Here’s the Dish: St. James Gate Meatloaf

Just like Mother used to make.

By Jay Shek

I moved to the UWS to an apartment on the same 81st Street block as St. James Gate when indoor dining was closed last year. I walked by it many, many times before wandering in, first for a drink, then for some casual meals. Paul and his staff are incredibly friendly and, after the first visit, they recognized and welcomed me every time. This is the kind of bar where they make every patron feel like a regular (and most probably are).

The food here is better than you would expect, and the meatloaf plate stands out. A couple of slices of tender meatloaf in gravy, a puddle of buttery potatoes, and just enough steamed broccoli to make it seem like a balanced meal. At $16, it’s a satisfying dinner for one chased down with a beer or a cocktail. Add a salad or an appetizer and this could be a lighter meal for two (or would be great to bring home for two kids to share.) This is ideal neighborhood comfort food.

St. James Gate
441 Amsterdam Ave (b/t 81st & 82nd Streets)
Featured Dish: Meatloaf
(212) 362-6202

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    1. Nicole says:

      I always enjoy going to St James!!! Their appetizer list has some of my most favorite.

      I may just go by tonight…

    2. Laura Sleeper says:

      I often refer to SJG as my “living room!” Love Paul and the gang so much.

      Great article….now I want their mashed potatoes….

    3. lynn says:

      Does anyone know if SJG does delivery, and if so is there a link to the full menu? I followed the Google links but there were only 4 items (salads) showing and links to the delivery services aren’t working. The photos of the food look great though! Thanks!

      • Genevieve says:

        St James Gate is definitely my favorite place and also the extension of my living room. All the food and drinks I’ve tried have been great. It’s definitely not typical ‘pub food’.

        • lynn says:

          Thank you so much for the detailed info, I really appreciate it! I had no idea that delivery services worked that way. I will definitely make it a point to go there in person. 🙂

      • Genevieve says:

        CORRECTION: @LYNN THEY DO DELIVER, BUT DO NOT USE DELIVERY SERVICES. Apologies for the misinformation; I will try to edit my original comment.

    4. Brish says:

      Brunch at St. James Gate is also amazing and their ‘Smashed Tomato’ Bloody Mary’s are simply the best! (yes, even Tina Turner loves them).

    5. Steven says:

      Thanks! I have not eaten there in awhile and was always curious how the meatloaf was. I’m more of a takeout person these days so will take your advice & order it for pickup this weekend.

    6. lucy says:

      The burgers at SJG are some of my family’s favorites.

    7. Carolyn Gallogly says:

      Love these comments because St. James Gate is a wonderful neighborhood meetingplace. The Guinness is great, and Paul never forgets your face. I too love the appetizers and burgers. Lots of food for the price. When I needed a spot for a small celebration for my husband’s 70th, Paul made us welcome. Try it!

    8. Siobhán says:

      We do deliver . We do not use delivery services such as postmaster or Uber eats
      Call the restaurant at
      212 362 6202 for delivery
      Thanks Siobhán -st James Gate

      • Steven says:

        Hi Siobhan, I can’t wait to come back in this weekend for takeout as I prefer to eat at home these days. My only suggestion is to update your website so the full menu is on there. When I clicked the link to it, all that is listed are 4-5 items then the page ends. Thank you and look forward to placing an order very soon.

    9. Steve M says:

      The Gate has been a wonderful part of the neighborhood for many, many years. Every time I bring friends and family there, Paul and the staff are incredibly welcoming. And the food is spectacular.

    10. Debbie Fabuan says:

      At James Gate has the best food and fabulous staff Paul is owner and couldn’t be nicer I’ve been going there for several years my daughter turned me on to the place and let me say probably the only place that has not raised their prices like every other upper west side restaurant has highly recommend

    11. Debbie Fabian says:

      Love St James Gate been going for years best food great staff Paul the owner couldn’t be nicer and they may be the only place that hasn’t raised their prices highly recommend

    12. LucyMac says:

      Siobhan and Paul are fantastic. The best Pub/Restaurant UWS & in Manhattan. Have done many parties there and everyone always enjoys!

    13. Vivsgirl says:

      I love the article and comments, but I would like SJG to provide a more appetizing pic of there food. We first taste with our eyes.

    14. CurryFan says:

      I LOVE the Curry Fries and the Chicken over rice with curry. Delicious!! SJG is our go to. The kids love eating upstairs. And a fantastic Guinness pour.

    15. Leo M says:

      Weve’e been going there for years – Great hosts – great place – great food. and drinks ! A real caring neighborhood place / ‘Ron & Leo The Meatloaf & St.Jame’s chicken are my favorites

    16. This whole article is boosterism pure and simple and is as a result entirely appropriate, save for the photo which drew me desperately near to licking my unhealthy monitor… though somehow I don’t think that was the objective & I just may have to consider this matter at further length before finally crossing the Rubicon to inhale the buttery…

      I can almost smell “the puddle of buttery” mash…

      Mm mm mm.

      • Alex says:

        SJG has been a neighborhood treasure for over a decade. Many thanks to Paul, Siobhán, Jorge and the rest of the crew.

    17. AC says:

      Paul and Siobhán run a good operation. And are very generous with their pours.

    18. Chrissy H says:

      Siobhán and Paul run the best Irish Pub in this city! The staff there including them and Mo, Jesus, Jorge, Owen, Danny and all the kitchen folks are wonderful!!! The food is not your average pub food .. it excellent .. the chicken nachos are not to missed! You may even get to have you favorite tunes put on the Spotify list 😎

      Slainte ❤️❤️❤️