Pizza Raccoon was spotted this week by Anya Schiffrin at the Conservancy Garden in Central Park. The enterprising mammal fished a slice out of the trash and devoured it while hanging out on a branch. Like Croissant Squirrel, Pizza Raccoon understands the art of fine urban dining.

pizza raccoon

pizza raccoon2

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    1. Jeff Berger says:

      I have always wondered, since pizza does not exist in nature, what do the rats, raccoons etc, think they are eating?

      • ELJ says:

        The same could be said for humans. Just go to your local grocery and look at the list of ingredients on most of the food packages and you’ll find plenty of items that don’t exist in nature.

      • Steven says:

        And more importantly, where do they stand on the crucial question of who has the best pizza on the UWS?

      • S. Louie says:

        Italian food is natural. Flour, cheese and tomatoes.

        Processed on some levels…but very very very tasty!!

    2. Mum says:

      Great photograph!

    3. m.pipik says:

      First, Conservatory Garden is on the East Side but I love the photo anyway. The raccoons there have no fear of humans and love eating food left in the trashcans.

      Actually all the CP raccoons trashcan dive for food. Like the rats they are scavengers and omnivores and like their human neighbors they would rather do take out than prepare meals.

      • Old Judge says:

        It’s west of Fifth Ave. which technically makes it in the west side. (As is the Metropolitan!)

    4. Nancy Wight says:

      I don’t care for pizza myself, but I adore raccoons. Thanks for the great photo.


    5. John says:

      And like a real New Yorker… no knife and fork!

    6. Sam says:

      Are Racoons out and about during the day regularly?

    7. jsf says:

      As long as the spices did not wreak havoc on the raccoon, that’s fine. But I wonder where he got the snack – and I wonder if the rats enjoy the same fare regularly?

      • Rat A. Tooey says:

        Youse wrote: “and I wonder if the rats enjoy the same fare regularly?”

        Well, not so regular. And most a youse un-furred tail-less bipeds don’t t’row away whole slices, just the crusts, which don’t taste so pizza-ish.

        But we DO like dem t’rown away chikken wings.

        And sometimes your smaller ones (youse calls dem ‘children’ or sumpin?) drops dat cold stuff youse calls icecreem? Dat stuff is good!

    8. Peter says:

      A raccoon out during the day could be a sign of rabies.

    9. Jack Donaghy says:

      sweet! meanwhile i’ve seen tourists PETTING raccoons at the pond at the south end of the park!!! like the squirrels and ducks before them, raccoons are becoming acclimated to human presence for better or worse.

    10. Liz says:

      WOW!! Talk about evolution and adapting to your environment.

      This guy’s a real city creature. Just curious, where, what shop, did the pizza come from anyway?