Drop-In Testing Site Opens, and Another Is On Its Way

Testing Site in BP’s Northern Manhattan Office Opened Wednesday.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Newly sworn-in Manhattan Borough President (MBP) Mark Levine has opened a free COVID testing site in his Northern Manhattan Office at 431 West 125th Street, between Morningside and Amsterdam Avenues. The site will be open Mondays through Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., offering drop-in PCR tests, masks, and sanitizer. BP Levine is partnering with SOMOS Community Care, a healthcare network of nearly 2,500 providers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

And another pop-up city-run spot is opening soon on 64th:

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    1. kathleen treat says:

      Grand news! The more testing sites the better, particularly in underserved communities.

    2. Bobby Rose says:

      It would be very helpful if someone would make a comprehensive list of test sites with the following information:
      Tests performed

      Nice to hove:
      time to get results
      average wait time to get tested

      To start you off, I just found a site on Broadway corner 96th
      open 7 days per week 11:30 AM – 7:00 Pm, no charge, 3-5 days to get results, no wait to get tested

    3. Janis says:

      If you don’t mind paying and don’t want to stand in line, I paid $65 to get an Rapid Test with results in 19 minutes on my phone, at New Amsterdam Drug Mart, on Amsterdam between 93 & 94.
      Of course I would have preferred NOT to pay, but needed to know immediately for a v/o job I had coming up. And I would assume it would be tax deductible, at least.

      • rs says:

        I got tested there and never got the result, despite two phone calls to the lab and one to the pharmacy. Fortunately I didn’t need the result, as it turned out. I would recommend going somewhere else if the test result matters.

      • Deb Stanton says:

        You can get same day rapid test results – usually an hour – at the LabQ pop ups at 72nd and Broadway by Grey’s Papaya and on 86th Between Broadway and Amsterdam. No need to pay.

    4. JL says:

      Informative interview on Rapid Testing, Tuesday on Brian Lehrer.


      The first segment is approximately half hour long.

      The PCR test stays positive long after you’ve stopped being infectious.

    5. Danielle Kent says:

      Getting results from a test site in 3-5 days makes them useless. I’m still waiting to get results from a test I took at a LabworQ site on 12/23. There has to be more oversite of these sites!

      • Kevin says:

        Agreed. I checked in at CityMD west 104 at 3 pm.

        That made me #62 in the queue. Three hours later I’m now #32. Which means I’ll get poked in the nose around 9 pm…?

        All so I can wait 5+ days for a result.

        Useless theater.

    6. Deborah Nuremburg says:

      Walked by two testing sites west side of
      Broadway south of 86th. No lines at all

    7. EG says:

      If someone is looking for free covid tests being done wether you have insurance or not there are free tests done at 2512 Broadway, New York, NY 10025 in the newly opened discount mart between the verizon wireless and the pro image photo you get results in maximum 72 hours. I hope this information is able to help somebody.