was “an irritation of jet skis.”