‘A Collective Oh No!’ La Mirabelle Has Closed — But There’s Hope!

Photograph by Ed Hersh.

By Carol Tannenhauser

“Long-time neighborhood mainstay La Mirabelle, which closed as the pandemic began, appears now to be gone for good,” long-time Upper West Sider Ed Hersh emailed West Side Rag at around 6 p.m. on Saturday.

At around 10 p.m., we learned that the celebrated French restaurant is indeed gone, but, hopefully, not for good.

“We will reopen in a new location in the very near future,” a representative from the restaurant, identifying themselves as NC, answered the Rag’s query. We assume that means on the UWS, but we’re awaiting confirmation. “We will definitely let you know when we do! We appreciate all the support throughout the years!”

Ed Hersh’s email was one of several tips about the closing of the restaurant that the Rag received. Earlier, one had come in with no message, simply a photograph of La Mirabelle with a large “For Lease” sign in the window, under the subject heading: “A collective oh no!”

In between the two tips, WSR verified that La Mirabelle’s phone was not in working order, you couldn’t book a table there through Open Table, nor place an order for takeout or delivery.

“Because of its location by a bus stop, outdoor dining wasn’t really an option for them, the owner told me when I saw him briefly last winter,” Ed added. “The place has a long history, starting over on 86th between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive, and, more recently, on 86th and Columbus.”

Here is how USA Today described La Mirabelle a few years ago, when they placed it number five on their list of the ten best French restaurants in all of New York CIty:

La Mirabelle often appears at the top of lists of most loved neighborhood restaurants. Unstuffy, honest and gentle, its patrons have been returning for decades. Annick Le Douaron, a transplanted Breton, brought her love of bistro fare, fresh ingredients and European hospitality to this corner of the city. Although this chatelaine of La Mirabelle passed away [in 2015], her daughter Natalie and her husband have embraced the role. Highly recommended is the roasted duckling with plums, which is crispy, juicy, while the sweetbreads are rich and memorable. The dining room is cozy but not crowded and unlike many new venues, you need not strain to hear your dining partner. Softly lit, the walls are decorated with Gallic paintings of rustic scenes that set the tone. Ever since La Mirabelle debuted in 1984, it has cultivated loyal patronage that spans generations.

And generations to come, hopefully! We will keep you posted.

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    1. George Jacques says:


    2. Brett Mann says:

      C’est dommage.

    3. Bill says:

      I’ll miss the Bastille Day dinners with madame leading us in a rousing rendition of “La Marseillaise”, then segueing into a solo turn with “La Vie En Rose.”

    4. Tag Gross says:

      We thought Santa Fe was gone and it came back so hopefully, La Mirabelle will return!

    5. John Wright says:

      A very sad day…we have been going there for 24 years and always enjoyed the food and the wonderful wait staff not to mention the owners. A neighborhood icon really. I may go back to church to pray they reopen soon anywhere!

    6. Corinne Schlam says:

      My heart broke when I saw the for lease sign last week. This is my favorite neighborhood restaurant and one of my all time favorites. You always feel welcome and at home here.This is for sure the best duck ever! So special and the staff so welcoming. I am heartened to know that they may move to another space, hopefully with outdoor dining.Lets hope!

    7. Laurie Kennedy says:

      Oh no

    8. Marina Engel says:

      Pls let us know about La Mirabelle. We’ve seen eating there for more than 40 years and miss it terribly

    9. Ruth Weisberg says:

      Please please reopen when you can. whenever I come to New York ( I’m in California ) I have eaten at La Mirabelle. It is a GREAT favorite. Yes to the Duck and especially the Sweetbreads. I really really hope for your return.

    10. Roger Wolfe says:

      A sad day for upper wet siders who enjoyed a very good meal and good service. The additional joy was the ability to have table conversation. It was a good restaurant for long tome UWS and especially senior citizens! I will miss the restaurant and I hope that they reopen at a new location.

    11. chocolatesugarqueen says:

      Fingers crossed and wishes made that they open somewhere close to their old restaurant on 86th so we can still walk there! We love the restaurant and staff! They always gave a generous pour of every drink and their food superb! My favorite go to restaurant when friends visit or I just want to go out with my wonderful husband. I’ve missed them during the pandemic.

    12. Penny Fuller says:

      Oh NOOOOOOOoooooo!

    13. Fabius Fox says:

      We sincerely hope it reopens. Do you have any contact information for Natalie or Loic or anyone connected with the place? We have been going there for over 30 years and never had a bad meal.

    14. Diana Erbsen says:

      There are several vacant restaurant spaces between 106th and 108th and Broadway. I hope la Mirabelle moves into one of them.

    15. Marina Engel says:

      we have been eating at La Mirabelle for over 60 years, from between WEA and RSD and then near Columbus Ave. We are devastated that they are closed and hope for news that they’ll open soon at any location on the UWS.

    16. Janet Levy says:

      Love, love this restaurant and all of the family. So praying for us and hoping for them it makes sense to reopen. Annick will always be remembered for our family as a gracious, beautiful and talented restauranteur. Natalie, her pride and joy turned to our neighborhood top chef. And alway Danielli—our artist of all that is beautiful (our walls prove this with her beautiful art) serving us our favorite, simple, delightful meals, often with song . To you all. May we all dine together again.
      Much love to you all. Xo

    17. Andrea says:

      I had been by a few months ago and mournedthe signage in the window. I’m thrilled it may reopen. It’s my #1 on the U.W.S. and has the most delectable “real,” old-fashioned French cuisine in town. Praying they do reopen, so keep us posted, please.

    18. Pcnyc says:

      Seeing the For Lease sign over the weekend left me tres triste too. Happy and hopeful that they will re-appear.

    19. Nina Joan Edwards says:

      I certainly hope that La Maribelle will reopen. .. really looking forward to it and hope it stays on the upper west side.

    20. LOUIS ALEDORT says:

      We were regulars the duck my favorite did many business dinners as well please reopen

      • Joan Gross says:

        My husband and I,plus another couple, spent the night of our lives for New Years Eve when
        Mirabelle was on 86th & Riverside Dr. An old fashioned French celebration, music-champagne poured for every table- goodwill and love applied generously. I will always remember it!

    21. Jill Gill says:

      please p0lease find a new home, Mirabelle….

    22. Lesli Klein says:

      Please come back soon. We miss you very much. Lesli Klein

    23. Jim Frazee says:

      This is my favorite Restaurant in New York City. For the past 20 years we have celebrated Christmas Eve with a dinner there. It is a place I take friends when they come to town. I hope they come back. They are an UWS treasure.

    24. LEE APT1 says:


    25. Liz G says:

      Me (40), my parents, and their friends were all regulars here. I was heartbroken to see the sign go up last weekend. Please find the strength to come back, and we will return! Have spent Christmas eve and birthdays here. Loved the escargot and the sole almondine, and also the cold martinis and the music.

    26. Nancy Austin says:

      I will miss La Mirabelle for the rest of my life, if it closes. The artichokewith their fantastic dressing, fish, duck with mirabelles are a few of parts of the excellent dinners we have enjoyed since they were near Riverside Drive. We had a small baby shower for three members of our family upstairs. The kids are now 11 years old. May we see you again, Mirabelle.

    27. ileen says:

      La Mirabelle did take-out/delivery early on in the pandemic and was holding on up until outdoor dining began, but couldn’t compete with no outdoor space. I was enjoying their gazpacho regularly until they closed & can’t wait to see them at a new location – I will be there!

    28. Sheri Imirziades says:

      I send sympathy and encouragement to Natalie and family and staff. It is indeed a hard business. (From Sheri, formerly of Big Nick’s and Niko’s)