The Hudson River almost never freezes completely, at least not in the section bordering New York City. But this year it’s coming pretty damn close, as you can see in the photos below by Scott Matthews.

hudson frozen

hudson frozen2

hudson frozen3
Photo taken at about 98th street.

There is only one time when the Hudson has only been recorded to have frozen completely, according to a New York Times article from a few years ago.

“In 1821, amid one of the coldest winters of the century, New Yorkers awoke on Jan. 25 to find the Hudson frozen solid. Thousands of people crossed the ice from New York to New Jersey, and taverns were set up midriver to warm pedestrians.”

A midriver tavern is maybe the best idea I’ve ever encountered.

The Times says the East River is more likely to freeze solid because it’s shallower.

Anthony Quintano has posted some nice shots of the river further upstate. And Scott, a frequent West Side Rag contributor, has more great shots of the city and neighborhood here.

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