Compost is Coming! Sanitation Department Will Add UWS Pickups After Linda Rosenthal Steps In

Composting is coming back to the Upper West Side after a lengthy absence due to budget cuts during Covid. The return of composting is rolling out citywide in sections, depending on demand, but the UWS was initially left off. Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal wrote to the department to expedite service and now it will be returning as of Nov. 1.

To get your building on the list, visit Buildings with 10 or more units must have a building manager, owner, or other authorized representative sign their building up.

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    1. tim says:

      excellent, thank you LR and to WR for getting the word out!

    2. allison says:

      Thank you Linda! It’s important to also raise awareness that these are “rat proof” bins, so as we all know there are rats everywhere (and now leptospirosis caused by rats)! Anyone who wants to deter rats should sign up for this program! ASAP!

    3. EILEEN says:

      YAY Linda Rosenthal….looking forward to UWS COMPOSTING!!!!

    4. Sharon says:

      Thank you Linda and all the uws citizens who called dsny and our elected officials to say the Uws should not be left out of curbside compost. Shows how our individual actions can make a difference.

    5. MAD says:

      Rat proof bins?? Really?? This looks like hard plastic to me. Rats can chew through much worse. While the idea might be a good one, I’m not sure it is very sanitary. Anyone else think so?

      • Ben says:

        Yes, they are rat proof, so long as they are properly latched closed. You never see one with a rat hole gnawed in the bottom.

        Composting is one of the most effective means of rat control. So grateful to our engaged community for bringing it back.

      • RB says:

        They are FAR more rat-proof than the current thin film black trash bags and occasional Rubbermaid garbage cans that currently line our streets and back alleys.

    6. Lincoln10023 says:

      Thank you. That’s great news! The Westside earthworms and compost eating microorganisms are celebrating tonight!

    7. bonita says:

      that is right. everybody i know wants composting in our building. i started it in mine. thanks for following it up Linda

    8. Gail says:

      Thank you Linda! We have missed composting and can’t figure out why we weren’t included in the initial rollout. I hope the UWS will have compost pickups again soon.