Openings & Closings: Starbucks, Craft & Carry, Noi Due Pizza

Starbucks appears to have closed its location on Broadway between 110th and 111th and there’s already some talk of its replacement — our tipster hears it could be a spa or a nail salon.

Craft & Carry, a new beer store and tap room at 466 Amsterdam Avenue at 82nd Street, opened on Friday night — a little sooner than they had originally expected to open. They’ve got hundreds of beers and even a vintage arcade game inside to keep you busy while you’re beer-sampling. Dieter of Craft & Carry gave us some details: “In honor of the new store opening, we teamed up with Finback Brewing to make a springtime IPA exclusive to the Craft+Carry shops. It’s called Slice of Sunset, a 6.5% IPA with blood orange and guava, dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. Our ongoing hours of operation will be 12 PM to 12 AM (11 PM today through Sunday). We’ll have over 350 craft beers, ciders, hard seltzers, and other craft beverages to go or stay, and 16 rotating draft lines. We will also begin our online delivery out of the shop in the next week or so once all of our beers have arrived.”

Kosher restaurant Noi Due Cafe moved from 143 West 69th Street to Columbus and 84th a few months ago, with expectations that it would open something new in the old spot. Now we have an idea of what that will be. It will be Noi Due Pizza, according to Yeah That’s Kosher. “The restaurant will be a traditional pizza shop, much more casual than Noi Due Cafe and Noi Due Carne. Diners will be able to order by the slice from both classic circle pies and grandma-style pies. Tons of different creative pies will be available, including Impossible Meat topped pizzas.” Check out the pizza website here.

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    1. L says:

      Is Craft+Carry fully open now? I went by this afternoon around 1 and it was closed.

    2. vanguard404 says:

      That Starbucks location has been closed since the pandemic started. Never reopened. (A shame, especially as it was always nicer and with a slightly friendlier staff than the one a few blocks north.)

    3. Roberta says:

      I love Noi Due Pizza because it’s both delicious and fits vegetarian requirements. Since it’s kosher, it contains microbial enzymes, not animal enzymes, in its cheese. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s the case. The toppings are also varied and plentiful.

      • UWS-er says:

        Their pizzas are meat-free, so the cheese should just be regular cheese. Not sure what you’re talking about with enzymes, but it’s just, you know, cheese. From animals.

        • Splaining says:

          UWS-er, kosher cheese has requirements just like kosher meat does. Rennet in many cheeses is animal based so strictly kosher cheeses do not use it because it would be mixing milk with a meat product.
          Vegetarians (not vegans) often rely on the kosher designation for cheese and vice versa (for those who observe less stringent versions of kosher laws)

          • Roberta says:

            Exactly, Splaining! Thanks for explaining the microbial vs animal rennet in cheese so well.

    4. Jacqueline Blades says:

      There was nothing as perfect as having a Horne and Hardicks that was at 110th and Broadway

      • coucha says:

        I think you mean Horn and Hardart which was on the southeast corner of 103rd Street & Broadway.

      • Robert Goodman says:

        Was there a Horn and Hardart’s on 110 and B’way? One on B’way and 104th closed in 1953.

    5. Kim says:

      New kosher pizza place to hang out!
      Isn’t that what New York’s all about?
      With impossible meat
      A forbidden treat
      Becomes a fast favorite, no doubt!

    6. Au Jus replaced Starbucks on 103th Street

    7. Tlb says:

      Cheers to a new craft beer bar! But holy expensive, Batman. Over the top, even for the UWS. I hope they make it. Cute place, good vibe, great beer selection.

      • KewlDood says:

        I went in yesterday and thought the setup and selection was great. You’re going to pay a premium for the top offerings like they have at C&C. I bought two cans for $8 each – expensive, yes, but for top craft beers, you’re generally paying at least $6, and in NYC, it often stretches to $8, so not a shock.

        I’m very happy about this new spot. The UWS doesn’t have anything like this, at least in that area.