hudson river frozen
Photo by Kevin L. from Hudson River Park on West 58th street.

As the temperature has dropped into the single-digits, an icy crust has formed over the Hudson River. We’d advise against walking on it or putting a straw in and drinking it like a smoothie. But it’s pretty to look at.

Here’s a fun fact we brought up last year, but it’s worth repeating: the Hudson only froze over completely one time, in 1821, according to the Times: ““In 1821, amid one of the coldest winters of the century, New Yorkers awoke on Jan. 25 to find the Hudson frozen solid. Thousands of people crossed the ice from New York to New Jersey, and taverns were set up midriver to warm pedestrians.”

Above photo from the Boat Basin at 79th street.

Icey Hudson River. #newyork #winter #manhattan

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    1. beebee says:

      Great pictures. Got a good laugh at taverns being set up midriver!