kids joyride

We got some more info from witnesses about those kids who were riding on the back of an uptown express train on Monday. Sean Futterman snapped the picture above of the 2 or 3 train pulling away from the station at 96th street on Monday around 5:45 p.m.

The kids apparently had latched onto the train before it got to 96th street, because they were already on the back of the train when Robert Katel disembarked from the last car at 96th. When he got off the train, he saw about eight to ten people on the platform screaming at the four kids who had latched on, he said in an interview.

“People were all screaming ‘Get off, get off! You’re crazy! Don’t do it! You’re gonna die!'” he said.

Another witness told us: “The youngest boy in the middle kept looking at us not the other two. They were holding on and seemed to be focused.”

One of the kids did hop off the back of the train and run into the car, but the other three stayed on the back, he said. The adults on the platform tried to get the conductor’s attention — “One lady was making so much noise to get others attention in order for the conductor to be aware” but he was in the middle of the train, which pulled away quickly.

Riding outside a vehicle carries a $75 fine, and is extremely stupid and dangerous.

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    1. Howard Freeman says:

      good for those adults who tried to get the conductor’s attention.

      Next time, someone seeing the kids should block the doorway and prevent it from closing until the kids are removed.

      • Paul says:

        I’m surprised that people who were on the train did not notice and report this. By the time the people on the platform saw them it was probably too late to take action other than making noise. Someone should have hit the intercom button or even pulled the brake cord.

        • denton says:

          Brilliant! Stop the train in the middle of the tunnel where of course the kids will jump off and get electrocuted or hit by another train.

          • Keelhauler says:

            So, what would be the problem with that? It hopefully would send a message to other dopes thinking about doing the same thing.

            • Antoine says:

              Good idea keelhauler. Let’s exterminate every kid who does something stupid. Like post an idiotic comment. Or are you an exempt grownup?

    2. James says:

      I wonder why no one used the call button inside the car to attract attention? But agree it is good that people actually tried to do something more than just taking pictures!

      • Paul says:

        There’s always the hope that parents will see this picture and recognize their children and what they’re up to.

    3. Julie says:

      Am I the only person who sees a SKULL underneath the car?!? Spooky!

    4. whatsupduck says:

      We have so many award-winning folks here on the UWS. I didn’t realize that also included Darwin Awards….

      (Thank G-d the kids are safe.)

    5. Jean says:

      This is so 60s and 70s. Only one way to learn their lesson. Can you guess what that is?

      Kids in my JHS used to do that on the buses.
      Number 7 and 11 buses on Amsterdam.

    6. John says:

      Thats why crime is rising in our neighborhood. The cops are investigating the murder of a tree. All of this while 7-8 cars got broken into on Riverside two days ago, and a female going on and robbing other residents. I love the NYPD, they are best to be used to write tickets and generate revenue because god knows they don’t prevent or solve crime.
      I’d rather call my super jose to come and save me.

    7. SKY says:

      There should be cameras or a way for conductors to see if there is a security problem. This shouldn’t be happening in this day and age but kids will be kids. They are lucky.