Early Voting Starts Saturday; Brush Up on Your Choices

By Carol Tannenhauser

Early voting in the 2021 New York primaries starts today — Saturday, June 12! To find out where you vote early (it will likely be different from your traditional polling place), fill your address in here.

There are less than two weeks until primary election day on June 22nd. This is the first year New Yorkers will be voting using ranked-choice voting, where people can rank their choices for nearly all the positions (the exception this year is District Attorney, where you only get to choose one person.)

Walking down Columbus Avenue the other day, a woman was overheard asking another, “So, who do you like for mayor?” “Who’s running?” her companion inquired.

Yikes! It had to be an aberration. This is the Upper West Side, land of well-informed voters and high turnout.

We asked the next 15-or-so random people we met along Columbus, “So, who do you like for mayor?” Not one was sure, either who was running or who would get their vote. Follow-up questions about candidates for City Council elicited blanker stares, and one, “What’s that?”

Have no fear. Right after the national elections concluded, WSR started a series of articles to prepare readers for local elections, and it’s time to check them out (again, if you already read them once!). Term limits have led to most of the city’s government turning over, and ranked-choice voting is being used. A lot has happened since those early articles, but the candidates’ essential positions on the issues facing the neighborhood and city have remained consistent — or intensified.

The answer to What is the City Council? is here, along with links to all our City Council and Mayoral candidate interviews below.

City Council District 6

Gale Brewer

Maria Danzilo

David Gold

Sara Lind

Jeffrey Omura

Zack Weiner

Mayoral Candidates

Kathryn Garcia

Maya Wiley

Dianne Morales

Scott Stringer

Andrew Yang

Shaun Donovan

Ray McGuire

Eric Adams (In process)


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    1. Chris says:

      Problem is there is no one to vote for in these primaries as they are all Marxist ideologs. Sad state of affairs.
      Maybe the Republican’s can find a palatable candidate or we are done.

      • Alan Barnes says:

        As a Marxist, I take exception to your characterization & as a politically-astute UWSer, to your uneducated attempt at character-assassination. Ms. Morales is the only one who could reasonably be called a leftist (which doesn’t = Marxist), while Ms. Wiley & Scott Stringer are traditional liberals, a distinct difference. (I omit the “Mr. for Scott since I’ve known him as a friend to & a politico of the UWS since the outset of his career.) All the rest shade as rightward as advisable in this liberal city, though presumably far to the left of you.

        • nemo paradise says:

          I refer you to Richard Feynman’s famous anecdote about his father and taxonomy.

          “You see, this fellow can tell you all the names a thrush has — its scientific name, its name in German, and French, and so on — but that doesn’t tell you anything about the bird.”

          It is strange, however, that a self-identified “Marxist” should consider calling a candidate a “Marxist” to be “character-assassination.”

          • bravo says:

            Freudian slip.

          • Alan Barnes says:

            I said it was his “attempted character assassination” because he obviously meant it to be a pejorative, an absurd one, but one nonetheless. (But you didn’t really need me to explain that, did you? You were just attempting to be clever.)

      • D says:

        You’re a lazy thinker. Life isn’t one of you stupid bumper stickers. Get a dictionary and learn what Marxism means before you insist on using the word incorrectly.

    2. Leon says:

      Thank you WSR for your coverage of the elections.

      Anyone who cares about NYC must vote. We are at a major inflection point. Vote for candidates who want to make New York a safe place for all people to live, do business and go to school. Vote for candidates who want to bring us all together to help everyone, not by demonizing the police, the educated and the upper class.

      Improve schools by strengthening the weak ones, not weakening the strong ones. Make police more accountable but treat them as our friends because 99% of them are.

    3. Klass Klown says:

      THANK YOU:
      1. to Mr. Barnes, for his excellent explanation (B/T/W, I, too, am sort of a “Marx”-ist, but I much prefer Groucho to the others!;
      2. and to Leon for “Vote for candidates who want to bring us all together to help everyone, not by demonizing the police, the educated and the upper class.”

    4. Frustrated says:

      WSR – when will you have the Eric Adams interview?

      Considering early voting has started, I don’t think this is fair to him as a candidate.

      As much as I am grateful for your interviews and commend you for doing them, with early voting already in action, this is a disservice to Eric Adams.

      • WSR says:

        Unfortunately, we have been unable to schedule with Eric Adams so far. We are continuing to try.

    5. Sid says:

      Shouldn’t candidates be listed in alphabetical order? Is the Rag trying to suggest an order to our Rank?

    6. EL says:

      Don’t rank Adams or Yang.

    7. Phyllis Jackson says:

      Hopefully AOC can push Maya to victory and can then take out Chuckie herself, leaving the gov slot for DiBlasio! One can only hope.

    8. Suzanne Bonser says:

      to find your early voting site:

    9. Thanks says:

      Carol, this feature really is a public service. Thank you!