Thursday: Music and Light Show Will Highlight Sad State of Soldiers and Sailors Monument

The Riverside Parks Conservancy is promoting an event Thursday night that will call attention to the deteriorating state of the Soldier’s and Sailors Monument in the park at 89th Street

The show is being put on by the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Association (SSMA), a group “dedicated to preserving the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ monument” and will take place on the promenade below the monument from 7 to 9 p.m.

“Join us for live period music and a lighting of the structure. The event will include a fascinating narrative of the history, current challenges, and vision for the future of the Monument.”

It’s free to attend, but they’re suggesting donations of $25.

We wrote about the challenges to the monument here.

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    1. LL says:

      I live right down the street and this sounds like a great idea. The monument is looking ao bad

    2. Neil Betson says:

      Due to forecasted rain, the event has been postponed to to the following Thursday, Sept 30, between 7 and 9 pm.

      • Janis says:

        Thank you, Neil.

        We attend the Memorial Day event every year since, as I recall, the mid 1980’s. It was when there were only a handful of people who attended.

        My husband, a Vietnam Veteran, and I are working tomorrow night and would have been so disappointed to miss this event.

        See you on the 30th!

    3. Susan Xenarios says:

      Wonderful that they are doing this. I won’t be able to be there but definitely want to contribute!! Please send info on how to help.

    4. Carlos says:

      A few of the ultra-rich in the neighborhood could easily fork over the money to fix this and wouldn’t even notice that the money was gone.

      • James says:

        Right, why should the city take any responsibility for its property. In fact why don’t we get the rich to pay for the whole park. Oh, wait. They already do.

    5. Pedestrian says:

      Maintenance is key. Like the Monument out cot is fall apart because maintenance
      Isn’t fun it’s work requires a real commitment
      To good government,

      Our political leaders are committed to photo ops and greed. As a result our streets
      Crumble and our drains don’t work,

    6. Jeanne Chappell says:

      How do I donate ?

    7. Sam Koo says:

      It’s about time.
      I won’t be able to attend but wish to make a donation.
      Can I send it to WSR?

    8. GrumpyOldMan says:

      Perhaps the useless Upper West Side politicians might do something to justify their existence and bring pressure on the worst mayor in NYC’s history and the Parks Department to dedicate funds to rehabilitate this monument.

    9. Peter says:

      Surprised this is still here. This is the anti American anti military UWS. Why would this be maintained? When you openly root for the destruction of America this is the last thing you maintain.

    10. Carol says:

      I feel badly when I see teenagers skateboarding on the monument steps. What will prevent them from skating after repairs are done?

      • Nevets K says:

        They don’t skate INSIDE the monument, but on and around the plaza. And good for them as they are no threat to pedestrians or cars or bicycles and are having fun!
        Also, it’s not clear what part of the monument is in need of repair. Moreover, WHO or what agency declared or determined that it was in need of repair? The sign on the chain link fence is (intentionally?) beyond vague.

    11. Immigrant says:

      There are Intrepid sea, air, space museum in 42nd street, general grand national memorial in 123rd street, that explains human rights movement like BLM. All on West side along Hudson river.
      Combining them all, Federal Museum budget could look after operational costs. Museum advertisement would bring more tourists, visitors, school trip to understand American history at gorgeous monuments. NYC has something to show about ancient time before broadway musical and stock market.