Neighbors of the Trinity School have filed a petition in state court attempting to stop the school on 91st street from embarking on a construction project that would add a new 65,000 square foot building on top of its roof, along with other changes. The Wall Street Journal reported that the petition was filed on Tuesday in New York State Supreme Court.

“We believe that the BSA looked past some very serious safety issues,” said resident John Durko, a petitioner-plaintiff, citing a reconfigured garage that petitioners said wouldn’t be brought up to current safety codes after the renovation.

“It would only be approved if it met all current standards and was safe, so I think it is,” said Trinity spokesman Kevin Ramsey. Trinity officials said they hadn’t seen the filing and couldn’t comment further.

We covered the expansion here.

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    1. Independent says:

      Original post, linked above, also has no comments. Interesting.

      People here are indifferent to this Trinity expansion dispute?

    2. davidaron60 says:

      Looks like the interior demolition of the old garage has started today at 7:30 am anyway.

      Anybody know why?