Openings and Reopenings: Starbucks, New Deli, Arc’teryx, Bicycle Renaissance, Smoke Jazz Club

A new Starbucks is opening on Columbus between 67th and 68th Streets, not far from the former Starbucks on the corner of 67th and Columbus that closed in 2016, inspiring Tony Danza to ask the mayor why the rent in this city is so damn high. As we reported last year, this location is small and may end up mostly being for pick-up orders. Thanks to Nancy for the tip.

A deli appears to be replacing the former GNC on west 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus. Thanks to Nadine for the tip.

Arc’teryx, a Canadian outdoor clothing company, is opening in the former Saje space at 156 Columbus Avenue on July 17, the company said. There’s a giveaway at the opening for people who register and “throughout the month of July we’ll also be giving our community the opportunity to come by the Arc’teryx Upper West Side Store to “spin the wheel” and win prizes!” Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

And now for some reopenings…

There’s action (and bicycles) again inside Bicycle Renaissance on Columbus Avenue between 80th and 81st Street, which closed last year but was quickly saved by new owners. Thanks to Seth for the tip.

Smoke Jazz Club on 106th and Broadway is expecting to reopen this summer, according to a note posted on the club window. Thanks to Christine for the tip.

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    1. B.B. says:

      Starbucks is about halfway through a global process that will see fewer full service coffee shops of old, and more smaller and or pick-up only locations.

      Model Starbucks used since inception is gradually going away for most part.

      Days of large Starbucks locations that encourage people to lounge for hours as a sort of home away from home will mostly go away.

      In addition to fewer locations (after virtually swamping some areas with multiple locations blocks apart), what Starbucks stores there are will be smaller and tightly focused.

    2. Nschneider says:

      Excited – Smoke Jazz Club is opening up!
      Let’s support our neighborhood Jazz Club.

    3. Bikes4Us says:

      I believe by the sign in the photo, Bicycle Renaissance is going by Hilltop now. Bummer, seems like it is a chain:

      • Leon says:

        The horror! A “chain” with six locations, all within 30 miles of here. Capitalism at its worst! Let the UWS proletariat rise up and stick it to the man! Meanwhile, the Republicans focus on important issues and are going to take back Congress and the White House while we are worried about this.

        I support local businesses when possible. But this is not exactly the Amazon of bike shops.

      • Cato says:

        Aren’t bicycles supposed to have chains??

    4. Josh says:

      Well, it ain’t named “Renaissance” (re-birth) for nothing! Glad it was saved!

    5. James Brummel says:

      great a Starbucks near where another Starbucks failed. the free market at work.

      • B.B. says:

        That Starbucks didn’t fail per se. IIRC rent went up and the increase was more than SB was willing to pay.

        SB has been closing many of their older larger stores and opening smaller places near previous location for a few years now.

        First SB in NYC opened 21 years ago in 2014 at 87th and Broadway. Over past two decades things have changed dramatically.

        Real estate costs have gone up, and SB’s previous business model of having people lounge around for hours ordering one drink (if any) no longer is profitable.

        SB has obviously decided for many stores they are in the business of selling drinks and food. Not being an after school/senior center, coffee klatch, library, and home office place that offers free public lavatories and WiFi.

        Smaller stores are not only less expensive to run, but generate greater sales per square foot.

    6. jimbo says:

      Hey Smoke—PLEASE improve the food.

      • BillW says:

        I thought the food was great the last few times I ate there. Certainly equal to other jazz clubs. Anyway I’m thrilled they’re reopening.

    7. chow says:

      Pet Market opened a second location on West 72nd…replacing the Dramatics NYC that moved to Broadway….

    8. UWS Dad says:

      Yay Smoke

    9. M says:

      Any information on what will be opening at the corner of 67th Street and Amsterdam Avenue (the former Brian’s Deli next to Old John’s Diner)? There are some renovations going on and it has some new interior brick walls.

    10. Joanne says:

      Does anyone know what deli is opening on the southeast corner of 72nd and West End? There was a diner there (Pier 72) that closed during the pandemic but I saw a sign that said a deli was opening.

    11. Marianne says:

      So thrilled Smoke jazz club is re-opening, another indicator, hopefully our jazz scene in NYC is coming back!