Openings & Closings: PJ Clarke’s Oyster Bar, Craft and Carry, Daniello’s, Le French Wine Shop

Right out of the tap at Craft & Carry.

A beer store and tap room operation called Craft & Carry is applying for a license at the former home of Mokum at 466 Amsterdam Avenue at 82nd Street. They promise they’re “craft beer fans, not snobs.” Craft & Carry has four other locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn at the Dekalb Market. “We will be bringing 16 rotating drafts specializing in local and independent craft beers along with 300-400 varieties of packaged craft beers, ciders, hard seltzers, and other craft beverages,” Dieter Seelig, one of the owners, tells us. “We are hoping to be open by May. We’re really hoping to be an amenity for neighborhood. We know people up here love their craft beer.” They plan to offer 1-hour delivery in the neighborhood, with 32-ounce “Crowlers” or curated craft beer varieties. See the website here. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

PJ Clarke’s is opening PJ Clarke’s Oyster Bar right next door to the restaurant at 44 West 63rd Street. The oyster bar appears to be taking at least part of the space occupied by cosmetics store Lavelier. PJ Clarke’s is currently closed but plans to reopen sometime between March 15 and April 1. The opening date for the oyster bar hasn’t yet been determined. Thanks to Courtnay for the tip.

Daniello’s at 95th and Columbus has a sign on the door saying it’s closed and number is out of service. It had “a very solid slice and their margarita pie was far above average,” Jay tells us. Thanks to Jay and Alex for the tips.

A new concept called Le French Wine Shop by Vin Sur Vingt is replacing the former Tower West Cleaners at 161 Amsterdam Avenue at 67th Street, otherwise known as Tower 67, tipster Upper West Sider tells us. “The name and logo of the new concept can be seen on the new Newmark listing brochure, which also suggests that The Barbers on Amsterdam at 165 Amsterdam Ave is about to close. The folks behind the new concept (and the growing chain itself) are also listed behind a new liquor license filing seen here.”

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    1. Josh says:

      Sad to see Daniello’s go. They had a decent t slice, yards better than Famiglia. IMO, they were about on par with Little Italy on Broadway. But Daniello’s was there for a long time, and you would think pizza would be doing solid sales during the pandemic.

    2. Marc says:

      George Keeley just reopened this week on Amsterdam & 84th.

    3. Mark Moore says:

      It was almost impossible to get a fresh slice at Daniello’s. They’d cook a bunch of pies and keep them sitting around for a long time to reheat. Then when one pie was finished, instead of taking a fresh one out of the oven they’d reach under the counter and pull out another old one. Make fresh pizza throughout the day, it would be so much better.

    4. Deep says:

      The Barbers on AMsterdam closed last month, they’re now doing home visits and will soon be operating inside a mobile van

    5. Marilyn says:

      I’m so sad about Dinello’s. Another victim of Covid. It’s exactly the kind of place the neighborhood needs.

    6. Bob says:

      Wait, Daniello’s sold slices? I walked in there like ten years ago and asked for a cheese slice, and they looked at me like I’d kicked their dog and said they didn’t have any. I figured they just didn’t sell slices — and so for the past decade haven’t gone in, even though I lived right by them for years. Now I learn they actually did? Hilarious.

      • Karen says:

        It could be because you asked for a “cheese slice”. In NYC it’s always a “plain slice”.

    7. Luhk Semborg says:

      Daniello’s was no DiFarra, but it held up late at night if you “absolutely positively” had to have a slice. So for that it will be missed.

    8. Carmella Ombrella says:

      Will the new Le French Wine Shop be a store or a concept? The notice uses the c-word three times in one short paragraph, but offers not a clue as to whether the former barber shop will be selling or serving or merely conceptualizing. (The application for a liquor license does include the words ‘Wine Bar’ in the company name, but that does not strike me as an exceptionally original, um, concept.) What I’d love to see on the UWS is the kind of neighborhood wine shop they have in some Italian cities. You bring your own bottle, they fill it from one of several wooden kegs, you hand Gino a few Euros,and off you go. No fractured French name, no pretension, no mysterious concepts. Just modestly priced and very drinkable regional reds and whites wine to enhance everyday meals. (It’s still too pandemicky to fly to Italy but I can dream.)

    9. taiflins says:

      We’ve been ordering from Daniellos for somewhere on 14 years. Very sad to see them go. Really enjoyed their spinach pies and their grandmas with sausage and peppers. .

    10. Just curious says:

      Isn’t Tower West Cleaners 1 block up (at 179 Amsterdam, near 68th) and still open? The listing brochure shows the 200 Amsterdam sales gallery and the barber spaces with what looks like one additional space in the middle of those two spaces that doesn’t show as available (currently a nail salon, I believe.)

    11. RL says:

      surprised Daniello’s has gone – looked reasonably busy to me and I really liked their pizza. Nothing good in the hood now.

    12. Seth says:

      I’m very sad Daniello’s go. They were a great neighborhood place and will be missed.

    13. GeorgeCPW says:

      Bodrum is still doing business, and its pizzas are excellent.

    14. Tostonesfix says:

      We live a block away from Daniello’s and we ordered it often usually for my daughter and her friends. In fact we ordered from there just last week. It was solid as NY slice pizza goes. I thought it got a little over-priced recently and yes the comment above about freshness is accurate.

      I have a soft spot in my heart for Daniello’s. On the afternoon of 9/11, I walked uptown from work looking for food. Most places were either closed or packed because everybody was out on the street Daniello’s was open and I walked in and they fed me.

    15. Johnny says:

      Love to hear the news about craft and carry…this neighborhood has nothing like that. Exciting news!

    16. George says:

      Craft & Carry will be taking over the former Bar Veloce space, whereas Song’ E Napule will be opening in the former Mokum space.