Barney Greengrass Sets Out Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite Meal At Empty Table

Food writer Anothony Bourdain was found dead in France on Friday after an apparent suicide. Bourdain was known for helping the little guy, heaping praise on small businesses and out-of-the-way food stalls that he thought were worthy.

One of the businesses he loved was Barney Greengrass, the iconic restaurants and delicatessen on Amsterdam between 86th and 87th Streets. And on Friday, Barney Greengrass set out Bourdain’s regular breakfast meal at a table. A reporter there took a photo.

Bourdain, in a list for the site The Infatuation, described Barney Greengrass like this:

“The quintessential New York City breakfast is at Barney Greengrass. Period. Grab a copy of the Sunday Times and the New York Post and sit down for some eggs scrambled with browned onions and lox. . Be sure to get a basket of toasted bialeys—and maybe a heap of nova and sturgeon. On your way out the door, get some of their chopped liver to go. It’s the best in New York.”

Eater also found a clip of Bourdain hanging out at Barney Greengrass on his first show, “A Cook’s Tour.”

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    1. rafaela says:


    2. UWS_lifer says:

      This one really hurts.:(

      R.I.P. Chef

    3. Pedestrian says:

      Shocked and saddened. It thought he had turned the corner. He will be missed.

    4. Elizabeth Skaggs says:

      Breakfast looks good…Bye Chef….

    5. Blair says:

      He was right. BG is the best for a lot of things in NYC.

      • Jack Davis says:

        So many people suffer silently with depression. Compassion and openness are needed. Goodbye, Chef.

    6. Wendy says:

      The NY Times gave him a 2 page obituary…. quite a tribute. RIP Anthony Bourdain… and if you haven’t read it, pick up “Kitchen Confidential.”

    7. Marianne Sponholz says:

      I love the comment in the video of “re-ular” – not regular. Only Tony told like it really was. RIP, you were a one of a kind New Yawker!

    8. Charlotte Sheedy says:

      Sad beyond words.

    9. Sad to watch this – RIP

    10. Sam Szurek says:

      Loved Bourdain’s trip to Buenos Aires as well as his chat with Anderson Cooper about the trip in question.
      I was especially fond of his experience in Argentina because, you see. I spent my formative years there.

    11. William Raudenbush says:

      Something about a true original like Bourdain…even people who I know that didn’t like him suddenly tell me how much his passing affected them.

      Life is fragile my friends, hopefully you can carve out some joy while you’re here.