Lincoln Square Reopenings Accelerate, With 5 Restaurants Coming Back

Atlantic Grill.

The Lincoln Square section of the Upper West Side, covering West 59th to West 72nd, park to park, is arguably the arts and cultural center of NYC. The Lincoln Square Business Improvement District (BID), which maintains and enhances the area, reports that it has come “roaring back to life,” fueled by the reopening of Lincoln Center, the opening of several new stores and restaurants, and, in recent weeks, the reopening of the following fine dining establishments.

Atlantic Grill (50 W. 65th St. between Broadway and Central Park West) — Led by new owners, the Monte Carlo Hospitality Group and  Michelin-starred Chef Antonio Salvatore, the new menu features fresh seafood and gourmet meats, with a Mediterranean flair, in a redesigned, more intimate space (212)362–7800. We wrote about it here.

Boulud Sud (20 West 64th St between Broadway and Central Park West) – Chef Daniel Boulud’s Mediterranean inspired restaurant reopened just in time for the opera. (212) 595-1313

The Grand Tier Restaurant inside the Metropolitan Opera (30 Lincoln Center Plaza) – Recently reopened for dinner, and guests do not need a Metropolitan Opera ticket to dine. 212-799-3400

Lincoln Ristorante (142 W. 65th St. at Lincoln Center Plaza) — Now reopened for dinner with a brand new, fall menu with amazing dishes including Branzino and Black Angus Filet Mignon. 212-359-6500

P.J. Clarke’s, Lincoln Square (44 W. 63rd St. at Columbus Ave) – Reopened in September, PJ’s famous sliders and parmesan truffle fries are back, Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 10:00pm. 212.957.9700. We wrote about it here.

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    1. J.L. Rivers says:

      The new incarnation of Boulud Sud has an impressive Mediterranean menu paired with beautiful wines.

    2. Susan says:

      Always great news hearing about new restaurants and old favorites reopening!

    3. Ethan says:

      While it’s certainly great news that our local restaurants are reopening, I think it should be acknowledged that the dining scene in the Lincoln Center vicinity is terrible. Even putting aside price and value, the places tend to be bland, generic monstrosities, and with terrible service. To anyone who is visiting the area and who is unfamiliar with where to eat, I always send them down 9th Ave, below 59th, where things get much, much more interesting food-wise.

      • lynn says:

        So you’re including all of the restaurants on the list? I just make reservations at Lincoln Restaurante. 😮

        • John E. says:

          Keep your reservation at Lincoln. Although expensive, the service is excellent and the food is very good. Not to mention the restaurant’s interior is beautiful. We always enjoyed dinner at this place.

          Very happy Lincoln is back!

      • John E. says:

        Ethan, 25 years ago the restaurant scene around Lincoln Center was pathetic and the options on the entire UWS were “terrible”.

        But now Boulud Sud, Bar Boulud and Lincoln have definitely raised the bar for better restaurants in the Lincoln Center area. I doubt very much if there are restaurants that are comparable to these on 9th Ave.

      • UWSider too says:

        All the restaurants around Lincoln Square are boring Old People restaurants.

        • sg says:

          Then you better head downtown to the LES or maybe even cross the water to BKLYN, you know where all the cool kids are.

        • John E. says:

          Stop complaining and move to a younger or hipper neighborhood.

          Why would you want to live on the UWS? It’s not the aspirational place that it was back in the 80’s. If you haven’t noticed it’s probably the best neighborhood to retire in. Get out while you can unless you’re still living with your parents…

    4. Marian Lamin says:

      Hope Atlantic Grill is keeping its three course pre fixe lunch menu. One of the best deals on UWS even if they charge a little more. But I’m afraid new owner/chef will up prices considerably.

    5. Sandy says:

      Had dinner at Atlantic Grill on Thursday. The prices are astronomical. Have eaten there prior to their recent owners and the food was always delicious and well priced but now, the fish comes with nothing, the portions are small and the prices are ridiculous.
      Will not return!

      • Bronx Boy says:

        At least on the 64th Street side, Atlantic Grill is still deeply under renovation. Did they open up on 65th? (Yes, I was too lazy to walk around the block to find out).