Outdoor ‘Cylindrical Gallery’ Offers New Exhibit of Local Artist’s Sketches and Paintings

Artist Stephen Galiczynski beside the Cylindrical Art Gallery. Photographs by Lynas, Stephen Galiczynski, and a passerby.

By Lisa Kava

A new art exhibit, “Three in One,” is currently on display at the West 83rd Street “Cylindrical Art Gallery,” on the southwest corner of Broadway and 83rd Street. The exhibit was installed at the beginning of October, and will remain through the end of December. It  includes three types of artwork by artist and Upper West Sider Stephen Galiczynski: pencil sketches and abstract and architectural paintings.

The Cylindrical Art Gallery is an outdoor kiosk, built in 1970 by a member of the West 83rd Street Block Association. It was originally used to post community news and notices. When those types of posts became outdated by technology, G. Lynas, a local artist and sand sculptor, adopted the kiosk and turned it into an outdoor art gallery where he curates exhibits. Each is on display for a three-month period, Lynas said. He looks out at the kiosk from his studio window.

Stephen Galiczynski and Lynas.

Lynas wraps the kiosk with acrylic to protect the art. He collaborates with each artist on the exhibition installations. Galiczynski is the 14th artist to display at the kiosk. Four large cityscapes, seven drip paintings, and 20 pencil sketches make up the show, Lynas told WSR, in a phone interview. “I always try to face the larger-scale pieces towards Broadway.”

“Steve was easy to work with, agreeable,” Lynas said. “We made decisions together about which works to include. A number of people passed by as we were setting up and made nice comments about the show.”

“For years, I walked by the kiosk when I took my kids to the playground,” Galiczynski told WSR. “Then, I noticed the “grotesques” on the doorway of Lynas’s building, and, as an artist who sketches grotesques, I buzzed to get in. Lynas and I spoke about many things.” Then, he attended the opening of Galiczynksi’s show at the St. Agnes Library earlier this year. Now, there is the Cylindrical Art Gallery show.

The kiosk.

The kiosk has suffered from weather- and traffic-related damage over the years. Most recently, “the roof of the kiosk has become uneven and damaged from parked trucks,” said Gail Dubov, president of the West 83rd Street Block Association. Repairs to the roof were planned for last spring, but put on hold because of the pandemic. Lynas, who has personally helped repair the kiosk in the past, said he will reach out to contractors in the spring of 2022 to get bids for the roof repair project.

Galiczynski’s work has been featured in various New York City art shows, including The MET’s 150th Anniversary Design Contest, the Rockefeller Center Flag Project, Columbus Avenue’s Arts on the Avenue, and at the St. Agnes Library on Amsterdam Avenue (81-82). Galiczynski also works with architects and designers to stage homes for sale. He is represented by the Peg Alston Fine Arts Gallery, 407 Central Park West, where a show is being planned for a future date.

For more information about the artist Stephen Galiczynski, go to https://www.stevegart.com.

If you’d like to learn more about the artist and curator, G. Lynas, go to www.sandsong.com

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    1. What a wonderful article, Lisa. Thank you so much.

      • JL says:

        Glad to see people being social and shaking bands again. I will check out your work.

        Be safe on the road.

    2. Sharon savino says:

      Steve Galiczynski is a talented artist and penultimate upper west sider! I will plan to visit this installment!

    3. Wonderful to see my old friend Steve enjoying the success and recognition he so richly deserves!

    4. Tony lorenzo says:

      Steve is an eternal optimist ,loving father, and talented artist. Bravo !

    5. Brett says:

      I’ve always love having this Litfaß Säule (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Litfa%C3%9F)in our neighborhood and now it’s looking more beautiful than ever!

    6. Reine E. says:

      It is really great to see this wonderful collaboration comes to life. Steve is such a diverse artist with so many talents. I will make sure to stop by to see the installation in person. Congratulations Steve, you deserve all the best .