Dumpling Spot and 4 Other New Restaurants and Bars Coming to Lincoln Square

Photo by Joanne.

Several new businesses are opening in the West 60s, including spots that serve dumplings, falafel and baked goods.

The Lincoln Square Business Improvement District sent out news about the new food and drink establishments, which include a few familiar names. Here’s their rundown:

In addition, a new pet store is coming to the former HSBC at 2025 Broadway (70th), and a jewelry store named UNOde50 is coming to the Shops at Columbus Circle.


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    1. Ellie says:

      I am very happy to see that new restaurants and stores are opening on the UWS!

    2. Jeanette says:

      Wonderful to see all these new businesses opening! Let’s be sure to support them all. Let’s keep our neighborhood vibrant and fun!

    3. Sims says:

      Thank you for the news of new businesses coming to out neighborhood! It’s just great to see things are happening. I love getting your Emails!

    4. Arielp says:

      You report that the new Didi Dumpling is opening up at 201 Amsterdam Ave at W. 69th. Sounds great. Only problem is that the Grand Gourmet Mini Mart/deli just opened in that space 2 weeks ago. Hm-m -m …seems to be a bit of a conflict…

      • Tom says:

        Did they split up the former Capezio space or is Grand Gourmet all of it?

      • Liz says:

        There isn’t a conflict as the space has been divided, and workers are actively engaged in the DiDi location. Looking forward to the opening…

    5. Jens says:

      I’m all for new restaurants in the area and happy to see some new comers, but new restaurants bring a new volume of garbage to the neighborhood. I used to love walking down Columbus between 68th and 66th and now the blocks are just filled with trash on a regular basis and rude delivery bikers on the side walk. I hope the LSBID is equally as invested in keeping the neighborhood clean on a regular basis.

      • On the Other Hand says:

        Re: “rude delivery bikers on the side walk.”
        1. On the sidewalk? Haven’t seen THAT too often; HAVE seen them speeding down the dedicated bike lane…speeding b/c the more deliveries they make the more they earn, which is NOT a heck of a lot;
        2. rude? Maybe b/c Covid precautions have forced many larger buildings to state the food must be left with the doorman, thus depriving the “Deliverista” of a customary tip. Yes, many customers do ask the restaurant to add a tip to the bill…but who knows if the deliverer ever gets that money.

      • Tara says:

        WSR commenters complain about EVERYTHING. Complain for years about empty storefronts, and now with news that they will no longer be empty, complaints become “trash will increase.” This endless negativity is frustrating.

    6. Mark Moore says:

      Another Mamoun’s. The first one is very popular, maybe some of the people walking up to it will go south now and make it easier for the rest of us to the north.

    7. John E. says:

      Nice to see some life and hopefully some stability along that stretch of Amsterdam Ave. I am looking forward to patronizing those new food establishments when they open and wish them the best of luck.

    8. Joe says:

      Great to have new restaurants
      But when is Charles’s pan fried kitchen going to finally open on 72nd Street??

    9. Jim says:

      Will the Rosetta Bakery sell Rosetta scones?

    10. Joanne says:

      That seafood place sounds really nice. And happy to see a new pet store opening up. We lost at least 3 in the vicinity.

    11. Wanda says:

      With prices surging it’s all I can do to buy groceries. Just can’t do restaurants any more. But it’s still nice to see other people enjoying themselves.

    12. Dee says:

      Can’t wait for the new Mamoun’s Falafel! A Greenwich Village classic!