Streets Closed and Parking Restricted Ahead of Saturday Central Park 10K

There are several parking restrictions and re-routings in the neighborhood and Central Park over the next couple of days for a 10K race in Central Park on Saturday. There’s no parking on central Park West up to 86th Street from Friday at 3 until Saturday at 3. Other changes are detailed below.

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    1. J says:

      Subway already closed at CPW/72nd and 86th.
      CPW buses will be need to be re-routed.
      There will be spillover traffic elsewhere.

      There is something really wrong with nearly every weekend April-October street closures impacting on bus transportation and causing spillover traffic jams:
      multiple marathons during the year, bike “events”, “charity” walks, street fairs etc.

    2. Abdou44 says:

      Thanks so much about the information

    3. Cyrus says:

      Someone at the 20th has a sense of humor. Love it!

    4. BillyNYC says:

      What’s the big deal nothing was closed down at all Saturday, Central Park West is wide open !!! Streets were not closed….false news!!!!