Openings & Closings: Sherry Herring, Afternoon, Wau, Sapps, Atlantic Grill Reborn, Beard Papa’s, Swatch

Wau indeed!

As Fall gets set to start, there’s lots of openings and closings news on the Upper West Side.

Sherry Herring, the Israeli shop known for its herring sandwiches, has opened at 245 West 72nd Street, the former home of Jeannie’s Dream. They don’t currently have any herring (!) but there are lots of other fish sandwiches and other delicacies to try. Sue and Mike tell us that “We had a smoked tuna sandwich that rocked our world. Gonna try the sardines from Portugal tomorrow. Has to be in the running for best sandos in the city.” Sherry is apparently en route too.

A new coffee shop called Afternoon is coming to 2785 Broadway/108th street. The website shows a unique array of food and drinks, including mochi donuts, Croffles (croissants baked in a waffle iron), and Korean rice encrusted hot dogs. “The cafe was briefly mentioned in an Eater article about croffles, and their website says the Columbia location is coming soon,” notes our tipster Anna.

The new Atlantic Grill at 49 West 64th Street is expecting to open at the end of September. Monte Carlo Hospitality Group has taken over ownership from Landry’s and says it has refreshed the space. The food will be “a creative interpretation bringing together the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean” and there will be an aquarium in the front and a raw fish bar.

Wau, a new Malaysian restaurant at 434 Amsterdam Avenue in the former Tangled Vine location between 80th and 81st, is getting close to opening. The menu is already up on Seamless. Thanks to Sue, Mike and Alison for the tips.

Cream puff store Beard Papa’s on 77th and Broadway looks like it’s closed permanently. Thanks to Charles and Jeff for the tips.

A new Japanese restaurant called Sapps is opening in the former home of E’s bar at 2888 Broadway between 112th and 113th. There’s another location in Long Island City that gets pretty good reviews on Yelp. “If you need a Japanese fix this is a good spot. The service is good. The food is typical American Japanese and some items you don’t normally see such as Chicken Skin skewer and Churros. The Rolls are good as is the Salmon Teriyaki. Give it a try,” one said. See the dinner menu here. Thanks to Rochelle for the tip.

The Swatch store on the corner of 72nd and Columbus has cleared out. It’s not on the Swatch website anymore and is listed as permanently closed on Google. Thanks to Terry, Dana and Craig for the tips.

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    1. Amy says:

      Yes! Wau’s menu looks amazing—have missed good Malaysian food on the UWS since Penang left.

    2. Marian Lamin says:

      Hope Atlantic Grill keeps $39 pre fixe lunch. A winner

    3. Jan says:

      super location for something great!

    4. J. L. Rivers says:

      The Swatch store on 72nd and Columbus was there for at least 27 years. I remember buying several watches there in the mid-90s. I have an emotional attachment to the brand.

    5. Susan says:

      Always good to hear about new businesses opening. Sorry about the loss of the Swatch store and Beard Papa’s.

    6. Chris says:

      So sorry to see Beard Papa’s close. Pricey treats but
      always fresh and delicious!

    7. George CPW says:

      Before there was Sherry Herring, there was Cherry Heering, a sweet liqueur made in Denmark by the Heering family from cherries. I suspect that Sherry Herring is a play on the name of this almost forgotten liqueur.

    8. Irate Partisan says:

      Beard Papa’s! Nothing gold can stay.

    9. Joe R. says:

      Noooooo!!! Not Beard Papa! That was one of the best desserts on the UWS, and I loved sharing them with people.

    10. s fredricks says:

      Good Bye Swatch! Hate to see you go! Beard Papa’s hate to see you go, too!

      I hope the Atlantic Grill has better food than in the past

    11. UWSScaffold says:

      It looks like “Afternoon” is going into the space that was Kim’s Cleaners. Seems like the old 107West would be too big…

    12. jSunnys Mom says:

      Does anyone know what store is going into the North West corner of West 75th St and Columbus Ave? I know someone here is a savvy Westsdider sleuth and can find the answer. I have tried to no avail. Perhaps one of the readers here has some insight? They are making progress but no sign yet.

    13. Elliot Podwill says:

      The new Malaysian restaurant WAU (434 Amsterdam/81st) opens Friday, September 10, 5:00. Wishing them well.

    14. Doug Corrigan says:

      Wau makes an awful sidewalk bottleneck with their outdoor dining shed.

      Can restaurants just build whatever they want now ?

      • AC says:

        I agree it has gotten out of control with these outdoor extensions. I beleive our previous governor extended this outdoor dinning feature through 2022. Afterwards, they were to be charged a fee. In some areas, the ‘walkable’ sidewalk width is only 48″. If it isn’t a tree or bike rack adjacent to the restaurant extension, it is something else obstructing the path.