Here’s the Dish: Bodega 88’s Vegetable Tacos

Two for $8, that’s a deal!

By Trish Anderton

I love the concept of veggie tacos, but so often the execution is disappointing: big, slimy-mushy chunks of vegetable that slide out of your taco with every bite. Bodega 88, the little sports bar (and actual former bodega) near my office on Columbus and 88th, has cracked the code. They dice the vegetables, then cook them lightly and marinate them. The veggies have texture and zing. Best of all, they stay in the tortilla instead of cascading down your shirt.

These tacos come with sour cream and a nice creamy guacamole, so they’re a substantial lunch. They’re also a pretty good deal at $8 for two. If you’re going for dinner—or a drinking lunch; who am I to judge?—maybe add a glass of their tasty sangria.

Bodega 88
573 Columbus Ave (at 88th)
Featured dish: Veggie Tacos (two for $8)
Monday-Sunday, noon – midnight

Thanks to Trish Anderton, director of public relations at Goddard Riverside Community Center for her contribution this week. We aren’t exactly drowning in submissions. If you like this column — and numbers say you do — please submit your own favorite UWS dish, with a photograph, to Thanks!

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      Bodega 88 has as great ropa vieja plate with rice, beans and maduros for $21.

    2. tim says:

      nice, thanks for the tip! el vez downtown used to have superb cauliflower tacos back in the day, haven’t seem them replicated anywhere..

    3. ST says:

      Bodega 88 has benefits from five times its inside area on the sidewalk and in its shed. It turned a quiet block into a raucous outside bar with very loud music. It makes you feel sorry for those who live above the half-block area it took over. When CB7 approved a small local bar, I doubt it envisioned this.