While pizza rat gets all the headlines, the Upper West Side has its own furry little celebrity: Croissant Squirrel! Sunny Mindel saw the little guy in Riverside Park between 72nd and 73rd street a few months ago and snapped this picture. “Squirrels on the UWS have been trend setting foodies before all other wild life!” she wrote.

Here’s to animals whose appetites are bigger than their own bodies!

croissant squirrel

In case you missed it, here’s pizza rat hauling a slice in the train station on 14th street:

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    1. ursus arctos says:

      The unrelenting gentrification of the neighborhood continues apace.

      In my day, the squirrels only ate bagels.

      • Michael G says:

        Most mornings they’d roll out of the tree with a thimble of coffee and a cigarette butt. Those were the days! They even got along better with the rats before [current mayor] screwed it all up.

        • Zulu says:


          That’s plagiarism, you shouldn’t be steeling comments from Off Duty’s Right Wing Field Guide to Ultraconservatism.

      • Independent says:

        “urusus” actos”: That was funny. Thanks.

    2. Independent says:

      Maybe it’s a French squirrel…

      (Remembering what is perhaps my favorite scene in Alice in Wonderland.)

    3. Diane says:

      Although the rat carrying a slice may be amusing, the rat situation is out of control on West End Ave & 89th St. They run 5-6 at a time in the morning and night. They crash into people! I have called 311 multiple times, to no avail. Any suggestions? Also contacted Councilwoman, also nothing. Please help!!

      • Jackie says:

        I have called 311 twice – once I gave my name and once as anonymous about the horrendous rat probelm at 81 and Columbus near the park and dog run. As anonymous they responded saying they were sending an exterminator and when I gave my name they said they found no problem at all. I ran into a worker from the museum saying he’s tried to get city hall involved and nothing is done ever – he’s worried the rats are going to start inflitrating the museum; there’s so many of them.

    4. valeria says:

      I love learning about wildlife in the city.
      Even the human sort

    5. Steven Sussman says:

      14th street huh? This rat oughta come uptown for a slice of Sal and Carmines…he/she would eat it so fast, he/she’d have none left to drag down the steps of the 103rd street station (I guess the rat has to go back downtown.)

      • Independent says:


        Good thing you took care to use that gender-inclusive construction. Few things can be worse than being called “sexist” or “misogynist” by a rat.

    6. RatRap says:

      Aha could it be that French rat from “Ratatouille” coming home from a long day at the hot oven at his newly opened Pizza restaurant in NYC?

      The squirrel is clearly a French tourist they are everywhere!