Openings and Reopenings: Plum Vietnamese, PJ Clarke’s, Sunloom, Gourmet Square, and More

Plum Vietnamese Restaurant has soft-opened at 210 West 94th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam, the former home of Vino Levantino. They’ve got some exciting chef’s specials, like the shaken steak and egg and Vietnamese crepe. Check out the menu here. Thanks to Andrew for the tip.

After an extended closure PJ Clarke’s reopened last week at 44 West 63rd Street, with service on Thursday through Sunday from noon to 9 p.m. Thanks to Thomas and Jonathan for the tips.

Gourmet Square Mini Market and Deli is replacing Capezio at 201 Amsterdam Avenue between 69th and 70th Streets. Thanks to Andrew for the tip.

Sunloom has opened at 322 Columbus Avenue, between 75th and 76th Streets. It seems to be the reincarnated La di da dee, a clothing store from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We’ve already heard from a customer. Lynn Ross said: “While walking down Columbus, I saw that a new store had opened. And in their window was an adorable cardigan. I tried it on. I loved it and the price was very reasonable. The owner was so accommodating and helpful. I will go back. It’s so nice to be able to support new small businesses in the neighborhood.” Thanks to Emily for the tip.

The Turnstyle underground shopping area has several openings, according to Susan Fine, who designed Turnstyle. They include:

Frankie’s Dogs: new twist on the New York Hot Dog- signature Dogs, pretzel buns and sausages

Blintz Box: artisan stuffed blintzes from the Czar Nicholas-buttered blintz with side of red caviar to The Kreamy Kiev, Creamy portobello mushrooms sautéed with onions and sour cream to the
The Hot Italian, Crispy breaded chicken, shredded cheese, and homemade marinara sauce.

Low Carb Labs: keto diet based, noodle bowls with proteins and veggies; cauliflower pizza with an array of toppings

Criollas: Authentic Argentine Baked Empanadas all with local ingredients

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    1. J. L. Rivers says:

      Boulud Sud is also reopening tomorrow night with a reinvented Mediterranean menu.

    2. Tim says:

      Is DiDi Dumpling also still going to open in part of the former Capezio space?

    3. Sue says:

      Pasha, the Turkish restaurant on W. 71st, closed for good.

    4. Tim says:

      Is the Gourmet Square Market the entire space that was formerly Capezio? Or did they split it up?

    5. bravo says:

      Where is Blintz Box located? Can’t find it anywhere.

    6. Steven Barall says:

      There are several mini mart places in the area north of Lincoln Center either open now or under construction. I assume they’re planning on making their money selling pot. You have to figure that the UWS will have dozens of pot stores open in the next year. This is really the story of store front real estate on the Upper West Side.

      • nyc10023 says:

        pot store complaints are the new homeless men at the lucerne complaints.


      • Skunkweed says:

        Someone needs to explain who in their right mind thought 2 CBD “dispensaries” needed to be on top of each other on the 70/71 Street McDonald’s block. They don’t sell pot, and from the smell of things walking down any block, the market is already filled.

      • nope says:

        The rules for where weed shops will be able to open have not been fully written – the guv just appointed the needed folks to the board that will write the rules. At a minimum they will have to be at least 500 feet away from a “school grounds” and 250 feet away from a “house of worship”. The board will be able to make additional rules.

    7. Trish Anderton says:

      More Vietnamese is always good! And Plum’s menu looks interesting.

      I’ll never get over the loss of Brazilian Llama Party from Turnstyle, but I will try to keep an open mind while sampling the new joints.

    8. Dan says:

      I saw inside this new mini market the other night as they had the doors open to receive deliveries. The shelves were mostly stocked and actually filled with food! I did not see any marijuana paraphernalia. Mostly cereal, soda, snapples, and other typical corner store items.

      I think they did split the capezio space in half and hopefully that dumpling restaurant is taking the other half.

    9. steve Goodman says:

      What is going into the old Rickies on 72nd? Saw a coming soon sign in the window

      • SaavyLincolnSquarer says:

        Halloween is coming, the old Ricky’s 72 St space will likely be a pop-up costume store just like previously years.

    10. Jane M says:

      Liked Sunbloom! Nice, casual women’s clothes at a reasonable price. And not a chain store! Bought a nice sweater and will definitely go back.

    11. Curious Westsider says:

      Does anyone know what store/restaurant is going into the corner Store of West 75th St the North West corner? Lots of recent activity but no sign yet. Curious if any of you savvy Upper Westsiders know?
      The previous Owners were an Indian restaurant for about 20 years.